Feminine soul archetypes

by Diana Şerban

Member of the HELIOS center for research and applications

The four subtle essential elements – earth, water, fire and air – “color” the soul of a human being, generating the soul archetypes. Under the influence of the energy of the Moon, the four feminine archetypes are created. They exist within the soul of every woman. The four masculine archetypes are created under the influence of the Sun. They are present within the soul of every man. But usually, only one archetype is predominantly manifested in a human being.

Astrology mirrors this reality in its specific way. It gives us a great deal of information that can help us acknowledge the predominant archetype within us. The mother, the fascinating woman, the inspiring heroine and the initiator represent the four feminine archetypes that we will present to you as follows.
The element associated to this archetype is earth as a symbol of fertility and regeneration. It gives birth to all the beings, it nurtures them, earth being the symbol of the maternal body. Women who manifest this archetype predominantly have a lot of energy and a tremendous joy for life. They have a maternal attitude, being capable to offer protection, affective stability and great warmth, this is why they permanently try to take care of others. They are practical and they can bring anything they begin to a conclusion, being also supported by their desire to permanently make themselves useful. They are always in search of beauty and pleasure.

Moon in Taurus
The energy of the earth is modulated by the sphere of force of the planet Venus on its “minus” (feminine) aspect. This positioning of the Moon will bring inner love and self-complacency. The natives are sensitive and sensual while having an increased interest in pleasure. Their emotions are refined; they are endowed with an aesthetic sense and gentleness.

If they do not integrate the energy of Venus correctly, they will become attached to the physical world or to their spouse. They can be extremely possessive and jealous and the mirage of money and material comfort will set them astray from the spiritual values of life.

To seduce them, one must make them feel secure and offer them the material safety they need as well as making them feel self-content. One’s demonstration of affection must be concrete and increase their self-confidence. They will appreciate beautiful gifts or an invitation to a romantic dinner.

Moon in Virgo

The energy of the earth will be modulated by the energy of Mercury in its “minus” (feminine) aspect. Women with Moon in Virgo must understand their emotions. They must become familiar with their inner mechanisms, thus becoming aware of their qualities. These women are endowed with great purity of heart, authenticity and simplicity, which enables them to live in communion with nature.

Unless they will integrate the energy of Mercury, they will be subjected to mental frustration and the censorship of their emotions by reason. They will suffer from mental obsessions and a tendency to permanently criticize and analyze things. All these mental complications will cause her to suffer from useless inner turmoil.

If you want to seduce her, you will have to take her out for a walk in nature or to buy her a house pet. You must help her understand herself and accept her just the way she is.

Moon in Capricorn

Earth’s energy will be modulated by the sphere of force of Saturn, in its “minus” aspect. This woman is responsible and mature. She is consistent with her actions and she is great with time management. She is wise and she assumes the responsibility of her own spiritual evolution. She must be patient with herself.

When the energy of Saturn is not harmoniously integrated, she can become emotionally rigid and cold. She will tend to isolate or she will suffer from great affective blockages, which will make her incapable of loving.

You can seduce her with love and tenderness. You must bring her concrete proofs of love and help her take on spiritual or social and professional responsibilities. The best gift you could offer her is a trip to the mountains.


This archetype resonates with the element of water. Water is considered to be the origin of life, a means of purification and regeneration. Water, as an undifferentiated mass, represents the infinity of possibilities; they contain all things that are potential, all things that do not have a shape or form yet, the primordial seed, all signs of a future development as well as the threat of extinction.

The fascinating woman brings forth mystery and magic. She can seduce a man just through the power of a smile or an incisive glance. She can prove to be emotionally unstable and fragile. She can sometimes be frightened of her fascinating force, without being fully aware of it, and this can make her become emotionally addicted to others, at some point. Her lesson is to divinely integrate sexuality and to awaken the state of innocence and the state of divine child within her.

Moon in Cancer

The energy of water is channeled in a way which is characteristic to the Moon (minus). These women are endowed with exuberant femininity and great emotional depth, they are very intuitive and they can easily be sensitive to divine inspiration. They are often compassionate because they are extremely empathetic. They must learn from the mistakes of the past and to separate themselves from it.

Unless they will respect the lunar energy, they will be vulnerable and dependent on the emotions of those around them. They will be excessively sensitive about the opinions of others, imagining completely unintentional insults.

You can seduce a woman with Moon in Cancer by taking her to see a film, an old love story, or by telling her how much you need her. You will have to understand her without words and to prove to her that you can feel her soul; she needs to feel protected.

Moon in Scorpio

The energy of water is modulated by the sphere of force of the planet Mars (in its “minus” aspect), as well as by the sphere of force of Pluto. This position of the Moon will indicate an inciting woman, mysterious, exotic, passionate and with great sex-appeal. It is vital for her to reach a state of inner harmony and balance. She must regard sexuality as a way of reaching God, not as a goal in itself.

Unless she will harmoniously integrate the energy of Mars in her inner universe, she can end up destroying herself, being inclined to masochism and vindication. She will be possessive, jealous and she will want to dominate and manipulate.

She can be seduced by a passionate man with a great sexuality that can satisfy her desire for mystery and magic that can share her desire for transformation.

Moon in Pisces

The energy of water is channeled in way which is specific to Neptune. These natives are subjected and devoted, compassionate and with a great power of sacrifice. They are extremely sensitive dreamers, with a vivid imagination. For them, a belief in a spiritual ideal is vital and they are endowed with great intuition and empathetic power.

Unless they will integrate the energy of Neptune, they will end up absorbing the negative energies of the people around them, being psychically vulnerable. They are naïve, excessively shy and they can be easily hurt, hence they can often feel persecuted.

They can be seduced through devotion and imagination (you can write poems to her!). You must be creative and extremely romantic.


This archetype resonates with the element of fire. Fire is a symbol of purification and regeneration; it destroys what is no longer needed in order to give new shape, to regenerate. Through fire, man can reach the state of god.

The heroine is the active, passionate woman who takes initiative and assumes any risk in order to satisfy its taste for adventure. She is inspired and the frantically aspires to reach God, preferring a direct path of evolution, with no detour and no compromise. The heroine always knows what she wants and she acts accordingly, fighting to reach her goal. She is an expansive and lively woman.

Moon in Aries

Women with such a Lunar positioning in their natal chart channel the energy of fire in a way which is characteristic to the plus aspect of Mars. These natives like to take initiative and they are always ready to take risks; they have a conqueror attitude; they are extremely independent and dynamic. Generally, they are strong women who know what they want and who have an impulsive and erratic emotional nature.

Unless they will respect the energy of Mars, they will become extremely impulsive and they will have a strong tendency to dominate others; they have uncontrolled outbursts and their emotions, though very intense, are short in duration. They are stubborn, with a desire to do everything in their own way.

These women can be seduced by powerful men who have initiative and who stimulate their spirit of adventure. They need to be helped to become aware that they must finish what they have started.

Moon in Leo

Women with the Moon in Leo manifest the energy of fire in a solar way. They are capable of noble intentions, being endowed with tremendous creativity and passion. They are always the center of attention and the object of others’ appreciation. They have great self-confidence and they always know what they want.

Unless they will be capable of perfectly integrating the solar energy, the tendency to dominate others and the desire to manipulate might arise in them. Also, they might even get over-dramatic.

They can be seduced by masculine men, with great inner strength and self-confidence. They love passionate and generous men who buy them expensive gifts and treat them like queens. They need to be appreciated, admired and complimented permanently.

Moon in Sagittarius

In this case, the energy of fire is modulated by the sphere of force of Jupiter. These are idealistic, optimistic and effervescent people. They have moral values and firm beliefs, dignity and good judgment. Women like these will have to develop their mastery qualities in the field of spirituality.

The disharmonious manifestation of the energy of Jupiter can lead to superiority complexes, dogmatism or even fanaticism in their personal conviction. They will be inclined to lie and be irresponsible.

You can seduce these women if you are a superior, wise and spontaneous man, with a well-developed sense of humor. They will appreciate philosophical discussion, and the most appropriate gift you could give them is a trip abroad. Their taste of adventure and desire for novelty craves to be satisfied.


This archetype resonates with the subtle element of air. Air is a symbol of spirituality, it represents the subtle world, between the “heavens” and the “earth”. The world of air expansion is an environment proper for light, flight, perfume, color and it represents the way of communication between heaven and earth.

The initiator is the woman who fascinates through her strong mind. She is endowed with a great power to love unconditionally. She resonates with the energy of the void and she has the ability of initiating men in the mysteries of spirituality, by fascinating them with her wits and refinement and not only with her eroticism. She can be open to elevated inspiration and she can even become a divine transmitter. Regularly, she wears many “armor layers” to protect her soul. She is fascinated by powerful men, who are extremely solar and who challenge primarily her mind.

Moon in Gemini

Women with their natal Moon in Gemini channel their energy in a way which is specific to the planet Mercury, in its positive aspect. Such women are intelligent, communication is vital for them. They manifest without inhibitions and they are playful. They are endowed with a sense of humor and they can easily manifest the state of divine child. They need to be mentally stimulated and appreciated for their intelligence.

Unless they are able to control the energy of Mercury, mental disorder will ensue and flimsiness. They will be emotionally unstable and they will censor their emotions through reason, while uselessly being concerned with small insignificant things. Inferiority complexes may occur.

A woman with Moon in Gemini can be seduced by intelligence and quality humor, she enjoys jokes and comedies, she loves unforeseen events in her life. The most appropriate gifts for her are books. She needs to be listened and to feel understood.

Moon in Libra

In the case of such women, the energy of air is modulated by the sphere of force of the planet Venus, in its “positive” (masculine) aspect. A woman which such a positioning of the Moon in her natal chart will be endowed with artistic qualities and a particular sense for aesthetics. She is a refined person, full of charm and elegance. She is loving and she has a great inner balance. She always has good taste and harmony in her gestures, movements and clothing.

Unless they are able to integrate in a harmonious way the energy of Venus, they can be influenced and dependent on others’ opinions. She might become careless, hesitant, lazy or even narcissistic.

She is the kind of woman who can be seduced through elegance, refinement and good taste, she likes to receive beautiful things and to be taken to artistic events. The man she chooses will have to be good-looking and to dress impeccably. She needs to be supported in order to develop her artistic qualities.

Moon in Aquarius

Such a woman expresses the air energy in a manner which is characteristic to Uranus. She is the archetype of the modern woman, independent and free-spirited. Such women are imaginative, original and extremely pretentious. They cherish freedom and they have an unusual expression. They are always ready to be surprising.

Unless they will respect the energy of Uranus, they can become indifferent since they are afraid to get involved emotionally, due to the potential hazard to their individual freedom. They will prove to be superficial and hostile.

To seduce them, one should find an unseen way to impress them. One should stimulate their creativity and to surprise them in the most original ways. They enjoy going out with friends and talking about everything that is new or unusual.

April 2007

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