The Angels of Faith


The essential idea:
 I strongly believe in the presence, love and guidance of GOD and his angels of light, in the divine goodness, and divine happiness, that God is offering to me, now and forever!

The angels of faith are maintained with serenity in the state of wisdom that comes from the complete faith in God. They are holding a mantle with which they envelop us into profound faith. A mantle which symbolizes the divine protection against the hardships of life. They remind us that we always have to keep our faith.

The angelic function: They help people to awaken and maintain their belief in God and his angels of light.

The spiritual gifts they offer us: They help us maintain our belief even in times of distress, to express our faith in the inherent goodness of life, to make this belief in God into the guiding light of our inner life.
The angels of faith are resurrected and they strengthen our belief in God and his angels. They help us find our faith, to manifest it and let it guide us through the winding paths of life.

When the hardships of life are encumbering our shoulders, we need to keep our conviction in the best of outcomes. Faith supports us in difficult moments and helps us surpass doubt or dismay when we are tempted to abandon all our spiritual efforts.

The angels of faith help us believe in the love of God and in the fact that, if we ask certain things or accomplishments from the Heavenly Father, He will answer our prayers and all these things will come to fruition. Faith even helps us in getting over the most difficult or uncertain situations and accept certain forms of suffering because, even if we do not understand the meaning of the divine plan, we will still remain convinced that nothing is random and meaningless.

Some beings forget about God when everything works great for them. For them, there is a major crisis that needs to occur in order to remind them there is a higher force in the Universe, a force to whom they can surrender themselves to.

For those beings who are on a spiritual path, all the things and phenomena have a specific spiritual significance and every time they succeed in doing something, they feel the aid of God, which strengthens their belief in God. They thank God every time, filled with gratitude, for His support and thus their faith in God rises with each new success on their spiritual path.
Life is much simpler when supported by faith. Hence, we can follow our intuition and the voice of our hearth and live a full life, with the conviction that we’re walking the right path.

We can go beyond the boundaries of the concrete and beyond those of our small world in order to be able to listen to the Universe, as a fragment of the great Divine Creation.

Faith helps us bear through all those events that we tend to consider as unjust. It gives us the patience to wait for the light even while going through the deepest darkness.

Believing that everything that happens is meant for us and good for us makes us feel loved, guided, protected. Let us give ourselves to this love so that our existence will come to its fulfillment.

We pray upon the angels of faith to support us in any circumstance. To build a bridge between us and the Sky, in order to make us able to endlessly receive God’s blessing.

October 2014

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