For Union Day, MISA yogis organize a march around the centre of the capital


School MISA organizes on Wednesday, January 24th 2007 a march on the Unirii Square – Alba Iulia Square route, with the occasion of the anniversary of the Union from 1859. The march will start at 11.30 from the park in Unirii Square.

MISA yogis realize this action to awaken the soul of the Romanian people. A nation exists on the basis of a mysterious group consciousness, collective and ethnical which is supported on a union of people, language, traditions, culture and also on a union full of faith. Orthodox religion, the respect for culture, traditions, predecessors and heroes of the nation represented for this people some fundamental features. Today, many Romanians estranged from the qualities that give honour to this nation, such as humanity, hospitality, honour, kindness, justice, modesty and faith. MISA yogis will recall these qualities to awaken these in their hearts and in the open-hearted ones to feel this communion with the soul of the Romanian people.


This is the sixth such manifestation of this type organized by MISA with the occasion of national holidays, such as December 1st or January 24th. 


MISA Press Office
Phone 0729-542.947


24 January 2007


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