Hymns of praise dedicated to Tara

Invocation to Tara


O, Divine Mother Tara
You who create everything
Supreme Power
of the infinite universe.
Shining like a star
With your eyes shining like lightning
The one born from the lotus flower
Of the tear of cosmic compassion
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself.

With an appearance like millions of Moons
Full and bright,
Full of peace and love
Goddess of forgiveness
We call you
In this moment of need.

Goddess of all that is right and true
You who sprinkle blue lotus petals
And are full of joy and love,
The most given
Oh, mother of perfection
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself.

Worshiped by all Gods,
Supreme Mother of the universe,
Your songs fill the entire sky
Your cheerfulness banishes
Demons and demonic spirits,
Cleansing the earth,
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself.

You are the great destroyer
Of fear, of helplessness
Of oppression and disease
Take from us the burden of our inability
Help us see the unsuspected
Radiant and playful Goddess
You who dance all over
This troubled planet
Healing as your lotus feet
Touch the ground around us.

Oh, great protector
That brings together all the powers
All gods,
All peoples of all worlds
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Burn like the holy fire
Oh, Goddess Tara
Purify us with the embrace of your flames
Joy takes the place of fear,
And our doubts disappear.

Glorious Goddess
Virtuous, honest and giving peace
As I identify with you
The evils of this world
Depart from me as water droplets.

Supreme Goddess
in which all the gods and peoples hope,
Mother of the spirit of the earth
Cover me and protect me,
Thou art my armor
Fulfill me and comfort me
Fill me with calm and willingness to manifest
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself,
Come, supreme Mother of all manifestations!

Here’s the red Tara, to the South!
Here’s the yellow Tara, to the North!
Here’s the black Tara, to the West!
Here it is on the green Tara, to the East!
And here in me
It is Maha Tara, the essential Tara, the ineffable Tara,
Shines like a star in my heart!
Om tare tuttare ture soha! Tara!
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself.


Invocation to the Green Tara

Concrescence of all energies
and of immediate positive action
You, who guide and help
you who, with your laughter persuade the enemies,
wake up the world
and ease our way
turning this unbalanced world
into a balanced world.
Look at her as she comes to you laughing,
She who keeps the full moon in her hand.

Invocation to the Red Tara

Oh, you who are a symbol of freedom
And of the ascension towards the state of Liberation
Purify the fire of aspiration
Merge Duality
In the Beginning point
Turning the World of Illusion
Into the World of Eternity.

Tara, Goddess of centering
 Attentive to my breath
inhaling and exhaling,
the very dance of creation,
the dance of the universe,
the dance of life.
I stay still
Aware of breathing
inhaling and exhaling
like the ocean – the symbol of life
vibrating and pulsating
around me;
like thousands of incarnations
that bind and chain me
My eyes see everything
know everything and watch.
I breathe.
Still. Focused. Attentive. Centered.


November 2012







Also available in: Română Français

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