Romanian justice has finally shown that truth and innocence win


 Today, April 23rd, 2010, the representative of Sibiu Court of Law announced the acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru in the case involving alleged sex related crimes.

Gregorian Bivolaru has been on trial for about 5 years for several made-up sex related crimes: sexual act with a minor, sexual perversion, sexual corruption, traffic with minors, and also for attempt to fraudulently cross the border. The judges have decided that Gregorian Bivolaru was not guilty. For the charges with a short prescription time the court did not have to rule as the time had already lapsed, however there is no doubt that the court would have reached the same decision after considering the so called evidence in the file.

Part of mass-media tried to minimize the importance and the meaning of this decision by claiming that Gregorian Bivolaru was acquitted because he managed to avoid appearing in court until the prescription time has lapsed. It is regrettable that some journalists still refuse to recognize the set up against the yoga teacher and find ridiculous excuses to justify a fair sentence.

Gregorian Bivolaru is currently in Sweden, where he was granted political asylum in 2005 by the Swedish Supreme Court of Justice.


April 23rd, 2010

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