The divine leader of the spiritual realm of gods, Svarga Loka

by yoga teacher Dan Bozaru

INDRA is the divine leader of the sublime realm of gods and he is the one who mediates the manifestation in the earthly sphere of the sublime celestial energies which the earth needs all the time. At the same time, INDRA is the protector and the fully wise inspirer of all sincere aspirants who are full of courage and purity. Even from the ancient times, INDRA remained for us, the people, a vivid model of heroism, bravery and divine virility. When called in this way, INDRA generates the manifestation of rain, lightning and thunders in the terrestrial ambiance.

When the human being is prepared, INDRA is able to manifest himself in its inner universe, under all divine forms that human being desire, helping them to attain them immediately, through the living example he offers. He is symbolically represented by carrying in his right arm lightning (VAJRA). INDRA helps the human beings who are full of love and refined eroticism to discover the delights of the mysterious elixir SOMA.
He awakens and causes to manifest in ourselves the spring of superior fecundity. After thousands of years, INDRA revives in us and we revive and are reborn in its mysterious sphere of force. Only the human beings who come in communion with him through his MANTRA will fully benefit from these gifts.

INDRA is considered one of the most important gods in the Vedic period. This fact is showed by the great number of hymns from Veda-s (approximately 250) dedicated to Indra, and precisely because of that, among all Vedic deities, he has the greatest number of hymns dedicated to him. Only the initiated know that INDRA had the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy and he was the most powerful from the Vedic gods. He is the divine leader of gods and in the specific sphere of planet Earth he is the one who has given to our surrounding universe the shape it has in the present. INDRA is unanimously considered the “God of War”, being the one that helps the brave ones in their fights and he is also the one who defends people from the malefic action of ASURAS (demons).
INDRA is also known as the “God of Lightning and Thunder” and very often considered as “The One Who Brings the Rain”. Due to the fact that he is the one who generates the rain that irrigates and nourishes at the right moment the plants burnt by the hot sun of India, INDRA is considered to be “the God of Fertility”. This important aspect is described in the Indian myth where INDRA is fighting with VRITRA (the Demon of Dryness), who was keeping captive the rain clouds. INDRA kills VRITRA and sets free all waters on earth, thus saving all humankind from dryness and from death.

In the Vedic hymns, INDRA is described as an extraordinarily powerful man, very handsome and armed. He especially appreciates the mysterious divine nectar of immortality or the celestial ambrosia – SOMA (SOMA is captured and accumulated in the MICROCOSM of our being through the secondary subtle centre of force SOMA CHAKRA which at subtle level is situated somewhere above the palatine zone. The activity of this secondary centre of force SOMA CHAKRA will be fully acknowledged by all participants in the initiation when the special exemplification with the secret MANTRA of INDRA which will be offered on the occasion of the special initiation). As INDRA has this centre of force (SOMA CHAKRA) fully awakened, they symbolically say about him that he is the god who consumes huge quantities from this divine nectar, which is his favorite food.

When he travels, INDRA is symbolically represented travelling in a golden carriage which is carried by two horses, and other times he is symbolically represented riding his white elephant (AIRAVATA), whom he created from a mysterious ocean of milk, which is the symbol of purity. Due to the fact that he was considered the divine leader of gods, he was symbolically described as always wearing a set of weapons, among which we mention: the lightning, which often he uses in his fight with the demons, a bow with golden arrows, with which he defeats his earthly enemies.; a symbolical clutch, with whom he offers great spiritual treasures to those who are prepared and who deserve them. Supplementary, he also has a loop by which he catches and neutralizes his evil and perfidious enemies of humanity.

In many ancient texts of the Oriental wisdom, INDRA is considered by his adorers a brave warrior in his fight with the evil and he easily defeats or annihilated the perfidious plans of the demons (ASURAS), defending his pure and open-hearted adorers from the enemies.

In order to attain a mysterious state of triumph and invincibility, the Aryans were always invoking him before going to war, and thus they would enter a mysterious state of communion (spiritual resonance) with his mysterious sphere of force from the Astral universe. The great god INDRA was and still is, from immemorial times, the friend full of honesty but devoted and also the protector of his kind and open-hearted adorers, whom he blesses with many fortunes and spiritual inner riches (which have nothing to do with material, physical riches)and with certain spiritual gifts. According to the virile, spiritual and paranormal merits they achieve through their extraordinary inner transformation they attain during their terrestrial existence, in their moment of death they are all received by INDRA in his celestial realm (SVARGA LOKA), the sublime paradise of divine gods, which is unanimously considered in the Hindu tradition as being the sublime paradise of divine beings.

July 2010

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