The courage to produce pleasure

When your lover is at the peak of excitment, caress her in a slightly different but extremely sensual manner. Lie over her as she lies on her back, and imitate the mounting movements before penetrating the already wet cave of her vagina. Your hard penis should hit and at the same time touch her tenderly so that these caresses are enough to overwhelm her. Next touch her breasts with your penis, prick her delicately in her navel, in the clitoris; touch her in the most erogenous zones. The atmosphere should be getting hotter and hotter and the lubrication fluid that runs out from her vagina should drive you crazy.

Your lover”s beautiful vagina being already prepared by your attentive care, you can now be more concerned with the clitoris. At the beginning touch it tenderly with your tongue, softly and then more and more forcibly and insistently. Kiss it, bite it softly, and delicately caress it with your tongue. Seize it with your lips as if you wanted to inspire it, while you hit it jerkily and tenderly at the same time with your tongue.

Move her labia away using your fingers and with your thumb touch the clitoris more and more insistently. This type of stimulation is often enough to make many women reach orgasm. Introduce one or more fingers into her welcoming vagina. You may moisten them with your own saliva or you may offer your fingers directly to her to moisten them. Penetrate her vagina with your fingers, imitate the coming and going movements of the penis, explore the valley of pleasure by slowly gliding your fingers around.  Then lick your fingers that have been moistened by her appetizing secretions without losing her from your sight. Offer her the pleasure of tasting this aphrodisiac liqueur. Kiss her vagina, her “yoni” lotus flower passionately.

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