Meditations, favorable astrological conjunctures and spiritual events for February 2016

Motto: „Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish ones are rising immediately and indifferently continue walking on their path.”

Attention! Each of these beneficial moments that are hidden gifts we are given by God, are helping us entering and enjoying, in a spiritual way, the secrets of occult astral resonances. The strong and continuous focus of our attention on these ineffable moments offer us the opportunity to live fully and deeply the mystery of the present moment.

By yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

(Note: All hours in the program are according to Romanian time)

Wednesday, February 3, between 12.35-13.20 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Pluto. Effects: It awakens and promotes the emergence of a refined way of thinking and the power of mental acumen. It also represents a chance to discover new ways to overcome the mental sphere by cultivating a state of abandonment to the Will of God the Father. Facilitates the occurrence of a spontaneous state of transfiguration and also gives a very good control over mental fluctuations. Develops and supports the aspiration to transform, make possible the conscious access into the collective subconscious, allows overcoming of phobias. It is a very favorable moment for overcoming obstacles of all kinds; also this moment raises the speed of thinking (the mental ability to find creative and beneficial solutions), while associating it with the force of mental acumen; it awakens the energy of the individual will, it awakens and stimulates the spontaneous process of sublimation of the energies in the mental sphere, encourages the manifestation of a great beneficial mental strength, it brings a state of unshakable firmness regarding spiritual beliefs, and it awakens the ability to project ourselves (to travel) at will in the astral worlds.

Wednesday, February 3, between 20.00-20.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Saturn.Effects: Facilitates the appearance of a state of spiritual maturity. Helps increasing the awareness towards the essential priorities of life that is revealed to us from a spiritual perspective, while giving us the chance to detach ourselves from the different worthless concerns and bad habits; it also amplifies the sense of worth, self-esteem, nobility, and spiritual aspiration. It favors overcoming the vanity and achieving unique and profound spiritual experiences.
It awakens and amplifies the tenacity, temperance, practical wisdom, organizing skills, accuracy, skill in everything related to the practical aspects of life.

Saturday, February 6, between 3.00-3.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in conjunction with Pluto.Effects: Encourages awakening and refining of beneficial feelings, awakens creative inspiration, increases the state of devotion. It awakens and amplifies both the elevated passions and the beneficial feelings, facilitates the processes of transmutation of the creative potential and accelerates the sublimation of energies from the lower levels of the human being to the emotional sphere; elevates the erotic feelings, favors the occurrence of an inspired abnegation and abandonment to the Divine Will through love; awakens the artistic qualities that are latent in some human beings, making possible the occurrence of spontaneous beneficial states of trance.

Saturday, February 6, from 15.15 – THE INTERNATIONAL MAHAVIRA ANANDA YOGA CONTEST, at Pipera 1 hall.

Saturday, February 6, between 18.25-19.10 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Uranus.Effects: It awakens creative imagination and originality. It favors the artistic inspiration and awakens spontaneity. It amplifies in the being the state of detachment, facilitating the removal of limiting prejudices and foolish conditionings. It awakens and amplifies the refined sensuality, the state of virility, originality, vitality, it facilitates the appearance of a state of expansion through love, it awakens the power of unconditional self-giving to GOD. It facilitates the reaching of a state of paradisiacal happiness.

Saturday, February 6, between 20.30-21.15 – Mercury trine Jupiter.Effects: This aspect awakens the skill, the insight, stimulates practical thinking, philosophical spirit, and discernment; it awakens and amplifies prudence and common sense. It brings a state of spiritual nobility, awakens the ability in communication, comprehension and facilitates overcoming the limitations of any kind. It facilitates the rapidity in achieving beneficial actions, awakens altruism, stimulate the ability to communicate with the subtle spirits of nature (undines, salamanders, gnomes, fee).

Saturday, February 6/Sunday, February 7 – SHIVARATRI. Between 23.30-1.00: Special meditation of communion with SHIVA, on the occasion of SHIVARATRI moment.

Sunday, February, between 16.45-17.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Mars. Effects: Encourages the awakening of rafined passion, romance, of erotic and artistic refinement. Stimulates the desire to express love feelings, amplifying the courage to express our emotional potential, facilitates creativity and spontaneity, helping us to detache ourselves from prejudices, especially of those of sexual nature. Leads to the transformation of egotic desires into spiritual states trough abandon and unconditional devotedness. Awakens the state of courage, the capacity of selfimprovement, the capacity to annihilate those bad habits who are blocking our emotional relationship evolution.  Prejudices in favour of the state of pure love, stimulates tenderness, allows overcoming of timidity and of sexual related prejudices. Amplyfies the creative imagination, the state of transfguration and harmony within the couple, the force of transformation of the being trough love.


Wednesday, February 10, between 9.40-10.25 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Jupiter.Effects: It awakens and amplifies in our being, generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism, allowing the appearance in our inner universe the intense and plenary experience of the state of happiness without object. It favors the improvement of health, generating an ineffable state of harmonious integration in the social sphere, favoring success in the material plane. It facilitates the entering into profound empathic telepathic communion with the spirits of nature and the spiritual guides from the paradisiacal subtle worlds that exists in the astral universe. It awakens and amplifies the state of harmony and spiritual elevation, allowing at the same time for a state of profound spiritual communion with The Spiritual Guide from the physical world, generating a state of euphoric affective expansion and favoring abundance.

Saturday, February 13, from 11.00 – the Annual Ayurvedic Contest held at Obor Hall.

Saturday, February 13, from 23.25 – THE SPIRITUAL PARTY of the zodiacal signs (during which will be celebrated those that were born in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius). On this occasion will be done for the first time the following exemplifications:
23:45 – 00:15 The Aquarius Archetype
01:00 – 01:30 The Divine atribute of the Divine Altruism

This spiritual manifestation will take place in unison in several cities from the country. In Bucharest it will be held in Pipera 1, starting with 23.15.

Sunday, February 14, between 0.45-1.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in sextile with Jupiter.Effects: It awakens tenacity and confidence to our own beneficial forces, enhances entrepreneurship and efficiency in action. It’s an exceptional moment for developing latent healing capacity and boosts the power of starting therapeutic and purifying actions; amplifies the spirit of justice. This astrological aspect facilitates the emergence of generosity, awakening of the creative expression, appearance of self-confidence, making possible also the expression of spiritual ideals.


Wednesday, February 17, from 11.00 – The meeting of all YOGA INSTRUCTORS, AYURVEDA LECTORS AND SHAIVIST INSTRUCTORS, at Pipera 1 hall
. AYURVEDA LECTORS MEETING will be held from 9:00, at Pipera 1 hall. SHAIVIST INSTRUCTORS MEETING will be held from 10:00, at Pipera 1 locker room.

Thursday, February 18, between 18.00-18.45 – Meditation of communion with the great sage and liberated SRI RAMAKRISHNA.

Saturday, February 20 – TRIPURA SUNDARI. The favorable period for engagement in lovemaking for couples, with love, transfiguration and sexual continence starts at 7.00 and ends at 23.30. Special Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI is done between 14.15-15.15. The moment of maximum benefit is  Saturday, February 20, at 14.46.

Sunday, February 21, from 17.00 – The meeting of THE GROUP FOR DEEPENING THE RELATION SPIRITUAL GUIDE – ASPIRANT.


Monday, February 22 – FULL MOON. The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Monday, February 22, at 2.20 and it ends Tuesday, February 23, at 14.20. The moment of maximum negative influence of the Full Moon is Monday, February 22, at 20.20.

Thursday, February 25, between 0.45-1.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Uranus.Effects: Awakens and activates spiritual intuition, mental concentration, telepathic communication, beneficent inventivity, favours the liberation from stupid preconceptions. Allows healing through praying and faith in God. Facilitates the communion with angelic entities. This is also a beneficent conjuncture that gives thechance of a spontanous translation into the misterious dimenssion of the Supramental. It awakens and it amplifies mental concentration, makes possible the understanding of abstract values, gradually awakens the mental potential. It is an excellent moment to start purification processes of the mind and to awaken of the mental intuitive potential which among other things can improve memory.

Thursday, February 25, between 9.50-10.35 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Saturn.Effects: It helps to achieve a state of peace and calmness in the mental sphere, it awakens and maintains the state of balance between the inside and the outside, between essence and appearance, being also an opportunity to understand the priorities of our life, both in the spiritual and in the social sphere. It helps us to overcome rapidly the states of mental scattering, it amplifies the power of mental concentration, it favors practical thinking, it awakens objectivity and punctuality.

Saturday, February 27, from 21.00 – YANG SPIRAL for awakening the Romanian people soul, performed in unison all over the country (Romania).

Sunday, February 28, between 17.30-18.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in conjunction with Neptune. Effects: It facilitates the spiritual awakening and also makes possible the dynamization and awakening of the higher consciousness; it spiritualizes and universalizes the human microcosm; it awakens and amplifies the mental and emotional comprehension. It makes possible overcoming the limitations of all kinds, it awakens and amplifies the beneficial power of fascination, it stimulates the creative imagination, and it promotes a spontaneous transcending of all attachments. It amplifies the aspiration and guides the human being through the fulfillment of spiritual ideals, and it facilitates overcoming one’s vanity by awakening humility and generosity. It favors the divine inspirations and supports their implementation. It increases confidence in subtle perceptions divinely inspired and also helps in understanding the importance of sacrifice in the spiritual practice.


January, 2016

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