Solutions to toxins and health problems ignored by the Mainstream

Secret toxins are everywhere. Regulators and the medical industry aren’t doing anything about it. The following article talk about solutions to this toxic assault on human being, breaking down what is needed to know.

It has been already found a natural solution to the issue of heavy metal toxification, which is one of the most important medical issues facing humanity today. In the modern society people are assaulted every day by a great diversity of toxins. From poisonous substances in water, to geoengineering, to chemicals used to preserve and “enhance” food, human body is hit with toxins on a daily basis from many angles.

The human being is the solution

Some people refuse to acknowledge that there are problems in the world. Others acknowledge the problems, but admit defeat too early – they think “nothing can be done.” And then there are those creative and brave souls who look at problems and say to themselves, “there has to be a solution somewhere, even if I don’t know where yet. I’m going to find it.

What has been learned about heavy metals and the body? What is the nature of toxicity? And what can be done about it?

Bodily healthy comes from cellular health

It’s pretty simple. Human body is made of cells. These cells are the building blocks that make up who every human being is. If these cells are sick, human body won’t be healthy. If a brick wall is made with bad bricks, what occurs? The wall can’t do what it was designed to do. It will probably fall down before too long. Similarly, the healthier cells, the healthier human body and conscience, and life.

Everything at a cellular level operates on frequency and energy, to put it simply. The way human cells know what to do comes from signals transmitted through electromagnetic and biochemical mechanisms, like cell receptor proteins, cytokines (individual cell messenger molecules), and cell-to-cell communication using extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves. In short, the entire human body runs on a kind of electromagnetic internet, one that is as delicate as a spider’s web.

What will occur if a large electrically charged object enters the system? It completely messes up the fragile cellular communication network. It’s like the sound of a blowhorn in a fine restaurant – the sound makes conversation impossible. In a same way, heavy metals are like a big clunky magnet distorting the image on an old TV set, it distorts the body’s most fundamental systems. The heavy metals involved are lead, arsenic, strontium, mercury and cadmium. There are others as well.

The solution is to find a substance that can magnetically draw out the toxin from the human body, not only in the digestive tract but in the cells themselves. There is a need for something that can go deep, all the way down to the core. It has been found a substance and protocol that does just that. The heavy metal detoxifier extraordinaire is Zeolite. It works with the immune system to naturally draw out toxins.

How does zeolite detoxify the body?

Extensive research shows that zeolite acts, essentially, like a free-floating magnet that picks up the positively charged heavy metal toxins. When zeolite interacts with these substances no chemical “exchange” takes place, and, instead, performs a one-way removal of toxic substances. After swallowing high-quality zeolite, human organism will excrete it out completely within hours, along with the toxin it sucked up into itself.

How does this work?

Toxins are generally positively charged molecules, which create an acidic environment. The body works really hard to counteract this acidy, which taxes the systems and drains out its health. Heavy metals are some of the most reactive compounds on earth, with a strong positive ionic charge, called free radicals or pro-oxidants. Heavy metals induce oxidative stress, which means the delicate electromagnetic biochemical interactions that take place in the cell, like DNA repair, mitochondrial function, and protein synthesis can be disrupted. As a protective measure, human body stores toxins in various places to keep itself healthy, creating skin problems, cysts, acne, premature aging, digestive issues, chronic headaches, to name a few recognizable conditions.

Zeolite is a unique molecular structure that naturally absorbs positive ions. It does so by drawing the ion into a polarization point within a cage-like center in the molecule. Various industries, like the tire, cosmetic, and mining industry use zeolite for this reason. The zeolite, if properly manufactured, can go into body’s cells and pull out the heavy metals, restoring proper function in the process.

The cage created by the molecular structure of zeolite has a high affinity for large positively charged ions, specifically metals. This means, that zeolite only wants to bond with heavy metals, it’s in love with them! To zeolite, heavy metal is like a 5-star meal. And like any good food lover, when at the buffet, it’ll pass over the food it don’t like for the food it love the most. Zeolite wants to bond with heavy metals, and prefers that over healthy compounds. Extensive research has been done to show how effective zeolite is at removing heavy metals from human body.

Detoxifying with zeolite

Nowadays human body is loaded with toxins, like arsenic, aluminum, and even radioactive elements from the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2010. At the end of the day, no one else but the human being itself can defend its health and its body against the daily assault of toxins.

When someone begin the process of detoxing, is necessary to remember to be kind to his/her organism, and not expect instant results that the body can’t deliver. The detox process can take a lot of time, depending on the degree of poisoning. This could mean several months or even years in the case of deep penetration of the bone by heavy metal particles.

Generally speaking, most of the work done by zeolite occurs in the digestive tract. This, in turn, induces to the body to begin disposing of heavy metal toxins slowly from harder-to-reach areas. If is used a colloidal form of zeolite, then it will enter the bloodstream and reach further into the cells. Whether is taken a colloidal form or not, the point remains: nobody can’t expect one serving of zeolite to clean out completely the organism. Detoxification takes patience and persistence.

What messes up a lot of people is that they stop the process before it’s finished. What’s more, if the person doesn’t change its lifestyle to remove the sources of heavy metals as much as possible, he/she won’t see many results.

If you experience side effects, that means it’s working

When an organism is detoxifying, that human being may experience fatigue, increased thirst, sweating, headaches, and other forms of discomfort. This is a sign that heavy metals are leaving the body. For a more pleasant experience, it can be reduced the dosage and then increase it gradually. These symptoms will cease quickly, but they are in fact a good sign that the body is on its way to greater health and happiness.

Testing the organism’ heavy metal levels might be something to consider. But is necessary to keep in conscience that when the human being is detoxing, the body has more free-floating heavy metals then when is not. So, testing is best done over a long period of time to measure what’s occuring in stages, with an emphasis on learning how to interpret the results properly. The measure of success is that, over the long term, the average goes down. But it’s not a straight line effect; it’s more like a build-up then a slow decline.

It’s also important to remember that the human being is exposed to heavy metals all the time. Nobody is looking for a completely purified body – because human beings don’t live in a completely heavy metal-free world. The person who wants to detox his/her organism is looking to make the system that removes heavy metals as clean and well functioning as possible, this way the body can eliminate them immediately, instead of depositing them deep within where they can cause problems.

Not everyone will experience side effects. The effects of heavy metal toxicity are slow to come on. Similarly, the indications of detox success might not be noticeable. But as a lot of zeolite consumers note, often chronic conditions slowly fade away, and eventually, the person take notice of how much better he/she feels.

The power of your conscience

Perhaps the single best aspect anyone can do to support itself during the detox process is to remind every single day just how amazing human body really is. The following exercise helps reduce stress, which in turn, improves the body’s natural healing process:
each morning, for 10 minutes, talk to yourself the way someone who truly loves you would talk to you. Remind yourself of every amazing quality you have. Tell the anxious voices “I appreciate that you are aiming to help me too, but right now is not the time”. Let these 10 minutes be filled with nothing but loving encouragement from you to you. And each time remind yourself of how amazing it is that you’ve made it this far – that you are someone who not only knows what’s going on in the world, but you have a plan to DO something beneficial about it!

The aspect that much mainstream medicine miss is that the conscience and body are connected and affect each other. Most mainstream media and educational institutions bombard people all day every day with “reasons” why human beings should feel like they are undeserving, or that they don’t meet some arbitrary (and oftentimes insane) standard imposed to them. This hurts their health.

Despite the fact mainstream medicine hasn’t quite figured it out yet, the conscience and body are intimately connected.

The person’s worldview, attitude, and inner life determine if he/she is fulfilled or stressed, happy or depressed. These emotional states have physical effects. The brain releases stress or reward hormones that directly impact the health of the body. When the human being is triggered and stressed out, its immune system literally shuts down. The organism starts cannibalizing itself because it thinks there’s some threat to deal with. Once this occurs, detoxing can be greatly hindered because the immune system can’t work properly. But with a good emotional and psychic healing and attitude adjustment practice, people can better weather the storms of life.

The above exercise is designed to flip the internal dialog switch from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. It’s designed to give anyone an uplifting “I can do what needs to be done, with a smile” attitude. With the power of positivity in hand, any person can manage life challenges without suffering the debilitating effects of chronic stress. Anyone might be surprised at how effective this really is. Anyone who wants, can practice it at least every day for a week and see what occurs.

Supporting yourself while detoxing

The key to lasting health is a process. Every human being needs to remove sources of heavy metals from his/her environment and food, as much as reasonably possible. Then it is needed to start taking a heavy metal detoxifier, like zeolite. The process works by enhancing the body’s natural processes. Human body already knows what to do, any person who detoxifies just want to work with it.

There are a few ways to do this:

First, to consider eating a vegetable-rich diet, high in green foods known for detoxification, like cilantro. In addition, remove as much processed food from the diet as possible.
Second, to consider eating immune supporting foods, which have anti-inflammatory effects. These are often raw vegetables, like cabbage and broccoli.
Third, to consider enhancing the protocol with superfoods, such as chlorella, spirulina, and maca powder – all known for their powerful health-restoring qualities.
Fourth, to incorporate conscience-body techniques.

Stress is a health killer. Cortisol is considered the stress hormone which increases general anxiety states in the body, at the cost of long-term health. Mainstream medicine recognizes that this hormone literally drains the life essence, consciousness function, and vitality if it stays in the system for too long. Reducing stress through various means, such as taking a high-quality CBD oil, or meditation reduces stress, which translates into better immune function to help remove these toxins.

Finally, the human being can practice holistic detoxification techniques like hot and cold therapy. When human body is exposed to heat in a sauna or cold in an ice bath, it stimulates the entire immune system. All the cells of the body go into an active detox state, along with flushing of the lymph system. Sweating is one of the best ways to remove toxins from the body, reaching deep into hard-to-reach areas.


Heavy metals are not going away. Human being were been living with them on earth for all of human history. But in the modern world, the exposure is much higher. Combined with modern-day living habits, poor quality food, high-stress lifestyle – human health can quickly slip through the fingers. Zeolite is the solution that gives the hope for health freedom.


June 24, 2021


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