The Method of Aspiration in Void: Enlarging the Penis through a Proven Method

In the USA, interest  about penis size is so big an American sexologist, Dr. Chartham, has studied this problem in depth to reveal methods of effective penis enlargement. Naturally, he tried to uncover different methods used successfully throughout history.   Dr. Chartham performed many tests before concluding which techniques are most efficient. His research resulted in the creation of the vacuum pump, blending modern science with traditional techniques from ancient Peru and Asia.
Dr. Chartam’s pump device, as well as others created later, work on very simple principles. The technique starts with introducing the penis being  into a tube in the penis’ normal, non-erect state. The air is then extracted out of the tube with a pump. This aspiration creates a void in the tube and this void will have an effect on the penis. Because the penis contains spongy, extensible fibers which have a quick response to stimuli, the fibers will increase their volume when the air is aspired in the tube, and the veins, usually closed, will be forced to open and pump blood into the open spaces. Thus, in a few moments, one can get a powerful erection.
Some men use this device only for reaching a quick erection for satisfying a “demanding” lover. Others use it when they experience trouble maintaining a strong erection. Yet, in most cases, men are using this device for fulfilling their desire to increase the size of their organ, knowing that implicitly this will amplify their masculinity. For this, the technique must be applied exactly as described, in which case everyone will accomplish their goal. The main idea is that one should use this technique only when the penis is relaxed and never when itis erect. Otherwise the effect will be hardly noticeable… This is actually one of the reasons why some men are  not satisfied by this technique.
As a comparison, imagine an inflated balloon. As long as it is not completely inflated you can mold it and pull it in all directions. But when it is inflated to the maximum, we cannot change its form anymore without risking breaking it.
In the same way, when the penis reaches the point of maximum erection, the it becomes hard and rigid. The blood vessels are saturated with blood and anything you do to try to increase the size will fail.
Step-by-Step How To:
First , massage the penis with a cream. This helps increase the elasticity of the fibers of the penis. You must apply a deep massage so that the cream begins to penetrate the inner layers of the penis. If this action causes an erection, wait until your organ relaxes again.

Next, introduce the penis into the tube making sure that no air enters the tube. Begin pumping until your member becomes erect. Now, pump a few more times to make sure you have reached the maximum erection level. Usually there are few degrees of erection: in common masturbation it is possible for the penis not to reach the complete erect. On the other hand, in love-making, the erection can be very strong. The true maximum erection is reached only in the case of extreme excitement. That is why when you use the vacuum pump, don’t hesitate to go a bit over what you may consider sufficient.
Now when you reach a real maximum size stop pumping and let the air come fast inside the tube. Wait for the penis to go back to its normal, non-erect state. If you want fast results put your penis in cold water after a few moments.

After the penis is completely relaxed, pull it slowly a few times from its base/root. Then repeat the whole process. Remember that this is a penis enlargement technique, and not a method of masturbation.

Benefits of the Pump Technique

  • The pump is available in any sex-shop. The pump does not harm by any means the integrity of your penis and it is hygienic.

  • All parts of the pump can be washed with water and soap after each and every use.

  • The technique strengthens and tones the penis, acting both upon its length and diameter.

  • It is the only method with world-wide acclaim and proven results.

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