Activating Vishuddha Chakra helps us experience the archetypal state of a child

by Monica Dascălu

All the saints, all the great sages, all the books of wisdom talk about the need to approach the great spiritual ideals with the heart of a child. The state of a divine child that exists in the soul of each of us is characterized by purity, innocence and candor. The awakening of the centre of force Vishuddha Chakra will help us amplify these qualities. 

The state of innocence and purity is related to Vishudda Chakra, very few are the beings who come to have this center of force as a dominant center and thus to live on this level of consciousness, which corresponds to a very elevated state. It may be surprising for many that at the level of Vishudda Chakra there appears this state of a child as well as the awakening of intuition, the openness towards superior knowledge and the unification of the three dimensions of time (past-present-future) in an eternal present.
A child is not bound and determined by the past because of his nostalgic, happy or obsessive memories, the past exists only insofar as it is condensed in itself and it is the same for the future; the future is not a certain direction, a series of desired events or achievements, but the developing and external extension of any moment, and the present moment is an eternal, perfect and pure moment. The initiated always talk about the necessity to live in the present, to discover the present moment as a complete and eternal moment, in which the ultimate achievement is accessible to us here and now.
What we are trying to emphasize here is that beyond any logical or intellectual considerations, beyond all the techniques we know to transcend time, to maintain this inner attitude of candor, of the state of a child, will make us transcend time amazingly easily. But it is essential not to pursue this achievement as such, as something to conquer, but to see it as a natural state which is rightfully ours and which we will discover spontaneously, as if by some kind of triggered inner magic, by retrieving the archetypal childhood.
In addition, the yogi who has Vishudda chakra sufficiently activated reveals inside himself a large opening towards the so-called plane of knowledge, he has an amazing capacity to understand and foresee, a great memory of all this knowledge. His access to knowledge is direct and spontaneous; his perceptions are objective and fair. Returning to the state of innocence, we will understand that this openness to knowledge is related to a child’s easiness to learn and assimilate, and this easiness is related to the fact that he does not make useless judgments or considerations on the value of things; he regards the world around him as such. In addition, his purity will make him invulnerable to external negative feedback that cannot actually touch him and in reality does not exist for him (we do not refer to the childhood as we see it around us in this era of decay and confusion, but to the ideal childhood). 

When we learn something new – i.e. at the yoga classes or even when others share their spiritual experiences with us – the state of candor will help us assimilate the information more easily, understand faster and will prevent us from making the mistake of judging rashly. Paradoxically, but obviously to the initiated, this receptivity and openness, doubled by the purity of heart that the state of candor involves, will help us assimilate more easily, understand faster and will prevent us from making the mistake of judging rashly.
Paradoxically, but obviously to the initiated, this receptivity and openness, doubled by the purity of the heart that the state of innocence involves, will help us grasp easily and naturally (without criticism) all the inaccuracies, falsehoods, or disharmonious and unauthentic things in what we are told or find out. Also it is very important that we grasp these things without the tendency to judge or criticize, without rejection, and we will naturally know which the proper behavior to those who are wrong to us is and even how we can help them without addressing them with a superiority that would harm them.
We will discover an amazing smoothness and accuracy of perceptions, a sudden intuition of the others’ states and intentions and also a great capacity to express ourselves spontaneously and to make us better understood (technically this is related to the fact that Vishudda grants us this special expressivity). We will discover that we can show the others what is good and beautiful for them, without hurting them, precisely because we do not judge them and we ourselves are above mistakes. We will see that we can share authentic spiritual experiences and deep spiritual truths in simple and expressive words, and we will see with amazement that we are much more easily understood than when we do it fancily or intellectually (in a sterile way) and we must repeat again, this is because we do not judge the others and we do not consider ourselves superior to them in an imaginary hierarchy. For a child, all his playing mates are equal, he says something but does not assume the merit of having said it, he listens without judging or considering himself superior. And all these things are very important on the spiritual path.


January 2013


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