Various aphorisms and reflections (I)

by  yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

1. An attentive contemplation of a human being’s face and body reveals some mysteries accessible only to the initiated.

2. Through a superb female nude, in which already the state of SHAKTI has started to awaken, reveals to us in all its mysterious and often unimagined splendor a certain part of the ETERNAL FEMININE (MAHA SHAKTI). For human beings that are endowed with a profound intuition these aspects reveal themselves instantly in an enigmatic, exciting and often inexpressible way. In this way the mysterious fascination that the ETERNAL FEMININE exercises through every woman who has awoken a certain amount of the state of SHAKTI is manifested.

3. “The human being” state of inner beauty is accurately mirrored on his face. His more or less expressive look can always tell us many things if we are truly able to read it, or, in other words, to decode it. Thus, we realize that the eyes are indeed the mirror of the soul. In addition, the characteristic shape of his body highlights, especially for the initiated that are able to see and even intuit beyond appearances, certain latent beneficial potentialities, different abilities coming from a past life and even some difficulties that he is facing now. That is why it is said that always, without exception, both the face and the body shape of a human being are and, in the mean time, carry a live expression of all necessities within him, either in a latent state or in a germination state, which started to sprout or even blossom in certain cases.”

4. Always, especially towards the end, the love that we receive in the form of a specific energy, or in other words the love that we take is almost each time equal with the love that we give.

5. Small moments that pass make an hour appear; small inspiring thoughts (possibly) make a book appear; small seeds (when they sprout) make towering trees or certain enchanting flowers appear. Water drops that unite and are together then make a stream. Small deeds or actions that are full of love, beauty, goodness, divine truth and faith mysteriously unite earth and heaven and make us intuit the enigmatic presence of the celestial powers that manifest God’s enigmatic omnipresence in His entire creation.

6. The most often unsuspected importance of the VIEWPOINT: it is not possible that the MADMAN sees the same tree that a SAGE sees. It is no longer possible for the demoniac person to see the same reality that an advanced yogi already sees.

7. For some human beings, the more horrible the captivity in illusion, in attachment, in transience or in passionate enchainment, the more wonderful is Spiritual Liberation afterwards.

8. Distrust, doubt and hardened skepticism are most often the flaws of the stupid person.

9. In the entire manifestation, there is nothing outside energy. Everything in the MACROCOSM is energy and He who controls it in every moment is God.

10. Amorous continence that is excellently performed in unison by both lovers, always works in a 99% ratio, either you believe in it or not.

11. The human being that aspires to evolve should learn by means of certain secret initiations (to which he has access) to innerly transform and accelerate his inner transformation by every time combining the distinguished, divine, extraordinary pleasures with the necessities that are obvious to him and with the (latent) inner endowments. A sad and boring spiritual transformation is a dead transformation.

12. There are some situations in the communication between people (which should mostly exist and be maintained between two human beings that love each other) when prolonged silence (that is excessively manifested) becomes the unsuspected manifestation of the demoniac or even of the satanic that thus takes control over the possessed ones and even paralyzes them, thus stopping them to communicate either with the ones that love them, or with those that might help them. Demoniac people are easily recognized because they are silent when they should speak and they anarchically and stupidly speak when they should shut up.

13. How do we know that God loves justice and He dislikes injustice? How do we know that God loves justice, harmony, beauty, the truth and the good?
LOOK AROUND YOU WITH A LOT OF ATTENTION: In a just, beautiful and good world there is flourishing life, health, love, happiness, goodness, wellbeing, divine integration and order. At the other pole, in an unjust, ugly, disharmonious world, which is full of malice, there preponderantly exists death, sickness, hatred, unhappiness, malice, poverty, estrangement from God, alienation and chaos (disorder).

14. In case of superficial people, one can say that only as long as it lasts (sometimes only five or seven days), their love is eternal. 15. Of all that exist and are certain for stupid, larval-like and skeptic people, the surest one of all is and remains demoniac doubt. For this reason, they embrace it and then as soon as it becomes habit, they allow themselves seized by it. For the stupid, superficial, woozy, skeptic and naïve, nothing is harder to believe than reality.

16. Freedom, immortality, the glorious androgynal state, divine ecstasy (SAMADHI), as well as the state of unity are always in our inner universe in a potential state and they wait for us to awaken and discover them. That which prevents us from always enjoying all these and many other wonderful things that exist in our inner universe even since the beginnings is ignorance, laziness, larval-ness, doubt, indifference, absence of perseverance and petty preoccupations that fill up our life.

17. Few are those who know that joy, love, divine pleasure and happiness are often that which each of us can give without having and when we give them in this way we also receive them, to a great extent. This way, we get to discover through direct experience that by giving we in fact receive, and shortly thereafter we notice that THE LAW OF OCCULT GIVING exists and mathematically functions, almost with no exception.

18. Ignorance is in most cases the hand of arrogance.

19. When geniuses are persecuted, their fame and prestige grows.

20. Thoughts of all sorts, good or evil, anyone can have. Few people can have bright ideas, but only the very few and inspired ones have brilliant ideas.

21. Chaos is the enemy of Order, and Divine Order is the enemy of Chaos.

22. For the human being that fully activates the SUPRAMENTAL qualities that are related to the mysterious subtle layer VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA, not only that brilliant, wise solutions exist, but also no more problems exist for him.

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August 2010


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