The maximum moment of the solar annual hiatus from 27.08.2010, 19h07 (EEDT=+3h00GMT) – Costineşti, Romania (coordonated: 28E38-43N57)
– Equal houses western style, Tropical zodiac, Geocentric-
– the final writing of this text was made by yoga instructor Nicolae Catrina –

In the moment of solar hiatus, Ascendant (AS) is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, a very favorable situation, generating extraordinary opportunities in the context of the great planetary transformations which have already started to manifest with an evident intensity. Since, according to both the traditional data and also to the opinion of the numerous clairvoyants and sages, we already are, energetically speaking, in the Age of Aquarius, we will offer firstly, before the proper interpretation of the theme of the maximum moment of this year’s  solar hiatus, certain elements and essential meanings (both esoteric ones and also astrologic and astronomic ones) specific to this astral influx – respectively, that of the zodiac sign of Aquarius – to which – whether we know or not – we are predominantly in a state of resonance every year, during all the transit of the Sun through it (around the interval of 20 January  – 18 February).

Aquarius Constellation  
Zodiac sign of Aquarius is the subtle astral reflection of the great homonymous astronomic constellation, which, however, does not correspond now, from the astronomical point of view, neither as extent nor as localization to this zodiac sign. Aquarius constellation buts the celestial equator from 5º north to 30º South and this period is found on the celestial vault between 12º Aquarius and 20º Pisces (all is about here the traditional signs). We can see it in the autumn, southwards, to the horizon. In its middle there is a Y-shaped asterism (pattern of stars), which was called „vessel with water” from ancient times. It marks the central part of the constellation. The meteor shower starts from this constellation each July 27. Astronomers consider it one of the oldest constellations.

Its main fixed star is called Sadalmelik (Alpha Aquarii), which in the ancient Arabian means „king. It is 3000 times brighter than our Sun. However, it is Sadalsuud (Beta Aquarii) that represented the most important fixed star of the old Arabian world: known under the name of „the luckiest among the lucky stars”, its common rising with the Sun (or in other words, conjunction of this star with the Sun) meant the end of the winter and beginning of the rainy season, bearer of life, fertility and plenty.

Besides the binary or double stars, Aquarius constellation contains also the globular star cluster M2, being on the limit of visibility and structured as a well-outlined stellar density, exactly as a ball, on its Western side, as well as two planetary nebulas – Saturn nebula and Helix nebula.

The cuneiform tablets of Birs-Nimroud, probably much previous to 3000 B.C., contains detailed maps of the Sky and a list of 30 fixed stars, starting with the  “Urn” (or “vessel with water”) of the Aquarius and ending with the “Sea-goat” (Capricornus). A little bit later (since around 3100 B.C.) the Urn’s stars indicated the winter solstice, that period being marked in the development of the Sumerian writing.

From the most ancient times of Babylon, this constellation was represented (and imagined) on the Firmament as a man pouring water from a urn-shaped vessel, this image being ulteriourly named by the ancient Greeks hydroxus („water pourer”). Although the popularized astrology adhered to the idea of „water”, in fact, all is about, from the esoteric and initiated point of view, the so-called „mysterious water of knowledge”: the superior mental energies and mysterious Supramental energies, which generate into the human being who plenarily opens his/her heart to God the access to the illuminating Divine Grace, especially by means of the deep awakening of the spiritual intuition.

For the ancient sacerdots and wise men, Aquarius constellation was revealing both the astronomy and also the occult science of astrology. The Anglo-Saxons also called it, „water pourer”, the human figure of the sign being, symbolically considered the „cellarman” of the gods, who always offers them the cup with the divine nectar of the spiritual immortality.

The Greek mythology tells that Zeus, king of the gods, so much admired Ganymede, the handsomest of the mortals, so that He brought the latter in Olympus as a bearer of his cup of ambrosia which generated the spiritual immortality; ulteriorly, He turned him into the constellation „water carrier/bearer”. It is interesting to notice here that right over this constellation there is a smaller constellation, Eagle, as if the “water bearer” would follow the fly of the bird so closely as if he tied to it by unseen threads. Probably, that is why the myth of Ganymede became so significant both for the (astronomic) constellation of Aquarius and for the zodiac sign of Aquarius, it symbolizing nowadays the fact that the gods as well need the water of the Uranian forces of the celestial life (magic „water” of immortality, called in the Indian tradition SOMA or AMRITA). Ganymede’s beauty and his flying through space triggered in time the faith that Aquarius sign confers a great personal charisma, as well an intense desire “to fly” mentally to the sublime spiritual heights of the Divine Beauty and Knowledge.

As to the human figure of the constellation, the ancient Egyptians believed he emptied the vessel into the Nile.
As part of the “celestial show” offered by the major part of the constellations, Aquarius constellation takes a place which is more in the end of it, the Aquarius urn letting the sidereal water “pours” in the very mouth of the Austral Fish (South Fish), by means of the fixed star of Fomalhaut.

The cuneiform scripts describe this constellation as being a man with an urn. Instead, some stones dating from about the same period and which were engraved with various constellations show, in the area supposing to delimit Aquarius, a woman with a dog: she is the goddess of the Earth, Gula, „The Great Healer”, the daughter of Anu, the god of the Sky in the Mesopotamian mythology. „Life-giving” and great priestess, she maintained through her magic power, the state of health of the human body and she could make instantaneously the suffering vanish by simply touching the sick person with her hand. They said that she could use her power both in good and in evil; for example, when people invoked her to help them defend their enemies, the goddess used to punish the enemies by blinding them. In much more recent times, Bernadette, a country girl, had at a certain moment the vision of the „beautiful Lady” (Virgin Mary) in a grotto in Lourdes (France), who told her to dig the soil, under her very feet. The water that sprang forth because of the well digging of Bernadette proved to have extraordinary curative properties (being very similar to the ones possessed by Gula of the Mesopotamian tradition!) and that Lourdes place becoming then renown all over the world as a wonder-working place.

Numerous legends and testimonies associated to Aquarius constellation by the initiated people made probably that, from a certain moment on, both it and the homonymous sign be associated to the month of February which, for the Romanians, was the month of purifications and cleaning: as soon as the Sun enters this sign, the people started the spring cleaning both indoor and in the fields, preparing for their welcoming the spring.

Aquarius zodiac sign
Aquarius zodiac sign (astral subtle reflection of the homonymous astronomic constellation), is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, penultimate among the 4 signs considered „old” (the ones from Sagittarius to Pisces inclusive). In its most elevated aspects, the astral subtle influx of the Aquarius zodiac sign confers, supports and amplifies within the human being resonating fully and harmoniously with this subtle influx of liberty, originality, refinement, artistic sense, intuition, a great harmonious relational ability, a special sphere of mental comprehension and of opening towards the sphere of the superior knowledge, an extraordinary ability of expanding consciousness, optimism, tolerance, inventiveness, elevated (or even divinely inspired) creativity, spontaneity, independence, easiness in surpass any limitations or constraints. The highest expression of this astral subtle energy is represented by the infallible action of God within manifestation, and also by the divine courage, as exceptional forces which inspire, generate, feed and, finally, carry out the great transformations and evolutive leaps, both at a human individual level and at a planetary one, etc.

From the spiritual point of view, this zodiac sign represents the universal man, the unlimited spiritual opening, un-limitation, the so-called “frontier” disciplines, the great unifying syntheses, divinely integrated action absolute purity. It characterizes the human ages marked by the impetuous élan to very elevated ideals or those moments in civilizations’ development when the groups, great human collectivities, action in unison of the society members are very important under the impulse of the need of fundamental, transforming and evolutive renewal of the world.

Due to this astral influx we also have access to the different superior forms of time passing by or transcend instantaneously the limitations of the intellect, rising to awareness and universal perception of the Creation and even of God Himself.

In a modern acception, we can say that Aquarius Sign represents in a certain way the very spatiotemporal continuum characterizing the sequential (temporally speaking) reality and tridimensional (spatially speaking) reality where we live and it makes that the people who has attained a high level of conscience be able to manifest themselves plenarily as the bearers and initiators of the innovating energies of the world. Any spiritual leap, any way out of the state of ignorance, surpassing the various limitations, as well as any instantaneous process of separation between old and new is realized by means of the geniuses and the great initiates. They take human body among us, being endowed with the occult power to transform the world, they synthesize and update all the beneficial aspects of the past and inspire to the masses of people the force to go forward a completely superior future.  They also teach us how to transform in a genial way our problems, failures or disasters in glorious successes and how to become the creators of some impressive artistic, cultural and spiritual values made in titanic, colossal dimensions which go over the centuries.

Socially speaking, Age of Aquarius is characterized by the thirst of freedom and the power of overthrowing the totalitarian regimes. On the spiritual level, it is marked by the spirit’s triumph upon any type of ignorance, by the fundamental energy of courage, by the endless love for God, by the feeling of profound human solidarity, which also inspire the creation of some genuine spiritual groups or fraternities (resembling the famous KAULA groups), by the ability to put us completely in the service of an ideal or even (if necessary) to sacrifice ourselves spontaneously, whole-heartedly, for a noble cause (often planetary or universal one), by the possibility that our actions, ideas or realizations to become the fundamental directions of action to characterize the new times and which will represent the essential landmarks of the new humankind. Highly characteristic for this Age is also the manifestation of some heroic natures, if all is about an individual, a group of people or of a spiritual community that act always on behalf of a divine or moral ideal which must be defended of fulfilled (plenarily manifested) by exemplary deeds requiring courage, abnegation, power of sacrifice, nobleness and honor. Such acts of spiritual heroism, symbolically speaking, carry the “flame” (creative and transforming essence) of the ages to come and they emanate constantly (and unmistakably) purity, unconditioned love, opening towards a state of universality, efficiency and success, everywhere where it is urgently necessary to transform what is outlived, impure and limitative, to defend the needy and humble ones and to fight against for the future announced (prophesied)  by clairvoyants, artists, geniuses, prophets and initiates.

The modern sigle of the Aquarius (h) embodies, at a first analysis, the running of the water but, symbolically and initiatically, the stream of water pouring from the urn of Aquarius represents, as we already showed, the esoteric spiritual knowledge which is transmitted from one generation to another by action of the unstoppable freedom of the spirit. It is also important to make clear that some astrologers interpret this sigle as symbolizing the invisible “waves” of the electromagnetism.

Aquarius zodiac sign has two governors, one of them is called “traditional” – Saturn, and the other one called „modern” – Uranus, discovered in 1781 by the renown British astronomer William Herschel. There are, however, numerous proofs that the ancient civilizations knew also very well the existence of the so-called “transpersonal” planets (all is about here about the trans-Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which are not visible with the naked eye).

The planet of Uranus, which, according to the most recent discoveries, has 27 satellites and realize a complete rotation movement round the Sun in 84 terrestrial years and round its own axis in only 17 terrestrial hours. Methane in the atmosphere (which absorbs the red color out of the light) confers Uranus its specific green-bluish.

Uranus represents, in astrology, the progress, unexpected and unforeseeable changing, invention, originality, eccentricity, geniality, impulse, novelty, modern inventions, television, electricity, instantaneous communication, pioneers and explorers in any field, revolutions, railways, automobile, planes, rockets, cinema, etc.

According to the Greek mythology, Uranus is the creator of the Universe and the god of the infinite Sky. He generated in the Olympus a riot whose “leaders” became his sons: Titan, Oceanus and Chronos (Chronos being known in the Roman mythology under the name of Saturn, god of Time). However, the latter one (Chronos/Saturn) decided to attack and usurp his father. Armed with a sieve made by Hephaestus, he spied Uranus and castrated him, throwing his genitalia into the sea. Out of the primordial waters’ fertilization Uranus (even separated from his own creative capacity) still gives birth to more entities, out of whom the most charming is Aphrodite (Venus, at the Romans), the goddess of beauty, (making) love and elevated, beneficial pleasures.

This ancient myth could be also considered the symbol of detachment from the basic, instinctive pleasures and of the instantaneous sublimation of the sexual energy into types of refined creative energy, under the infallible effect of the mysterious energy of Time (Saturn), which carries out and crowns the success of our all spiritual efforts.

As well, Uranus is the only planet of our solar system oriented to its North pole directly towards the Sun, which made that it is symbolically associated in the astrologic tradition to the innovating, inventive or brilliant beings endowed with an intelligence having something out of the common and characterized almost all the time by a fascinating spontaneity; that is why it is even considered they are connected in a mysterious and direct way to the Primordial Source of knowledge and life (Supreme Divine Conscience).
Non-conformism, opening to universality, endless freedom, eccentricity, going out of the routine, contestation of all the kinds of constraints, titanism, ability to mobilize very great groups of people or even all humankind are as many Uranian subtle energies and influxes that determines that the evolution of the human race or its individuals know, in certain moments, apparently unforeseeable leaps and mutations which translate at once the entire human society on an evolutive step clearly superior to the previous one.

Saturn, the traditional governor of Aquarius zodiac sign, is, as meaning, to the other extremity. In general, its sacred energy inspires and sustains the tendency to ascesis, seclusion, tradition, inwardness, “contraction” of the energies, discipline, rigor, conservatism based on respect of the perennial values of the universal spirituality, perseverance, responsibility, paternal or spiritual authority, long-term constant effort, durability, unflinching stability in attaining the goal we aim at, maturity, wisdom, state of eternity, deepness, earnestness, mature and wise upon the life on the whole. Aquarius zodiac sign is considered its diurnal, solar domicile. Subtle astral energies of Aquarius, having a masculine, emissive, dynamic nature, are being modulated by means of subtle astral influx of Saturn, realizing in such a way the stabilization (fixation) of the innovating aspects specific to the Uranian subtle energies.

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