The Bioenergy

Bioenergy is a concept that appeared and was especially used in Eastern Europe. It is related to the same universal force of life that is supposed to connect all things and beings together. It can also be controlled and directed by the power of will. This bioenergy is used in the disciplines with a therapeutic profile in Eastern Europe. The term “bioenergy” was borrowed from Wilhelm Reich who was the first to use it in the description of the energy of life inside the human being.

It is considered that this energy irradiates from the human body, and is associated with psychic phenomena such as psycho-kinesis (PK). The scientific theories put forward by psychologists in the former communist countries clearly state whether this force emanates from man himself or if it is brought from the exterior and then channelled in the physical body. Bioenergy and its applications were the objects of study of some very interesting but also very occult researchers in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, countries said to be capable of storing this biologic energy in generating sets.

In healing, the term bioenergy” was applied by Czech researcher Zdenek Rejdak, who used it in a healing method by touching. This technique had nothing to do with Reich’s operations with bioenergy, but was based on the yoga viewpoint regarding prana. The method was based on the transmission of vital energy from the healer to the patient, whose energetic field could be very much diminished and unbalanced. The energetic transmission is done through  “biocurrents” in the aura and can also be done from a distance.

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