Photo Report: First day of the International YOGA Congress

photo Alin Mândru
Wednesday, 13 October 2010. Over 400 people participated in the opening ceremony of the International YOGA Congress “God is giving us signs…”

After a short introduction of the guests, a meditation was made with the state of irresistible spiritual ardour towards God.


All the representatives of the invited YOGA schools shared a few words. This image shows Mihai Stoian, the leader of NATHA YOGA School in Denmark.

 A good joke.

Morgan Arundel from TARA YOGA Centre in England. 

With a smile on their lips…

The pictures from the show speak for themselves…





 A short break before the start of the Congress’s first session. Enough time to share first impressions.

The public listens attentively to the first lectures of the Congress and some people even note down the interesting ideas.

The Congress organizers are waiting for you tomorrow, at the four sessions of lectures. Read here the complete schedule of the Congress for Thursday, 14 October 2010. 



November 2010 

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