Interesting and revealing aspects of Operation “Chris t” (1st Part)


As we have mentioned in a previous article,  the Courtcase in Sibiu made the surprising decision to speed up the trial of Gregorian Bivolaru. We have found out from sources inside the CSM (The Supreme Council of the Magistracy) that an inspector from this institution has been sent to Sibiu to “admonish” the case demanding that Gregorian Bivolaru be tried sooner, and that she was even supposed to give certain sanctions. In the hearing of the 26th of March, the court requested the delivery of the final pleadings and announced that a verdict will be given on the 9th of April.

Considering the complexity of the trial, it is possible for this term to be prolonged by one or two weeks, but nevertheless, it is not a coincidence that there is pressure to give the verdict during the week of Easter, because initially all this gigantic action of the police and the magistracy was called, not at all randomly, “Operation Christ”. Everybody should remember that this action started in the week just before Easter, in 2004 and was mockingly called “Operation Christ” – since those who started it know that Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent! On the 18th of March 2004, the Romanian authorities launched an extended aggressive operation against the MISA yoga school. Over 300 gendarmes and attorneys stormed into 16 private homes belonging to yogis, breaking most of the provisions of the Criminal Code as to how searches should be conducted. Tons of private goods have been seized, tens of people have been abusively detained, questioned, and pressed to give incriminating declarations about Gregorian Bivolaru.

A disinformation campaign literally exploded in the media the same day, and then it continued for many months being constantly fed by the authorities with false information, in an unprecedented attempt to intoxicate the public opinion and to incite it against the yoga practitioners in Romania. The main target of this denigratory campaign was the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. After the first wave of articles and declarations called it “the most extended operation against prostitution and drug trafficking”, in just a few days it became obvious that the information regarding this case could not at all be supported by evidence. Desperately, the authors of the attack against MISA launched a frantic denigration campaign against the spiritual leader of MISA, the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Calumnous articles targeting him appeared in almost every newspaper during March-April 2004. Only some days after was the code name operation CHRIST made public. The following events – the hunt of Gregorian Bivolaru, being taken into custody,  being set in chains and with an impressive escort from one court to another, are all terribly similar to what happened 2000 years ago during the “trial” of Jesus.

The history of the trial in Sibiu

During the media campaign which followed the brutal searches of the 18th of March 2004, the Mediafax agency launched the false information that Gregorian Bivolaru was forbidden to leave the country. When he wanted to cross the border in Vama Nadlac in order to go to Hungary (having with him a valid passport and  health insurance which he had bought the day before – a fact which excludes the intention to cross the border illegally), Gregorian Bivolaru was the victim of a set up: he was arrested inside the  Customs Building, then dragged outside, photographed and accused of attempting to cross the border illegally.

The next day he was brought to Bucharest, in chains and with an impressive escort, where he was detained and dragged from one court to another. An arrest warrant was issued in his name with the accusation of “sexual act with a minor”. The minor, Madalina Dumitru was forced by the prosecutors, after an exhausting cross-examination (in which she was not allowed to call her lawyer or her relatives), to sign a declaration which was dictated by the prosecutor himself. Immediately after, Mădălina Dumitru denounced the abuses of the prosecution and withdrew the declaration, but later on she was sequestered for several months with the pretext of being “protected” by the authorities. In order to justify the  abuse and the arrest warrant against Gregorian Bivolaru, the prosecution hastily put together the case by interrogating tens of yoga students who were minor, thus managing to collect two more false declarations, and then they forwarded the charge indictment to the Court of Bucharest. The case was initially tried in Bucharest, but due to the intense pressure of the media and also due to the many abuses of the judge Cristus Nicoleta was moved to Sibiu and given to the judge G. Ciulacu. He died in a violent car accident in 2006, so another judge was appointed to the case.

The arrest warrant for Gregorian Bivolaru was kept valid because it was said that if he was to be free he would influence the witnesses in the trial. An international arrest warrant was also issued although, in the meantime, Gregorian Bivolaru was granted political asylum in Sweden and the Swedish authorities had denied the demands of extradition made by the Romanian state.

All the abuse against Gregorian Bivolaru was denounced by the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR), and the case will soon be examined. Considering the seriousness of this case we are sure that the ECHR will sanction the abuse by the Romanian authorities against Gregorian Bivolaru.

“Operation Christ” cannot be just a banal “coincidence”!

Going back to the inspection “targeting” the case in Sibiu, we insist that this new attempt of the political authorities to push the justice precisely in this period – before the celebration of Easter – is not random.

We can even say that this is in fact like a circle closing, because the actions taken against Gregorian Bivolaru, and against the MISA yoga school started in the week before Easter, in 2004. Initially this action against the MISA yoga school was called “Operation Christ”, and the name Christ obviously referred to the mentor of the school, Gregorian Bivolaru.

Furthermore, it reveals how history is actually written. Exactly as the Pharisees did when they ordered Pilates to convict Jesus, so did Adrian Nastase through his subordinates: he gave the order to attempt to influence the case in order to get Gregorian Bivolaru unjustly convicted.

It not at all a coincidence, for those who are able to see beyond the appearances, that the verdict will be given around the time of the Easter, and thus the “Operation Christ” will tend to end in the way we all know. Long ago, Christ was convicted although he was innocent, and now in the same way they want to give this unfair verdict during the week of Easter, so that the “Operation Christ” which began six years ago can be finalized. We should take into serious consideration these facts, even if to the naïve they seem banal coincidences, since those who look beyond the appearances should be able to intuitively see the meaning of all these elements.

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