The Stars

We have to bear in mind that the stars and the corresponding deities are very elevated beings, but they are only in the interim stages on the path of divine knowledge. As a complete being, man has to accumulate all the beneficial aspects of every planetary being within, because only then can he attain complete identification with the Absolute Supreme – GOD. For instance, if a person is born under the planet of Mercury, which correlates with the human mind; and is in the sign of Aries, than that person”s mind will be full of initiative, dynamism, and courage; like the corresponding energies of Aries. In another example, if Mercury is in the sign of Sagittarius, his mind will be oriented towards the study and understanding of philosophy; if in Cancer he will be preoccupied by the emotions felt in the present and past. Subsequently when we study astrology in order to attain self knowledge or to decipher someone”s personality, it is very important to firstly determine exactly where the planets are in relation to the signs. This will indicate the type of zodiac energy that each aspect is activated upon within any person.

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