On your knees in front of her…

Lie on your back and ask your lover to lie over you in the opposite way so that her vagina should be right in front of your mouth. You will thus have an inconceivably beautiful view of her trunk with precious jewels. She will also enjoy complete freedom of movement, being able to freely express her ecstatic drunken delight in the climax you bring her through the skilled caresses of your tongue.

The bed is not the only place where you can make love. Ask your lover to sit comfortably on an armchair. Delicately move her thighs away and place them over the arms of the armchair. Kneel down at her feet, so that your mouth should be right in front of her pubis, ready to hide your tongue in her cave of 1001 delights.

Encourage her to stimulate herself. Relish having her within your view at all times, as you use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris voluptuously. At the beginning direct her hand towards her breasts, then towards her belly, and finally towards her genitals. Let her freely express herself, just watch and encourage her with a word, a moan of pleasure, and with admiration. Then start to caress her in order to show her how excited you are by her movements.

When she comes over you, you must know how to bend forward like a real stallion. Raise the pelvis with strength, making circular movements. Leaning on your shoulders and feet, lift the pelvis a little higher so that your lover should feel safe in the saddle. Stay in this position for as long as possible. As soon as you feel tired and return to the previous position, your lover will fall from the saddle straight into your arms.

Lift your lover”s pelvis. If she is impatient and eager to make love but a little tired, place some pillows under her buttocks. Or in order to offer her even more pleasure, you could hold her in this position, taking advantage of this occasion to sensually massage her buttocks.

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