“Sometimes people stumble over the truth,
but only the fool get up immediately and keep walking indifferently.”

ATTENTION!!! Each of these favourable moments, which are some hidden gifts from GOD, help access and spiritually experience THE SECRETS OF OCCULT ASTRAL RESONANCES. By firm and continuous focus on these ineffable moments, we are granted the chance to experience THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT totally and profoundly.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Sunday, June 1, the CHILD DAY between 1-1.45pm:
meditation of communion to the STATE OF CANDOUR INSIDE OF EACH OF US.

Monday/Tuesday, June 2/3, between 11.30pm-1.00am – SHIVARATRI, meditation of communion to SHIVA.

Wednesday, June 4, between 11.15am-12.00pmMeditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun sextile Mars. Effects: the energy of this astral aspect awakes and enhances in the being the frantic aspiration and devotion to GOD, it also stirs the state of perfect resonance and communion to the models of the great spiritual heroes, it engenders the state of undaunted firmness, it provides courage and helps achievement of difficult ideals which require long lasting efforts; it awakes the state of romantic passion, it consonantly awakes masculinity and grants a fascinating prevalence, it brings upon equilibrium between action and contemplation. It also secures a mysterious ineffable sublimation of beautiful sensorial perceptions to pure elevated revelations of the intuition, which may even be prophetical; it awakes the healing miraculous abilities through steady trust in GOD’s help and it powers the state of devotion to the mysterious will of GOD.

Thursday, June 5, between 1.00-1.45pm, LORD ASCENSION. Meditation of communion to Jesus in Glory (Jesus uplifting from the earthly world to the HEAVENLY FATHER Kingdom).

Friday, June 6, between 11.00-11.45am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus sextile Mars. Effects: It boosts refined passion, romanticism, erotic and artistic refinement. It enhances the need to express feelings, as it increases the courage to express the affective potential; it helps creativity and spontaneity removing prejudices, especially sexual ones. It transforms confining desires into spiritual states through unconditional surrender and devotion. It stirs courage, self-challenge, cancels habits that are not useful in our emotional-relational evolution. It enhances propensities to states of pure love; it boosts tenderness and powers overcoming of shyness and sexual prejudices. It boosts up creative imagination, state of transfiguration and pair harmony, the power of transformation through love.

Saturday, June 7, between 6.10-6.55 – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Mercury. Effects: it awakes and enhances a state of consonant solar prevalence, the initiative spirit, it enables a state of detached challenging, it helps plain thinking, practical sense, effective beneficial actions, and inventiveness. This aspect also awakes and boosts up the memory and the brain power; it releases courage and supports achievement of the good actions we start. It helps manifestation of oratorical skills. It may help purification processes at the level of the solar plexus and may help consonant aspiration for self-challenge and lucid, detached assertion. Harmony may be enabled between mental and vital levels of the being, it awakes creativity. This aspect may enhance firmness in expressing beneficial ideas. It enhances attention and the awareness power. It is a favourable time for sharing knowledge and for effective study of valuable spiritual works. It generates an utterly strong effect of solar energy in the mental sphere. It is a favourable moment to remove obsessive, perverse and pathological ideas.

Sunday, June 8, between 9.15-10pm – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Mars. Effects: Meditation the beneficial subtle energy of this aspect awakes and enhances intuitive mental abilities and beneficial sensorial perceptions. It awakes aspiration of knowledge and deep understanding of life beauties; it helps ecstatic identification to Nature, perception of God in His aspect of mysterious generator of the subtle force of life. It awakes the ability of beneficial action performed in an intelligent conscious way; it stirs mental power, practical intelligence, passion, romanticism. It secures the chance to overcome shallowness, fear, doubt, in favour of mental force and spontaneity in action; it helps to overcome inertia, awakening of ability to find innovative, effective solutions, it enables plain speech. It boosts up the ability to express good ideas in practical terms and it helps practical valuation of the mental perceptions. It helps creativity, challenge, combating; it is a good opportunity to ditch stupid prejudices. It helps consonant integration in social field, stirs spontaneity, swift decisions; it awakes harmony between mental and astral levels.

Sunday, June 8, between 11.45pm-00.30 – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct Venus. Effects: it helps affectionate, empathic communication, to the beloved beings, in a deep and intense way; it helps a state of ineffable harmony between the mental and the affective sphere of the being. It increases the enthusiasm of conscious devotion toward God, it awakes artistic creativeness, romanticism and playfulness in the pair relationship. It is a favourable moment for free expressing of the affective experiences. It secures ineffable charm in communication and eloquence. It boosts up the power of conscious commitment to noble ideals.

Monday, June 9, between 7.00-7.45am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Venus. Effects: it enhances emotional openness; it increases generosity, the power of conscious expression of states and emotions. This is a favourable time for assuming responsibilities in relations, free and spontaneous expression of feelings. It awakes sociability, overcoming prejudices artistic creativeness and charisma. 

Wednesday, June 11 – MEETING OF INSTRUCTORS,  Pipera hall 1. Between 10.00am-12.00pm organizing hours.

Friday, June 13, between 5.35-6.20 – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Neptune. Effects: it secures refinement of emotions, strong romanticism, it awakes artistic inspiration. It increases the state of devotion, artistic and aesthetic gifts; it boosts sensitivity, intuition and refined sensuality. It helps a state of deep mystical and emotional understanding. This is also a favourable time for enhancement of unconditional devotion to the divine sublime ideals.

Sunday, June 15, between 1.00-1.45pm, DESCENT of the HOLLY GHOST. Meditation of communion to the Christian Holiday of the HOLLY GHOST DESCENT, which tunes us to the DIVINE GRACE, shed in our inner universe.

Sunday, June 15, between 5.30pm-1.30am – Spiritual exemplification offered on the Day of the Great Cosmic Power MATANGI.

Sunday, June 15, between 11.45pm-0.30 – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun trine Neptune. Effects it awakes and enhances intuition, imagination, refined sensuality and artistic sense. It awakes clear-sightedness and inspiration. 

Monday, June 16, TRIPURA SUNDARI. The maximum beneficial time 12.04pm. the favourable time for pair lovemaking with continence and transfiguration between 7.00am-10.00pm. special meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI between 11.45am-12.30pm.

Monday, June 16, between 1.00-1.45pm – Meditation of communion to the MYSTERIOUS REALITY OF THE HOLLY TRINE.

Wednesday, June 18 – FULL MOON. The evil influence of the FULL MOON begins Wednesday, June 18 at 2.30am until June 19, at 2.30pm. The maximum evil influence of the FULL MOON: Wednesday, June 18 at 8.30pm.

Saturday, June 21, Sun enters Cancer. Between 2.00-3.30am – Meditation of intense profound and mysterious communion to reach occult resonance to the moment of the SUMMER SOLSTICE. The maximum of the SUMMER SOLSTICE is Saturday. June 21 at 2.59am.

Saturday June 21, between 12.00-12.45 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus sextile Saturn. Effects: this aspect secures spiritual maturity in emotional field, it urges manifestation of the beneficial feelings. It breaks the boundaries of shallowness and helps control over the lower passions by sublimation. It arouses self-respect and loyalty in love relationships. It helps awaking and enhancing the state of abnegation. The mysterious energy of this aspect awakes the power of spontaneous perception of the inner beauty and secures affective maturity; it awakes emotional responsibility. It engenders a state of deep equilibrium between the need of outer and inner focus, it generates a state of harmony between the material and spiritual spheres.

Tuesday, June 24, between 3.00-3.45pm – Meditation of intense profound communion to SAINT JOHN BAPTIST.

Tuesday, June 24 – MIDSUMMER DAY. Between 10.00-11.15pm, profound meditation of spiritual empathic communion to the FAIRIES. To enable this mysterious state of communion we recommend 3 hours before, 5 grams of sweet woodruff, sub-lingual in fine powder. To help the OCCULT RESONANCE TO THE MYSTERIOUS REALM OF THE FAIRIES we recommend to have this meditation in open air (preferably in a quiet forest or glade), in a park with lots of trees and if in a city. Optionally, before this exemplification you may consecrate 7 light candles for the FAIRIES and make 7 blessings for them.  If you have this meditation in a forest, you will kindly evoke the FAIRIES as feminine, beautiful, pure, affectionate beings, beaming a particular candour. In the end, we will ask them to inspire our everyday life and help us awake our intuition and assist us discover the mysteries of the vegetal nature.

Wednesday, June 25, between 7.45-8.30am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun sextile Saturn. Effects: it relates to a state of spiritual maturity, it helps acknowledgement of the basic priorities in life which reveal from a spiritual perspective as it grants the chance to ditch worthless preoccupations and bad habits. It enhances the sense of value, self-respect, nobleness, spiritual aspiration. It helps overcoming vanity and secures original profound spiritual experiences. It awakes and increases tenacity, sobriety; it stirs practical wisdom, it arouses managerial skills, precision, deftness in all practical aspects.

Saturday, June 28, 2008, starting at 9.00pm, there will take place all around the country in the unison the YANG SPIRAL for the AWAKING OF THE ROMANIAN PEOPLE SOUL.

Sunday, June 29, between 1.30-2.30pm – Meditation of spiritual communion to the SAINT APOSTLES PETER AND PAUL.

June 2008

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