Hearing # 37 of German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (4)

This is the transcript of the Hearing No. 37 of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krueger, beginning at minute 3.56.38 of the hearing to the end. The hearing was held on 30th January 2021.

RF = Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
VSK = Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krueger
VF = Viviane Fischer
MT = Marcel Templin
Dr. H. = Dr. Holzeisen (Italy)

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Dr. H: Coming back to the lung – to this problem of oxygen supply. We have heard that in various institutions people are showing signs of serious debilitation after vaccination [description of the situation in old people’s homes as an example]. They become ever weaker, don’t want to eat or drink. In one case after another week the person was dead, others after 14 days … They didn’t recover. Is it the case that if you are fitter, you can cope with this better? Are older people at a disadvantage? Although these weren’t palliative cases – they were old, but fit.

VSK: People who are older are always weaker and have degree of inflammation. Because the cells produce more oxidative stress and that is because older people particularly in care homes are not very well nourished. They lack a lot of nutrients: vitamin D, E, C, glutathione – one knows that older people have fewer antioxidants and a lower nutritional status – they are more susceptible for these phenotypes. Younger people have a greater regenerative capacity. The damage is exactly the same, but they can regenerate better unless they have a preexisting condition – cancer, diabetes or the like.

VF: If the organism is not impaired by underlying conditions, would it be able to regenerate? With the mice or rats, the damage disappears after 3 weeks: does some small damage remain in the liver, or does it regenerate completely?

VSK: Yes, it regenerates completely. The liver is fairly robust.

RF: Ok, but those who do have underlying conditions have a problem. [Left out – mentions that doctors have been vaccinated, and nurses, and had adverse reactions] If people have preexisting conditions, then there is the worry that they may well be pushed right over if they get this GMO intervention. Most of the stories we have heard are from care homes [further details along these lines] Now that you have explained it, I understand why, it makes sense.

Then there’s the next phase. What about this famous “cytokine storm”? If the vaccinee encounters the wild virus 6 months or a year later … What can occur then?

VSK: You probably mean the ADE – antibody-dependent enhancement.

VF: Have you finished talking about the adverse effects, or is there something else?

VSK: Almost.

RF: The horror story needs to be complete.

VSK: I am extremely critical of the EMA Committee: there is no discussion at all about the consequences that can arise from side effects. They just nodded it all through. They just said ok, that’s how it is … Perhaps they did say something, but it hasn’t been noted down in writing. I also find it very poor that they didn’t investigate any of these aspects that they found were not investigated in human beings in the clinical study. Blood samples were taken in the studies, so why not? It would be easy enough to measure all these blood parameters such as erythrocytes, all the enzymes, all the other substances. One can do biopsies of muscles – none of this was done. Either it wasn’t done because they were afraid of what would come out and would have to explain it, or they did it and are keeping silent about it. They knew of all the observations on the rats … and we have no data at all on how this is with human beings. They could have generated that. We have a right to know.

RF: Absolutely. That is the reason why Dr. Peter Doshi says he wants to see the raw data. It will come out one way or another.

VSK: The one aspect they did do was measure the lymphocyte level, and found that subjects suffer from lymphopenia within 1-3 days, i.e., a fall in the number of lymphocytes, but there are varying opinions on that in publications. There are one or two publications that say lymphopenia can occur after a vaccination, they do show it – but they don’t know why it happens. One publication thinks the lymphocytes simply transmigrate from the blood into tissue and that there are fewer in the blood. But that is not proven, it is just as likely that that cationic lipids attack the lymphocytes in the blood. No investigations were conducted to show why this lymphopenia occurs in human beings. That’s the only parameter that they looked at.

VF: Was this the case with the rat too?

VSK: Yes.

VF: And that was related to the liver issues?

VSK: No, that is independent of the liver.

VF: Simply the same phenomenon. Ok.

VSK: That was only aspect they looked at in human beings in the Clinical Study No 1.

VF: I understand. It was found in the rats, too.

Dr. H: A question about the deaths. In Italy we have had a lot of reports, not via the mainstream media of course. A doctor, in one case a pharmacist. In that case her organs were removed and donated. What are the implications of that? I have this information from Dr. Gatti, two days ago. The message shocked us. They removed the organs and transplanted them into patients. What does that mean if that woman had really died as a consequence of the vaccine?

VSK: That’s a good question.

Dr. H: We have several criminal cases one after the other here. Not just getting rid of evidence, but also possibly inducing further disease in people who are already suffering from severe underlying conditions. This vaccine is transgressing boundaries in all directions. It’s incredible what’s happening. We have a case of a young doctor, this was on social media: he was vaccinated, boasted of having received the vaccine, and then a few days later he collapsed and died while playing tennis. That would seem to be linked to what you have told us here. We don’t just have these individual cases, cases are building all over the world of suspected serious side effects [some further discussion of this follows].

MT: [Asks about the chain of evidence when this happens …] We’re talking about the law as it relates to evidence, and reversal of the burden of proof. Someone comes around the corner and says I require causal contiguity. If one performed an autopsy, would one be able to delineate the cause and say that based on the autopsy, the vaccine was causative? I’m asking this because then you wouldn’t be able to say we’ll just transplant their organs, or quickly cremate the corpse. If the doctor (or whoever) bears the burden of proof, but the evidence is gone, there isn’t anything with which he/she can be exonerated. So my question: is it possible to narrow down the cause of death using liver/blood count etc.?

VSK: [Explains that a specialist for autopsies would need to answer this …. Further discussion]

RF: … [Further discussion] Professor Cahill in Ireland said to us recently that immediately someone has died after a vaccine – either right away or within a certain period of time – an autopsy should be performed. She was of the opinion that it would be possible to prove it with a probability bordering on certainty. Perhaps not from one particular organ, but when looking at the overall picture.

WW: We have a law in Germany that before the evidence is destroyed, i.e., cremation, an inquest has to be performed by a public medical officer, the death certificate is inspected, the cause of death scrutinized. If the fact that a vaccination has taken place is not known, and the corpse is simply cremated, one has to pose the question of liability: has the public medical officer destroyed evidence? Due diligence is required, the question relating to the documentation of the vaccine needs to be asked, it needs to be part of the framework if someone dies. It is the Paul Ehrlich Institute that permitted this telescoped study: if this has not been considered, we should demand it.

Dr H: Professor Wodarg, I assume that this would not just be reserved to Germany, it should be the case everywhere where this vaccine is being used. [Further discussion]

WW: […] You can’t simply cremate the body – too much that can be overlooked.

RF: In contrast to previous adverse effects from vaccines, this is a completely new technique […] One would need to start detecting certain patterns that occurred again and again.

WW: I would absolutely insist on gaining insight into the files at the Paul Ehrlich Institute. One would need to take a very careful look at the observation plan of theirs. The Paul Ehrlich Institute is 100% responsible.

Dr. H.: It should not be permitted to give away organs for transplantation in cases like this. An observation study of the kind you are talking about would have to be conducted.

WW: You would have to define exactly what investigations should take place if someone dies after a vaccination – this destruction of the evidence has to stop. Find out whether someone has been vaccinated shortly before they died, and if so, forbid cremation. The public medical officers would need to be informed of this. To protect those who have been vaccinated, and those who will be. …


Discussion on why so many PCR tests are turning out positive after vaccination

The RNA is codon optimised – Normally three nucleotides code for one amino acid. They exchanged the third in the triplet, this increases the speed at which the protein is expressed. Unlikely that what is in the mRNA can correlate with what the PCR test is looking for; Dr. VSK says it is possible that the sequence may fit in the odd case, but that is very hypothetical.

Prof. Wodarg asks whether it would be possible to do the PCR test on the vaccine, to exclude this possibility. Dr. VSK says yes, that would be absolutely possible.

Discussion about the reproduction toxicity test.

VSK: […] A Development and Reproductive Toxicology test (DART) was conducted. They examined female rats twice before pairing, and then twice while they were pregnant and vaccinated. Looked to see if this had consequences for their progency. [Various different details given, I can go into this later if wished. Sounds like it’s all in the report.] There were indeed various anomalies found relating to implantation of the eggs, for example. They said it all fell within the range of historical control data. They only examined 21 foetuses, this is too low a number, they found a slight incidence of gastroparesis (abnormality of the proximal stomach wall), malformation of the jaw, right-sided arch of the aorta and cervical vertebrae anomalies. But again BN said all were within control data. They should have done more studies and for longer to see if this slight upwards incidence was continued or not. Only 21 animals.\ \

Prof. WW asks about the Syncytin issue: Antibodies against Syncytin can prevent the formation of the placenta. That would lead to infertility.

VSK: They did not investigate the Syncytin issue.

WW: This phenomenon is not reserved to human beings – that could have been done in an animal study. Long-term studies and studies on possible autoimmune conditions were not conducted. Didn’t investigate whether the vaccine can be transferred to the foetus.

VSK: This mechanism crosses the blood-brain barrier due to the ApoE -mediated transport. So the LNPs can cause damage in the brain. Damage the astrocytes. Extreme oxidative stress. Can lead to inflammation, swelling. Can have an impact on nerves. Facial palsy (Bell’s palsy) – either the nerve is inflamed or the adjacent tissue, the swelling presses against the bone that the nerve passes through, and this impairs the nerve.

VF: Damage to areas of the brain could result in the twitches and tremors that one sees, MS-type conditions.

WW: And injuries occurring to the spinal cord – the cerebrospinal fluid … spinal nerves

VSK: Yes, one would have to prove that these lipids had got there. As soon as they are there – and this is in the publication in black and white – the cascade begins: oxidative stress, damage, apoptosis.

RF: How long does one need to hold one’s breath when one has been vaccinated. A lifetime, or does there come a time when you can relax again?

VSK: It depends on which damage you are observing. The lipids are there for 4-5 months. Damage can arise for as long as the lipids are there.

WW: The planning of the pharmaceutical industry is to make us into a bioreactor where we create the antibodies ourselves. It’s a great business plan for them. If they’ve managed to do it once, they’ll do it for all the vaccines they can in future. But can these vaccines clash in us? One, and then quite soon after that the next – the interactions haven’t been checked, couldn’t be yet.

RF: Without a real clinical study one can’t really say whether the RNA in one vaccine could interact with another …

WW: Impossible to have research studies on this yet.

VSK: No genotoxicity studies done yet. They say they don’t need to because “no genotoxic potential is to be expected”. But it has been known for 20 years that cationic lipids are highly toxic. What universe do they live in!

[Further discussion on the fact that it’s never one virus alone anyway – what’s occurred to the differential diagnosis. What has occurred to our medical councils? How can they allow this? What kind of training do our doctors have that they are going along with this? Modifying something with a vaccine, the mRNA leading to antigen expression will have an effect on an environment where we have many viruses, not just one. This is such a narrow-minded approach. Italy had been given influenza vaccinations: this changes the biotope, people who have had these vaccinations will likely react differently to an mRNA vaccine of this kind compared to those who haven’t.]


September 13, 2021


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