How great and how obvious is your benefic accomplishing power? (III)


How to continuously transform ourselves, by being filled with enthusiasm and living with a ceaseless aspiration

By Cornelia Palii, yoga teacher

Each year, history seems to repeat itself for those of us (quite a few) who set out, on new year’s Eve, for example, to transform themselves into better people, more loving or more efficient, maybe more spiritual or more successful in certain fields of activity, but who often give up their goals quite fast. Their goals will have just evaporated just like a fairy dream in only a few days. European statistics show that 88% of the people give up what they’ve set out to achieve, along the way… Year after year, taking note of the partially respected promises, I began to wonder, more and more often, actually, how great is my benefic, achieving power, the efficiency I’ve gained on the path which guides my footsteps. Here are a few ideas I’ve synthesized in order to evaluate my benefic, accomplishing power, in order to organize the steps needed for amplifying this force and finding the complete recipe to use in gaining this extraordinary power.

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Ways of amplifying one’s will

Here’s a list of the ways of amplifying one’s resonance with the energy of willpower in order to harmoniously increase the benefic accomplishing power, elaborated by a group of yogi students of the yoga courses, year 12, Bucharest, as a reiteration and addition to the remarkable synthesis done by our colleague, Adina Stoian, in the article entitled Team up with the divine fire of transformation (I):

– the HATHA YOGA techniques for the activation of the center of force MANIPURA CHAKRA, but also those triggering complex processes of transmutation of the potential from the lower levels of the human being into energy and sublimating the resulted energy at the level of the higher chakras, including the techniques for harmonizing the subtle respiratory flow (PRANAYAMA);
– lovemaking with sexual continence, love, transfiguration and the consecration of the fruit to God, the Father, with the special postures which activate the chakras;
– the perfectly natural stoppage of the menstrual cycle and the elimination of the fluctuations in women and achieving perfect continence in the case of men;
– medicinal herbs that have an effect on amplifying willpower, ingested after being kept under the tongue for 20 minutes, or certain plants and crystals worn on the belly button in order to trigger and amplify the resonance with the energy of Divine Willpower;
– purifying processes such as, VAMANA DHAUTI, SHANK PRAKSHALANA etc., as well as fasting with nothing but water;
– the technique for the Godly Effect of “Lightning Rod” and keeping a state of “Thy will be done, Lord” throughout the day;
– meditations in which one identifies with beings who possess a high level of consciousness, who are endowed with this very active energy, for example, identifying with the energy manifested by the spiritual guide;
– TRATAKA on a candle light;
– chromo-therapy with red, yellow and green colored subtle currents;
– operating with adequate vocals;
– light offering consecrated for the amplification of this resonance;
– communion with RUDRA SHIVA, the governor of MANIPURA CHAKRA, a personification of the divine power of dissolution of everything which is limited, pure, ephemeral;
– a balanced lacto-ovo-vegetarian, predominantly yang diet;
– exposing the naked body in the Sun or in front of a wood fire visualizing the increasing of the energy of fire and benefic accomplishing power;
– meditations of communion with the sphere of force of the Sun and the planet Mars and invoking the divine entities governing these heavenly bodies;
– presso-puncture, adequate acupuncture, as well as techniques for amplifying and harmonizing the flow of energy through the known meridians in the Chinese spiritual tradition (the Lower gastrointestinal tract-Liver meridian, the Spleen-Pancreas meridian etc.);
– activating the resonance with the feminine archetype of the heroine for women, and the masculine archetype of the spiritual hero for men;
– the joyful, frantic, transfiguring savoring of the golden elixir (MEHASAMRITA) after lovemaking with the loved one;
– dilutions indicated in the “Taina Menstruației” book;
– engaging force ideas and adequate benefic suggestions;
– self-transfiguring and creative visualizations done with perseverance while having a state of aspiration, love and respect for the divine nature of the human being;
– engaging and successfully finishing a TAPAS, starting with a short one and then moving on to more complex and prolonged ones, followed by the careful crystallization of the results and enjoying the partial or total accomplishment given by the completion of the spiritual program we’ve set;
– waking up early in the morning, at the same time, even during weekends, without staying in bed for too long after waking up, thus giving us a healthy, forceful rhythm, filled with enthusiasm and efficiency, for the whole day;
– getting rid of procrastinating, which is a habit caused by the ego;
– paying attention to the actions we are doing more or less automatically/involuntarily: breathing, walking, turning on/off the lights etc., and keeping a state of permanent vigilance which is meant to replace subconscious manifestations with those determined by a live conscious willpower;
– exceptional mental control;
– developing patience, perseverance, gradual training and constant exercising of conscious willpower;
– frequent referring of the individual willpower to the eternal reality of the Supreme Immortal Self (ATMAN).

Accordingly, the secret to awakening and amplifying our benefic accomplishing power and continuous transformation is not one of just a few factors, but it is composed of a “myriad” of attitudes, choices, states, conditions and approaches to the world, to one’s own being, and also to the set purpose, each of these bringing that specific vibration and from their coalescence, this miraculous power will result, a power which has its source in God, the Father. For “All our willing intentions, aspirations and goals are manifestations occurring on different vibrating levels of the supreme occult law of resonance. This law always makes possible the mysterious and efficient manifestation of the universal law of willpower.” (Gregorian Bivolaru), while everything is in fact one universal willpower distributed on different stages of knowledge, and our contribution is… the ounce of practice!

In conclusion, here are a few confessions of some yoga students, year 12, from Bucharest, as well as some confessions from friends of ours regarding the awakening and amplification of the benefic accomplishing power in their own being:

We can benefit from the spiritual gifts we receive with the help of willpower

When our yoga teacher suggested we each make a confession about a certain circumstance in which we used our conscious willpower efficiently in relation to the occult benefic accomplishing power, at first I felt unprepared, because I could only remember some ordinary situations, like keeping a diet for losing weight which I manage to keep until the end, or some other similar situations.

And yet, I discovered this energy of conscious willpower a long time ago and I’ve used it in many life situations. For example, I am using my conscious willpower in order to evoke the state of grace that my spiritual Guide, Grieg gave to me over twenty years ago, and I am doing this in order to be able to give this state further, to others, whenever I find it necessary.

When my grandmother died, twenty five years ago, I felt a great pain, like I had never felt before, and this pain crawled into my clean adolescent soul. In time, the pain diminished, but the void caused by her passing was something that I could not fill. A few years later I met Grieg and when I first met him, his warm smile, the profound happiness he was radiating, all these made me feel whole again, as if I had never suffered any loss, ever. I told him about this pain of mine and I asked for his help, and he suggested I made a light offering, for forty nine days.

During this TAPAS which I completed, I was permanently accompanied by the grace of my spiritual Guide, as I was about to realize only later. I had lived some states of profound contemplation, in which death revealed to me as being just a simple transformation of the being, and the world beyond seemed just as real as the world here. My soul had found my grandmother’s soul and for me, life regained its color and its meaning.

This state, no matter how pure it was, is extremely difficult to explain in its entire complexity: the state of love and compassion that I continuously felt overflowing on me from the heart of my spiritual Guide allowed me to feel the truth, to understand, to a certain extent, the indescribable beauty of God’s will, which in reality, allows any real love to exist, in a way, beyond time and space, beyond what is passing and ephemeral. In this state, any form of egotism disappears and I become one with everything there is and I begin to understand, in a completely unusual way, the profound logic of events, I can feel the indestructible connection between all the living things.

Much later, I became a doctor, and by the nature of my profession, I’ve met other people that were left alone, after someone they loved had passed away. In situations like these, I’m using my conscious willpower in order to evoke this state that the spiritual Guide had given to me and from time to time, I ask him to help me find the appropriate words and gestures which are needed in order to wipe the tears and alleviate the pain from the hearts of those who need it, just as I did; I ask him to help that man see the truth and feel that God is close to him.
Every time I am evoking this state, there is no more selfishness, no more jealousy or injustice, there is only the love and compassion of my spiritual Guide, which brings joy and balance everywhere, which brings solutions to any problem which might seem unsolvable at first, which reveals the meaning and hidden beauty of nature – all of these with astonishing efficiency.


Defining our goals – a key to efficiency

Along the years, I’ve noticed that efficiency in the spiritual practice is related to spiritual aspiration and to the clear defining of our purposes in life. Our firm and constant will as well as an awakened sense of discernment helps us set the order for our priorities in life, and the purity of this will gives color to our chosen goals and methods of fulfillment.
The profound aspirations of my soul have helped me become aware of the benefic accomplishing power given by the Art of blessing

A while ago, I was motivated by the example of a good friend of mine, who took the responsibility of doing forty nine blessings, daily. I started doing such a TAPAS myself, and I’ve actually succeeded in doing it for a few months. I couldn’t say it was an easy time for me, because the easy tasks and the routine sometimes caused me to start doing the blessings only late at night. There were days when I’ve done a part of the blessings while leaning against the closet (!), that’s how exhausted I was, and once I even fell asleep while standing, while repeating the blessings. Beyond these anecdote aspects, I admit that it was an extraordinary period, filled with amazement and extreme spiritual fulfillment.

I didn’t establish who I was going to do the blessings for from the beginning, or in which manner I was going to “distribute” them. I only knew one thing, that I was going to bless, next to God, the Father, Jesus Christ and my spiritual guide, each day, those beings who are close to me, or distant, or even people I met on the street, exactly as my spontaneous perception advised me to do. I was in a situation where, even if I would only reserve five blessings for each person, most of the times the forty nine blessings weren’t enough for what this daily routine was supposed to mean.

Among the persons I used to bless on a daily basis, there was a dear friend of mine with whom at that time I had a relationship which was “in the course of healing”; after many years of being really close to her, followed by a painful relationship break-up, I was thinking of that time as a prolonged convalescence. By blessing my friend, the divine grace made me feel her much closer than physically or affectively possible. The truth is I strongly believed (and still believe!) in the miraculous transforming power of blessings. And the miracle happened, the relationship healed in a wonderful way, my friend, who used to say that “she won’t step on the same water twice” and that things can never be as they once were, moved on from these principles for the sake of love – love understood in a divine way. Of course, there have been some transformations which took place in that period, under those circumstances and in my being: there have been new misunderstandings as well as renouncing certain forms of stubbornness, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to approach the healed relationship from a higher perspective.

Even though only God himself could confirm the considerable infusion given by my blessings in this case of relational healing, I continue to believe strongly in their miraculous effect in any field of life, in the fact that they are amplifying the benefic occult power by tuning in to the Will of God, the Father.


The accomplishment of benefic actions helps me surpass my limits and give me a great inner richness

Due to the fact that I kept stumbling upon all certain experiences that were unpleasant for me, I started to ask myself what are the causes, what is it that attracts such things. I started to pay close attention to the thoughts and emotions which I nurtured, even more closely than before. I discovered that these experiences are connected to certain negative thoughts and defense mechanisms. Knowing this, I was confused. I hadn’t even realized, until that moment, who should I defend myself from and why. I laughed at myself. So I decided that every time such a thought would arise, I will say STOP and then I won’t think of anything. I will just pay attention. I succeeded in doing this, and as I progressed I began to feel an increasingly greater state of liberation and amplification of the energy of willpower.

During my entire life, I’ve engaged myself in actions which seemed extremely hard or even impossible to accomplish, and yet, all the actions I had begun, either spiritual or otherwise, I managed to bring them to a successful conclusion. And I admit that life had given me a tremendous richness in experiences. Many times, finding myself in their midst, I wasn’t able to see the way out. And yet, I managed to get out and every time I watched back upon the action I had just finished, I was becoming aware that I had just overcame my limits, and it’s moments like these, that I am living a state of liberation which brings me great freedom and inner richness. I thank God, the Father, for all the experiences he offered me, that helped me become a wiser, more beautiful, more elevated and more profound human being. I thank my spiritual Guide for his support and his teachings!


October 2014

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