Press Release of the School of Yoga and Alternative Sciences in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In connection with the articles published recently in the Romanian press, which had as source the article “El yoga mas controvertido” signed by Sergio Carreras (in translation “The most controversial Yoga”) published in the local newspaper of Capilla del Monte, a mountain resort,  newspaper called “La Voz del Interior” (in translation “The Voice of the Province”) on August 28, 2011, The School of Yoga and Alternative Science in Argentina brings to the attention of the Romanian media the following: In that article there are made a number of slanderous accusations lacking both the foundation and the connection to real facts concerning our yoga school. These charges, which otherwise are not proved by any evidence, have no connection with the activities of our yoga school in Argentina.
Aberrant and sensational drug references (when in reality our yoga school explained to the public the disadvantages of drug consumption of any kind and presented ways of maintaining the body healthy through completely natural and healthy methods; in addition we have great results with  many people who, with guidance and yoga techniques, fully recovered from drug addiction) and a so-called sex scandal (built with photos that do not belong to the people in our group or to our activities) have no real foundation, being “released” apparently accidentally without being substantiated or proved.
We believe that the defamatory, malicious and clearly insinuating nuance of the article is primarily due to the fact that the journalist who wrote the article did not make the effort to document it right from the source on the activities of the yoga school in Argentina or yoga school in Romania, taking just aberrant information propagated by the press especially in Romania, about the Romanian yoga school founded by Gregorian Bivolaru.
Much of the responsibility of the absurd and totally false information published in the foreign press lays upon the press in Romania which for years has repeated like a parrot in a skillfully concerted campaign against MISA yoga school, the same lies and slanders that have never been proved. The worst thing is that the press in Romania continues to remember the accusations against Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, but it KEEPS COMPLETE SILENCE on the trials he has recently won. All recent court verdicts which proved Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru’ innocence, were ignored by the press in Romania, together with the court decision which found that Gregorian Bivolaru was the victim of political persecution during the communist period.
For the correct information of the Romanian journalists, who now see in the article published by a newspaper from a small town in Argentina a proof that the lies they published themselves in the Romanian press were true, we mention that the alleged sex scandal that led to this article does not exist and it was made up based of the fact that a professor of art who is part of our yoga school was invited to participate in an artistic workshop in the mountain resort Capilla del Monte!
A group of Argentinean artists temporarily requested information and the artistic guidance of a professor of art, who is also part of our school, to achieve an artistic activity which included some footage for an educational and artistic film project about overcoming the problems and crisis in a couple relationship through engaging love, transfiguration and living life in a spiritual way. In this country several films that tackled the issue have already been made, out of which we can mention “El Lado oscuro del Corazon” (translated “The hidden part of the heart”) and “No mires para abajo” (translated “Don’t look down “).
The associations and the tendentious allegations made in this context by the Argentinean journalist regarding our Yoga school have no real basis because that artistic collaboration was personal and it was carried out strictly in the field of art as a consultancy for the realization of that film by the Argentinean artists.

School of Yoga and Alternative Science in Argentina

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