How we can easily, rapidly, profoundly and permanently awaken and activate the state of SHAKTI

by Gregorian Bivolaru

In light of the wise teachings of all spiritual traditions, we can say that the woman who is:
• equably vital (who is neither fat or overly fat, nor thin, or, moreover, exceedingly thin)
• harmonious;
• loving or extraordinarily loving; beautiful or extraordinarily beautiful;  
• full of good will;
• faithful and consistent in her love relationships based on mutual love;
• affectionate or extraordinarily affectionate; 
• humble or extraordinarily humble;
• altruistic or extraordinarily altruistic;
• cheerful;
• wise or extraordinarily wise;
• kind or extraordinarily kind;
• forgiving or extraordinarily forgiving;
• full of an exemplary common sense;
• pure
• extraordinarily sensual;
• perfectly continent;
• optimistic;
• who aspires and even manages to be a living incarnation of the Feminine Mystery;
• who manifests intense and deep compassion whenever needed;
• honest;
• spontaneous
• playful;
• always able to spontaneously and freely manifest her erotic, pure, ideal and wonderful fantasies, either when she makes love with other women, or when she makes love with her lover who loves her and whom she loves;
• full of candor;
• powerfully charismatic;
• unchangeable;
• profound in everything that is good, divinely integrated, beautiful, pure and true;
• charming;
• whose goals are divine, clear and sublime;
• well-behaved or extraordinarily well-behaved;
• perseverant or extraordinarily perseverant;
• extraordinarily intelligent;
• in whose being the wisdom of the heart starts to awake increasingly more;
• who experiments overwhelming states of sexual ecstasy when she makes love with sexual continence® and transfiguration, with the consecration of the fruits to God;
• that manages not to forget what is good, divine, beautiful and full of wisdom and everything that must be remembered;
• who is characterized by an excellent memory of all the ecstatic lovemaking that she has already had or she has;
• generous or extraordinarily generous;
• who is always able to give herself, in a deep and profound way, in a charming and indescribable state of communion in all her relationships and amorous experiences based on mutual love, on perfect sexual continence ®, on the unconditional consecration of the fruit to God the Father and on transfiguration;
• deeply empathic in the amorous games in a superior, sublime way;
• constantly and powerfully full of  transfiguration;
• with a perfectly healthy and very elastic body;
• who eventually successfully passes all the spiritual tests she has to face not at all accidentally at the right time, when she takes steps forward on the spiritual path (thus managing each time to achieve new spiritual leaps with triple energy);
• who ultimately successfully overcomes any inner crisis that may occur in crucial moments of her existence and which most often occur before entering a new spiritual phase;
• who is always totally uninhibited and perfectly open with the human beings who adore her and whom she loves;
• who is able to transform deeply, acting gradually in order to annihilate in this way (any possible) bad or negative habits;
• who, if she is in the position of the “eternally” changeable, shallow, larval, stupid, lazy, unconscious, retractable, suspicious and inconsistent woman, who fluctuates almost constantly (and can be often easily recognized especially in that she (such a woman) is not at all able to meet her, firm at first sight, promises and covenants) has that spark of genius that allows her to realize in a lucid and profound way the mediocrity she indulged herself into.
[We are doing our duty to point out that a woman that indulges herself in this state is and remains a pathetic woman, whose level of consciousness is unfortunately “fixed”, due to her harmful habits, mostly in the sphere of the subtle center of force SVADHISTHANA CHAKRA (such a woman forgets due to her unconsciousness, that God the Father gave her seven fundamental subtle centers of force, although due to the laziness she indulges herself into, she predominantly (and also chaotically and disharmoniously) uses only the subtle center of force SVADHISTHANA CHAKRA). 
However the fairly large number of women who indulge in this ridiculous situation that is plastically defined in folklore through the already classic expression “It is all water and earth” – a quite clearly but also hidden allusion to the prevalence in the human universe of the subtle elements of water (APAS tattva) and earth (PRITHIVI tattva), which then draws the fixation of the level of awareness within the mysterious sphere of the subtle centers of force SVADHISTHANA CHAKRA and MULADHARA CHAKRA  -  eventually turned the dictum about the state of fluctuation and volatility of the woman, “the woman is changing” (“la donna e mobile” in Italian) into a universal statement. The state of volatility and fluctuation that characterizes such women often made men in particular, generalize this obvious defect, projecting it then on all women. Finally, just because of that and due to an obvious exaggeration, women often got to be despised and regarded as changing, fluctuating beings and hence inferior. 

As always in such challenging situations, there are solutions. As the number of women indulging in this deplorable situation will decrease substantially, it will become possible for this unanimous conviction, which is based on an unfair generalization, to be then shattered forever. When among those around you discover that there are women who are not able to meet the promises and covenants they have made or will make, tell them in a frank and sincere way (even if there is a risk especially for those who “feel with the fly on their hat” to become angry, because, as we all know, obvious and unpleasant truths upset and disturb those and especially those who, unfortunately, are and also indulge in such a deplorable condition) that since they always behave in this way, this underlines that they are and indulge themselves in this pathetic state).

• who always firmly and categorically rejects gossip, slander, intrigue, calumny especially due to the fact that she is fully aware of the negative, disharmonious processes of occult® resonance that are triggered every time in the inner universe of the human being and who elegantly avoids meaningless chatter (bravely saying every time when she finds herself in such situations:

“- Please forgive me but I cannot continue this conversation with you, I have something better to do! Since I have a nature that strongly embraces practical wisdom (as for me an ounce of practice is worth tons of theory), therefore I choose now to do something better which will ulteriorly help me transform, because this is why I am NOW HERE. I invite you, if you desire, to follow my example. You will see that in the end we will feel ten times better if we act in this way both in unison);”
• who already awoke some or all the cardinal virtues (these virtues refer to those divine qualities that fill us up with a refined happiness when we awaken them in our inner universe and at the same time they stir up a lively admiration. Virtues highlight some excellent traits of character, moral beauty and they are awakened in the inner universe of the human being through processes of occult resonances® that appear every time we make good deeds);
• who has divine ideals she seeks to achieve with great steadiness and tenacity (such as, for example, to awaken and perfectly activate the glorious androgynous state);
• who is always full of an exemplary dignity;
• noble;
• who often feels, and moreover intensely experiences a profound and overwhelming state of communion with MAHA SHAKTI (the Eternal Feminine, in other words, the Holy Spirit) when she has intense and seductive states of prolonged orgasm without discharge which make her tilt into the mysterious state of cosmic orgasm when certain conditions are favorable;
• who is, in a pure and elevated way, sensitive both to subtle energies with a high frequency vibration, and to the divine, sublime, exquisite, uplifting aspects, symbols and manifestations;
• who spontaneously manifests a mysterious and seductive “come-to-me” (or in other words, manifests a strong, almost irresistible feminine charm), which in the everyday language is often defined by the term sex appeal;
• who is consistently romantic;
• whose presence and manifestation bring something magical, mysterious and indescribable in her immediate surroundings in a spherical radius of tens of meters (due to the subtle, charming, pure, elevated energies, manifested in and through her being, thanks to the beneficial processes of occult resonance that characterize® her) (about this mysterious influence which is manifested by such a woman, the brilliant poet Mihai Eminescu called it an “I don’t know what”);
• who constantly and powerfully aspires to know the Ultimate Divine Truth;
• who is always full of a great and tireless curiosity to discover both the divine fascinating mysteries of the human nature and those of Nature;
 • who consistently and powerfully aspires to multiply day by day and hour by hour the fundamental talent (her creative sexual potential, through a process of biological transmutation into energy, and the subsequent massive sublimation of this huge resulting energy to the upper levels of the being) that is offered every month by God (talent that ignorant and unconscious women lose as sexual secretions and blood which are removed from their body during the menstrual cycle);
• who consistently and powerfully aspires to multiply the emotional, vital, cerebral, spiritual and supra-mental talent;
• who is passional in a pure, detached, sublime and elevated way;
• who is always perfectly detached in all her profoundly beneficial actions during which she manifests with an exemplary detached involvement;
• who is constantly animated only by good intentions;
• who increasingly manages to biologically transmute (through a mysterious inner alchemy) more and more of her menstrual secretions into a huge energy (which will then be at hand for her constant and steady transformation);
• often aims to trigger in her own inner universe only profoundly beneficial processes of occult resonance with the endless spheres of power that exist in the macrocosm;
• who constantly and powerfully aspires to awaken and activate the supra-mental body (VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA), being aware that in this way she also awakens her creative intuition and makes rapid and quick steps towards the state of geniality;
• who sublimates in a prompt and harmonious way her beneficial, subtle, huge energies arising after each erotic intercourse based on mutual love, on perfect sexual continence®, on the unconditional consecration of the fruit to God and on an exemplary transfiguration;
• who never compromises and mightily avoids all spiritual compromises;
• who aims to awaken and finally comes to be endowed with a great spiritual discernment;
• who is always lucid through a constant awareness of all the feelings and all the states that she has and which, beyond appearances, emphasize the existence and manifestation of certain processes of occult® resonance in her inner universe;
• who is very careful with everything good, beautiful and wonderful around her when she comes into contact with other human beings and with everything that happens in every moment in her own inner universe ;
• who gives God the first place in her life, without exception and in every moment;
• who strives, as much as she can, to always do only the will of God;
• in whose existence there is no demonic doubt and who, when faced with no matter what demonic doubt, is suddenly able to powerfully and firmly doubt the demonic doubt that assaults her;
• who is always tasteful and refined;
• who is ceaselessly and perfectly aware that whatever she predominantly thinks, that is exactly what she will (ultimately, sooner or later) become, and always, without exception, exactly what she predominantly is (or ends up being), that is what she will tend to think predominantly;
• who experiences with an obviously superior attitude every state of disillusion that she may sometimes have, as she is already perfectly convinced that for the wise woman “All roads lead eventually to the same point: to disappointment (or, in other words, lead to overcoming with wisdom and detachment the banal state of complacency in the ephemeral illusion (MAYA))”;
• who knows very well and is already fully convinced that (always, without exception) exactly what she loves constantly and powerfully, that is precisely what she eventually (gradually) becomes sooner or later (and thus, she discovers that if she loves Shiva constantly and powerfully, is thus likely to become a goddess herself, because when a woman constantly and frantically loves a god, she thus, ultimately becomes herself a goddess);
• who is perfectly convinced that always, without exception, the shape of her body is a mysterious expression of necessity (which must be quickly discovered and manifested as such);
• who is perfectly convinced that a Shakti’s greatest happiness is experienced empathically, in a deep, intense and complete way into her own inner universe when she makes her lover happy or ecstatic;
• who aspires to have a strong faith in God, as big as a grain of mustard;
• who has already awakened a strong creative imagination;
• who already knows what she eventually wants to truly achieve in this life;
• who already sees what her mission is (purpose) in this life and acts so that to exemplary fulfill her mission (purpose);
• intuitive;
• endowed with a strong penetration of mind;
• inventive;
• endowed with a clear practical wisdom;
• friendly;
• who understood that always in love, the best measure is to love without measure;
• who understood that, first of all, God is love, and where there is a great love, God is also present;
• who already clearly understood that when you do much good, much good you will receive;
• who understood that all the good and help offered to those who deserve it and are willing to accept it … you actually give it to yourself, and then you will get it back tenfold…will surely succeed … to awaken the state of Shakti in a fast and harmonious rhythm.

Moreover, being and living constantly like this, she becomes the incarnate future of mankind. In this way she will be and also remain not only a quite extraordinary woman, but also a real living example for the human beings on this planet. Because of the wonderful qualities that will awaken in her by the gradual activation of the state of Shakti in her inner universe, many human beings who admire her will spontaneously feel the urge to follow her example. Living and always manifesting in this way, such a woman will be and will remain a fabulous woman, legendary among the other women. Thus, she will have a happy life, full of wealth, will be perfectly healthy and more than that, she will feel every day and every moment that her life does not flow in vain, because such a life will be extraordinary, full of synchronicities, will be full of profoundly significant divine meanings, will be fruitful, will be deified and meaningful. 
Do not forget that you, the one who has read all these (with sufficient attention), are HERE and NOW first of all to succeed, in your turn, to rapidly and steadily awaken the state of Shakti in yourself. Achieving this, you can be, in advance, perfectly sure that you will eventually be among those chosen by God to become, in this way, his secret channels of expression, both in this World and in the World Beyond (the Astral Universe). Note that in tight connection with the profoundly beneficial wise choices that you make or that you will make every day and every moment, it is also possible for you too, to make quick and sure steps to profoundly and permanently transform (both physically and vitally, psychically, mentally, supra-mentally and spiritually) into a wonderful Shakti that will continually delight others (especially men) through your aura (or, to put it differently, through your huge field of mysterious beneficial force) and through your magical, mysterious and quite exceptional presence, which will be the result of your obviously admirable qualities and endowments that will be gradually awakened and activated in your inner universe inner (or, in other words, in the microcosm of your being) due to the constant, deeply beneficial processes of occult® resonance incessantly manifesting in your inner universe.

Excerpt taken from the work “What it really means to be and to remain an exceptional woman”, by yoga teacher Gregorian Grieg at Shamabla Publishing House, printed by Ganesha Publishing House


18th of July 2013


Also available in: Română Français

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