Masonry and the world we live in

by Adrian Badea

Much has been said and much will be written about masonry and its influence over history and our lives. Given the fact that it is a secret society, which bases its power, among other things, on this fact of secrecy, such a line of action comprises certain risks. However with a little wisdom and intuition, based on the facts and statements from both camps, for and against, one may acquire important, fundamental information about the location, role and influence of this important global organization upon our destinies.

Many of the masons’ actions and deeds are apparently beneficent, but this is just an appearance. Unfortunately they have a purpose, creating a screen, a more comfortable legitimacy behind which masonic elite are able to conduct unhindered malefic activities on a much broader scale. Some of mason’s activities (for example, certain charity actions) are like some well painted masks which blind people and thus prevent them from paying attention to what is actually hiding behind them.

I would like to refer to two authors that for us, Romanians, are representative in this respect, namely Jan Van Helsing and Olimpian Ungherea. The first is a highly talented anti-Masonic writer while the second is a no less talented Romanian writer, mason and self-declared “chronicler” of the Romanian “Illuminati’s” deeds (a so-called triumvirate consisting of the Baron, the Benedictine and the Prophet, the latter one obviously, the well-known Silviu Brucan). For those of you who have not found out yet, the “Illuminati” are generally declared, by those who study the masonic phenomenon, as being the top of the Masonic pyramid, the leaders of the whole organization.

What truly seems remarkable to me is the fact that both aforesaid writers acknowledge the same deeds assigned to masons yet, as previously mentioned, when regarded from different perspectives they appear to be malefic in the first case, while in the second case they are depicted as neutral, possibly evil yet “necessary” or even beneficial.

Actually Olimpian Ungherea even makes a highly interesting description of the evil principle into manifestation, reaching the conclusion that it is something that has to be controlled. And who is supposed to control it best? Well, as you might have guessed it already, the masons! And how do the masons control evil? We will see that later on …

Same actions, two interpretations

For quite a while, world financial power was monopolised in the hands of a few people. Being involved in banking (usury), they gradually got hold of fabulous fortunes and thus acquired an ever more increased influence over the politics of West European countries and later on over North America, too.

Actually, in Olimpian Ungherea’s famous book “Clubul Cocosatilor” – “Hunchback Club”, there is one chapter where the Baron, head of the Romanian “Illuminati” triumvirate initiates Daion Doroga (pseudonym for Adrian Nastase) into the mysteries of the power from the shadow. Here the author himself admits that money appears to be man’s greatest discovery yet at the same time, the worst curse cast upon him.

In this respect, both authors completely agree. There is a secret world wide organization, masonry, which developed over the course of the past few centuries and which includes a large part of the decision makers and power of the actual world. The top of this structure is lead by the world’s greatest financers. Its stated purpose is that of controlling political power worldwide. (of course this purpose may come nicely packed with words such as “union”, “federation”, “world republic”, “global democracy”, “new world order”, etc, however, in essence, it stays the same).

Masons are proud to admit that remarkable historical events such as the French revolution, the 1848 revolutions across the entire Europe or in the case of Romania, the 1859 Union of Principalities, the great union from 1918 and many others were initiated and directed from the shadow by them. Generally, they proudly acknowledge to have been in control of almost absolute financial and political power for the past 100 years. (However officially they claim to be a harmless association with spiritual purposes, which has nothing to do with politics!).

Wars and communism, “Masonic creations”

One notorious fact however they would not like disclosed is that world wars are also their “creation” together with communism – an experiment that got out of control. (What an experiment! And at what costs …). We could also add many other global crimes and “experiments” that we are currently witnessing daily. There is for instance the building of a united Europe (first step towards a united World) and also the wars from former Yugoslavia. (In this last respect, I recall the shocking statements of the deceased Grand Master of Romanian Masonry, Dan Amedeo Lazarescu (step father of the current prime minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu) that he made a few years ago in relation to the conflict among the various Romanian Masonic lodges and I quote: “I feel compelled to say that Mafia influences at the core of masonry are so overwhelming that I am now hopeless. And today it is obvious that Romania is about to be purposely thrown into such chaos that would tear it apart.” – statement recorded by Miruna Munteanu, published by Ziua newspaper in October 1999). Among other crimes and experiments witnessed by us, we could also mention the founding of and unconditional support offered to Israel and within this context, the war started in order to “bring democracy” into the Arab states. Next there is the undeclared biological war created via the “manufacturing” and spreading of new viruses generating “incurable” diseases (such as AIDS, SARS, AVIAN FLU), famine and mass murder of black African population by lack of involvement and help, the economic Asian crises a few years ago, the so-called Chinese model through which a communist regime ended up receiving massive political, financial and technological support from developed capitalist states and so on. In the case of this last example we ought not to be astonished, since their dream to rule over the entire planet implies the instauration of a certain form of authoritarianism, and communism is a dictatorship by definition.

Masons also claim democracy to be one of their creations. What democracy is this where the leaders of the police, the prosecutors and the judicial system, the media and politics, etc. are actually controlled from the shadows?

The fact the “Illuminati” have an interest in starting wars is stated out in the open even by Olimpian Ungherea in his book. Here we can find a part where the Baron explains the financial motivations of the Gulf war to Adrian Nastase: “And George Bush, president of the United Sates and also member of the “Bilderberg” organization started applying the plan. He initiated the gulf intervention in order to bring Saddam to point zero, namely on the initial position. This war at lightning speed brought a net profit of 200 billion dollars in the banks of the “Illuminati” Supreme Council. Orient bank accounts were thus levelled as they had started to generate serious financial unbalance worldwide. For how long? Who knows? Maybe until a new local war will start. Fast and effective.” (Clubul Cocosatilor – Hunchback Club, page 126). Given the fact that such public statements made by the masonry defenders are published out in the open, how can we trust these people? How can anyone believe that the bright ideals they claim to support are also the actual ones they pursue? Who can entrust one’s self into the hands of such people?

Masons’ criminal plans to decrease world population

However masons have realized that their dream of ages is now threatened by the dawn of a new era: Satya yuga, the Age of Truth. Now people who are more and more evolved spiritually, people who are wiser, better and with a mainly positive karma are born and they can no longer be that easily manipulated. Contagious ideas such “human rights” that in the beginning were used as weapons during the cold war became more and more independent from the ones having launched them.

Information flow is now a two end spear: they are able to control the information flow very easily, but in the same time the world is more and more interconnected and self-aware.

For centuries, they have been obstinately projecting the idea of dissolving all nations into a world “republic” (namely a “dictatorship”). (We, the Romanians, know what dictatorships are and how difficult it is to get rid of them – actually the so-called Eastern Europe revolutions were also the “work” of masonry. We can all imagine how difficult it would be to get rid of one huge world dictatorship – the so-called world “democracy. Who could ever save humankind from it?”). So what they need to do is drastically reduce the number of world population in order to be able to control them.  

The fewer people and more scared they were, the easier it would be to control and educate them, right? Under the present circumstances, with a population of more than 6 billion people, this is the only way that the new “saving” ideology could be imposed! So how about some epidemics, wars and eventually also the catastrophic atomic and chemical war foretold by the great religions? Do things start to fit in? Into the chaos thus created, the “saving solution” could be easily implemented!

This is exactly what prophecies tell us with regard to the end of this civilization.

“The great red dragon (communism) will be praised by all people for having given all its power to the seven headed beast (industrialized countries)”, such are the words of the Bible Apocalypse from 2000 years ago …
And after the devastating disaster also generated for the “good” of humankind, 1000 days of dictatorship would follow …
“Nothing is going to be sold or bought except by those who are to accept the sign of the beast onto their bodies” (a reference to a chip) …
In the end, 144000 people are to survive, the chosen ones that would form the nucleus of the future humankind, much more spiritual …
And Satan will be imprisoned for one thousand years …
But who is Satan?!

In the end of his second book on the backstage aspects of power in Romania, “Reteta Gloriei” – “The Recipe of Glory”, a sequel to “Clubul Cocosatilor” – “Hunchback Club”, Olimpian Ungherea allows us a peep though the keyhole at the secrets of the masonry “highest” spheres.
On page 441, we can find the words of the Baron:

“That’s right, Dudule! You did the right thing. But our fate, the fate of the Illuminati is a cursed one. Cruel. Almost inhuman. It is a paradox! And an almost unbearable tragedy. On the one hand we are granted the absolute power of information – to know it all, to find out about everything, to know all that people think and do, but on the other hand, a sacred vow binds us not to interfere directly with their lives and alter their destiny. We are forbidden to direct their faith, manipulate their consciousness, restrict their plans, acts and deeds, whichever they may be. With one exception: when people go astray form their Lucifer destiny – that you obviously also know – that of bringing the light of the divine seed inside the human being from Earth onto other worlds of the Universe. That was the last commandment of the Great Architect of the Universe after having completed his Masterpiece: “Grow and breed offspring and populate all lands and waters of My Being!” It is then and only then! – when people violate this commandment – that are we allowed to interfere. And correct the deviation.”

The Masons’ Great Architect is Satan

At the masonry highest level, the “Illuminati” believe that God completed his work and therefore finished his job as an “Architect” and now he no longer takes care of the Universe. He may be – why not – even “dead” … Moreover, people have a Lucifer-like destiny, part of this “glorious” Divine creation. Therefore they believe that God, the Architect has “died” and Lucifer is now taking care of the Universe …

However it is not the time to “reveal” the next step. But the one with an open mind is able to understand and intuitively perceive that actually high level masonry is serving satan, besides from denying that God is alive. Such ideas are part of a “superior” Masonic initiation…

Now things start fitting in: from the point of view of high level masonry and of the “Illuminati”, wars, epidemics, revolutions and their collateral victims (where are our “terrorists”?) are probably regarded as a “necessary” sacrifice to satan. This why their malefic power and support increases.

In this respect I recall Jan Van Helsing’s inspiring vision in the beginning of his book “Secret societies and their power in the XX century”. There the author invites us to imagine the Earth as seen from above. What would we see then? Lots of disasters, wars, famine, epidemics, conflicts, huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor, etc. It is an interesting and eloquent perspective, yet a strange one for this humankind that is technologically, culturally and organizationally so advanced! Is there no “conspiracy” behind this chaos?

With such guiding principles and beliefs, it is no wonder that masonry does the things it does. This is why sub-cultural music and bad taste invaded us. This is the reason why we are dealing with bad intentions and gross manipulation in the way the media broadcast the cases of MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. (The reason for this is that they are the strongest voices disclosing the masonry actions in our country. As Olimpian Ungherea also stated in his book “Misterele Templului Masonic” – “Mysteries of the Masonic Temple”, masonry has got the “will power and possibility to fight back” – and we can see the way of that!) They have adopted the principle that “if a lie is told a thousand times, it will eventually become the truth”. This is why their puppets from the Prosecutor’s office, the judicial system, the police and the media all work together, controlled by the all-seeing Masonic eye in order to destroy MISA. This is why there is no money for teachers and doctors, this is why perverted, incompetent people who are blackmailed, stupid and corrupted end up creating opinion patterns, becoming opinion leaders, while the genuine values are marginalized…


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June 2007

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