The Master’s Role

The indispensability of the guru-shishya (master-disciple) relationship appears to be a simple superstition in this age of rationalism. However, even though each of us has a spark of divine light, there are few who can sense its presence. How many of us can be open to accept His (God”s) directions?

In the spiritual field, as well as other fields, there are valuable guides who have genuine deep knowledge and are endowed with rich experience. They can offer the essentials to us at the right time, and can be of great help in using time, energy and effort efficiently. They can also help us to get rid of suffering and the possibility of failure.

Similarly, the Guide will act with wisdom to help us relinquish aberrant and unhealthy habits which may impede our spiritual evolution. This will facilitate our awakening and amply capacities for elevating our being.

In actual fact the role of a spiritual master is to accompany you on the spiritual path to its end. The only goal is the Infinite, which we all call GOD.

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