The letter from International Yoga Federation to Swedish authorities in charge with the case of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru

International Yoga Federation

To the relevant Swedish authorities in charge with the case of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru

Dear Sirs,

We hereby express our deep concern regarding the situation of the Romanian Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, situation currently under assessment by the Swedish immigration authorities.

Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is a well-known author of books on Yoga and other healing or esoteric subjects, and at the same time the initiator of a Yoga school of large international recognition. During the last 15 years, the activity of Mr. Bivolaru has been largely appreciated by his yoga students, both in Romania and abroad; a clear proof is the large numbers of branches of his school in the entire world, schools that are all well perceived in their respective countries.

For several times during the communist regime, and even during post-communist years, Mr. Bivolaru has been subject of abuse from obscure groups of interests, fact that is proven by several reports issued by various human rights organizations, such as: The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Amnesty International, etc.

Considering the accusations brought against Mr. Bivolaru, we are kindly asking the Swedish judiciary to proceed with extreme humanitarianism and fairness, taking into the account the special nature of the subject involved. Please provide Mr. Bivolaru with humanitarian asylum and secure him his right to a private life, fulfilling thus his basic human and religious rights.

After having carefully studied the whole context, we realize that there may also be high political inter¬ests involved in this case (e.g. the European reputation of Romanian authorities as being democratic and corruption-free), facts that might lead to increased pressure and to a tendency to deviate the normal course of events. Because of this we ask the Swedish authorities to exert their world-famous fairness, humanism and incor¬ruptibility, and give a favorable solution to Mr. Bivolaru’s case.

Expressing support for Mr. Bivolaru and his spiritual cause we undersign here this appeal:
1. Jagat Guru Swami Maitreyananda Saraswati – world-wide president of WORLD YOGA; 2. Mayte Criado – Director of International Yoga School of Madrid; 3. Honorary Secretary for Muslims Countries Yogiraj Habib Ben Amarr (Tunis-Spain) president of National Yoga Alliance Federation of Spain; 4. Tao Prajnanada – President Association DHARMA ANANDA; 5. Swamini Mata Yogananda Saraswati _ Secretary for International Yoga Federation Buenos Aires City, Argentina; 6. Yogacharya Susbil Bhattacharya – Director of SAPTA YOGA INTERNATIONAL, Nepal; 7. For International Council of Sports Sciences and Phiysical Education Genoa City, Italy, Swami Gurupriyananda Saraswati; 8. Honorary Secretary for Latin America Swami Narayanananda Saraswati “Dr. Rugue” Uberlandia City, Brazil, Latin America Union of Yoga Suddha Dharma Mandalam; 9. Honorary Secretary for Europe Swami Suryananda Saraswati Yogacharya Amadio Bianchi, Milano, italy – President of European Yoga Federation, President of Yoga Confederation of Italy; 10. Swami Vishwashakti Saraswati – Director of Tara Yoga Center of Slovenia; 11. Swamiji Masqshananda – Dharma Yoga Ashram; 12. Bashkar Nath President of Association Yoga Traditionnel et Sante Paris, France; 13. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati – President of Agama Yoga School; 14. Maria Glojanna Mirani – Association ONLUS ONG IL SOLE italy, 15. Ugo Rizzo – President of Associazinne Europea Insegnanti di Biodanza.
(Signatures following on separate pages):

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