Short History

Astrology has always preoccupied society, but in the past it represented a field of knowledge reserved to  great initiated sages. Key figures in the field of astrology are the ancient scholars Ptolemy (with his reference work Tetrabiblos), Hermes Trismegistos, and Avicenna; and in the Middle Ages Paracelsus and Nostradamus. Even Kepler and Newton studied astrology. Actually the great astronomers were also outstanding astrologers in the past.

In modern times astrology has established itself as an autonomous field of knowledge, mainly because certain scientists have intuited the value of the subject and produced scientific proof in this respect. Particularly relevant is the work of Lily Kolisko, a scientist who demonstrated the evidence for cosmic subtle energies (astral influxes) that generate specific patterns. These experiments were conducted in the 1920s and 1930s through a simple method similar to chromatography on paper.

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