The Ideal Pattern of a Spiritual Master

Many times, once engaged to a genuine spiritual search, we find ourselves lost and confused, not knowing which is the next step we ought to make. At this point, the need for a master appears to be acute. In fact, in any profession, in any field, someone who has gained that certain knowledge will also teach others and share with them his experience. That is why, within each of us there is an image of a perfect being who “knows and can do everything” and who can guide us towards fulfiling the chosen goal. This image actually corresponds to our ideal master.

The ideal guru in the Indian tradision is represented by that being able to complete the deep aspiration of spiritual transformation of another being. Such a genuine master has already gone all the way through the spiritual path chosen by the aspirant and is able to show the direction to him, having as well the occult power to transmit the truth of his experience and achievement to his disciple.

In fact, he makes vivid and dinamic the spiritual goal of the aspirant towards liberation/perfection, initiating him in knowing the Truth and impelling him at the same time to practice in order to ease a progressive materialization of these aspects in the disciple”s life.

Without such a Master, it is almost impossible to reach the Ultimate Accomplishment.

The spiritual field is an area too less explored by the ordinary human conscious, and if we want not to get lost on this wide ground, we have to appeal to a master who has learnt it and who can lead us straight to the aim.

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