Prepare yourself for ecstasy

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Lovemaking with perfect sexual continence creates a huge subtle electromagnetic field. It is created for the two lovers out of the vital energy of the dynamized and effervescent bodies, which is harmoniously sublimated. This mysterious and fascinating process, experienced more or less by each human being, is an objective fact. Love amplifies very much the subtle energy that gives happiness. The euphoric polar energetic flow starts at the vital level from Muladhara chakra and the area of the genitals. Due to the appearance and amplification of the sublimating process, it rises to the abdominal area, and then to the heart, going towards the brain. Once it reaches here, the intensely dynamized mind is bathed in the formidable flow of energy which produces a beatific fusion between the two cerebral hemispheres. In this way, the tendency of the mind to remain conditioned by the egotist, limited and ephemeral individuality is blocked.
In these unique moments of openness towards the infinite Macrocosm reflected in us, we can embrace everything, in profound ecstasy. With the help of intuition, we enter instantly the inner microcosm, where, due to triggered phenomena of resonance, we will feel full of sublime energy and freed both from stupid and paralyzing prejudices, as well as from social identity.

Lovemaking with perfect continence opens a  mysterious gate through which, when we love, we can easily enter the superior subtle spheres of manifestation of Macrocosm, in order to taste, in each moment, overwhelmed with happiness, the greatness of the Universe and its divine mysteries. The wise men of the east have been and are aware of these sublime phenomena and they used them wisely and beneficially, in order to rise and to dive into the most elevated and divine spheres of the manifestation of the Macrocosmic Whole. From the thousands of secret techniques they use, we will present one of them, which is very easy and efficient.

It accelerates the spiritual evolution

When we are in the presence of a human being of the opposite sex, which we love very much and which also loves us very much, we can choose to experience in unison a state of subtle energetic communion and identification at the level of our auras, at the vital, psychic, mental and spiritual level. The key to this extraordinary realization for a yogic couple, which is full of love and open, is synchronized breathing.

First, the technique will be done by one of the two, and in another day by the other one. To start with, let us suppose that the lover aims to breathe in unison with his lover. The success of the technique brings and gradually amplifies a state of perfect identification (samyama), where the known object (the lover), the knower (the lover who had completely synchronized his breath with his lover’s), and knowledge are one (in other words, they are perfectly united and simultaneous). Here, knowledge represents the complex and empathic, telepathic, intuitive and ecstatic state of transfer of consciousness which the lover will experience fully. He will perceive as if he is simultaneously himself and his lover. He will be extraordinary much enriched with the awareness of the Whole, both through the filter of his consciousness, as well as through that of his lover. In this way, he will exit the limitation of his inner universe.

This technique is a new way of knowing in a paranormal way the ones we love and who love us. It is a superior way of amplifying the psychic, mental and spiritual intimacy of the other one’s mysterious universe, especially in the case in which we aim to deepen, full of transfiguration, the love relationship, in order to experience states of oceanic happiness.

Synchronized breathing in the couple allows us to also become aware in an intuitive way of the complementary affinities, which polarize us and deeply fulfill us, on multiple levels, due to the phenomena of resonance that trigger each other and empower each other in the presence of the loved one. Systematic practice of this technique combines pleasure, happiness, empathy and telepathy and the acceleration of our psychic, mental and spiritual evolution. Practicing this technique at least once a week will soon awaken empathic, and telepathic abilities and spiritual intuition.

The lovers become one

In order to practice synchronized breathing it is necessary that the two lovers are together on the bed, embracing each other in an intimate way, if possible with the head towards the magnetic North and with the legs towards the magnetic South. The one who will synchronize his breath with the other one will keep his eyes closed. He will become interiorized and he will be very attentive, aiming to listen to the breathing rhythm of the loved being, who will breathe normally, as he or she usually does. Gradually, he or she will start to attune better and better the frequency of succession of the inhalation, full retention, exhalation and void retention to the one of the lover, aiming that the two rhythms become identical.

At a certain point we will notice that the synchronizing process is maintained spontaneously, even if we no longer pay attention to it. Once we reach this stage, we will identify subtly, vitally, energetically, psychically and mentally with the loved being and we will gradually feel the entire range of experiences, intuitions and phenomena we spoke of above. After we will savor in stillness for as long as we want the states that appear spontaneously in our universe, we will continue to explore this wonderful resonance in an active, dynamic way, during the lovemaking with continence. Keeping the breath synchronized with that of our lover unchanged, we interact with him or her through the lips, hands, chest or sexual organs. We remain calm and relaxed. We notice the way in which the rhythm of our breath modifies and synchronizes with that of our lover, whether it increases or it decreases.

During lovemaking with continence, the inner energy that is sublimated will be amplified and it will encompass us completely. We are completely open, diving expanded into the wave of vibrations, into joy, into delight, into orgasm. We allow all that huge energy to sublimate through ascension and to go through our being. We continue to breathe spontaneously in the same rhythm as the other one, immersed into the desire to merge. In a final stage, full of self-giving, we open our heart to the divine love that manifests through us and we expand endlessly, in order to embrace the One who embraces us ceaselessly, God.


Article from Yoga Magazin no. 64



Also available in: Română

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