Matangi, the little girl, and the pandit

I am in a student in the 11th year at MISA yoga school and I would like to share an amazingly beautiful experience that I lived during the latest initiation when I received the mantra of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi.  I had been expecting this initiation for many, many weeks. Because during the lessons about her I moved to another country, I had to catch up with the lessons. Then the receiving of the mantra was delayed again for nearly a month after the lessons finished, due to some local circumstances. Although I wanted to get her MANTRA, this however did not worry me at all, but I noticed with amazement how she was creating in me a link and an unexpectedly beautiful faith, which made me always be convinced that Matangi would come exactly at the right time. I noticed that during this time of waiting, beautiful qualities grew in me, such as: faith, aspiration, longing for the Divine, the silence of common sense, peace of humility, child like innocence, surrender in front of the Divine will.

That evening, the long-awaited moment had arrived and my instructor told me that we would consecrate this initiation to God the Father. I did as he said and I received a clear and flowing answer to this expressed intention. Then the response continued with something else, which for me was totally unexpected. I heard a voice inside my being that said: “Look, my dear, you already know this mantra and here is the moment when you first got it.” I had the feeling that God had spoken to me and I almost fainted.

 Simultaneously with what I heard, I also entered a time in the past, a moment from another life time was revealed to me, with the same ease that we experience any memory of the past, only now the past went far beyond what I can remember.
I saw myself in that moment, as a little girl of 8-9 years old in a village in India. I was barefoot and wearing a thin summer dress, my hair was black, loose on my shoulders.  As I was standing in the dusty street with dry ground of our little village, there came a tall gentleman, beautifully dressed and he told me: “I am a pandit. Your life will change from now on”. He was speaking very clearly, slowly …  then he leaned towards me and said something … that something made me spontaneously “understand” a lot. I followed him and for the rest of that life I was devoted to Matangi, often meditating with her for hours and hours and remaining in an exemplary communion with her.

The meditation that followed, the exemplification from this current life time carried a deep imprint of what had awoken in me: a deep and profound communion with this divine Great Cosmic Power Matangi.
I must make a confession which is eloquent:  I, the one I am now in this life, did not know in the moment of that vision the meaning of the word pandit. I did not know what it meant. The first thing I did when I got home was to look up the word Pandit in the dictionary because I felt intuitively that it was a key for me. Pandit is a title given to scientists, scholars etc. brahmans in India.

I meditated daily, I had other revelations too but what has impressed upon me deeply during this process is the ability to assimilate and further develop the transformation through the grace of Matangi. Thus, because of the fact that the qualities of that life time awoke in me, it is now very easy for me to evoke and manifest the exemplary states of the human being I was then.

One of the striking features – compared to the one I am now – is that back then my mind did not have any doubts. In fact, within that whole community doubt was not common at all. I had more certainties than questions. I loved spontaneously with detached kindness and a warm empathy. I was quiet (I’m now a more extrovert character), profound, objective and dedicated. I had a spiritual aspiration undefiled of hesitations or mundane concerns. Now life seems pointlessly loaded with futile and insignificant preoccupations that waste our time and do not feed our soul with anything. Back then the spiritual path was not as “congested” externally or “noisy” internally from this point of view. I feel how this reality of a life dedicated to spirituality with simplicity and devotion keeps me deeply grounded in what is essential.

Because of what I experienced, I feel with undefiled joy, how our life can become better in any second. God is always able to do this and this should be for us, humans, the hope that becomes our daily certainty.
I thank you, God the Father for this wonderful gift, I thank you from the heart, Great Cosmic Power Matangi for this joy of rediscovery that you constantly awaken in me with every meditation and I thank you from my soul, my dear Spiritual Guide, you who, through everything you teach us, make possible here and now, our spiritual perfection by continuing to walk on the spiritual paths we started, since previous life times.



September 2011

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