How to find Your Master

Oriental spiritual tradition states “when the disciple is ready, the master will appear.”

What we have to do is just to desire to meet him with all our heart. More than that, we have to begin a serious inner discipline which will create the surroundings where the master can appear in our life. It is actually about an intense spiritual search, about the effervescent desire to get beyond ourselves and to get to know our real Self.

There can be many persons on this path who you think could be your masters. However the master is only one. Be attentive, as you can be wrong many times. There are many ”false prophets” who are ready to offer you their ”support” in exchange for particular benefits.

One would say it is difficult to distinguish who is one”s real master.

Nevertheless you will see that when you meet him he will confer a superior understanding to you, and a feeling that it is surely him.

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