The importance of Master-Disciple Relationship

“The stranger asks the way from the one who knows the way. Taught by the one who knows, he will not get lost. Indeed, this is the blessing of knowledge; he finds the path which leads straight ahead.”


Much importance has been given to the disciple-master relationship, that is, the adept and initiator, in the spiritual tradition of India as well as in other esoteric spiritual paths of the world. This has led many people in  the modern world to question: ”Why does one have to accept somebody as his guru (master)? Are we not intelligent enough to distinguish between what is useful and what is not? Can we not make decisions and act properly in all fields of life?”

Certainly, people are endowed with sufficient brains and will to determine and change their destiny. Moreover, traditional sacred texts state that the Self, the ultimate aspect of each human being, which is God Himself, represents this inner guide.

However, humans as they actually manifest on Earth indulge in a vision restricted by ignorance. For this reason, they cannot naturally advance towards elevated levels, towards the depths of their souls; towards their Divine Self.

In addition to this, illusion (maya), which is a result of ignorance, acts very intensly upon their senses. Hence  it is very easy for people to mistake the voice of the inferior ego as the voice of the ultimate Divine Self.

Theoretically it is possible to alone become conscious and follow the inner guide, and therefore be able to spiritually evolve. Generally however, this opportunity is rarely taken due to the immaturity of human consciousness in its present state of development.

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