The Orgasm

A great secret in the practice of continence is to learn the mechanism of orgasm. There are both men and women who so skilled in the art of making love with continence that they can experience the state of orgasm whenever they wish. Moreover they can induce these ineffable states in others without full erotic intercourse.

Sexologists define the orgasm in a non-poetical manner. They term the orgasm as “a trance accompanied by  loss of contact with reality”. In Tantra the orgasm is described as a beneficial state of conscious expansion in which the usual limits of the being are spontaneously eliminated, the tyranny of the mind is abolished, and the subject enters into the abyss of a beatific void. The person experiencing an orgasm discovers with amazement the abandonment of oneself, ecstacy, abnegation, the death of the ego, the dissolution of time and space, and transcendance of the unified state of duality. All these effects signify that the state of orgasm is identical with the state of having a metaphysical experience. For this reason, the state of spiritual illumination is also called the “cosmic orgasm” in Tantra.

Therefore, do not confuse the orgasm with mere pleasure or sexual satisfaction!

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