The pineal gland – a gateway to heavenly worlds that we can open

by Liliana Popa

The pineal gland – where is it located and why do we need it

The pineal gland, also known as the epiphysis or the pineal body is a tiny endocrine gland located near the center of the brain, between the two cerebral hemispheres. Its name comes from the fact that it has a shape similar to that of a pinecone.
The Tao sages say that the pineal gland is located in the Crystal body, an area inside the brain containing the pituitary gland (the hypophysis), the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the pineal gland (the epiphysis). They believe that when these glands are functioning optimally, the substances they produce (hormones and neurotransmitters) support the expansion of consciousness and allow access into parallel heavenly worlds which exist beyond the reality of the physical plane.

The pineal gland is our internal biological clock which helps the organism integrate in the natural rhythms of the environment it lives in. The pineal gland tells us when we need to sleep (even if we do not listen to it), how to adapt to seasonal changes, when does puberty start, etc. External aspects such as temperature and light, internal messages such as emotions, states, all these guide the pineal gland in adapting the biology of the organism to the environment.
Thus, the state of mind, sleep, immunity, seasonal rhythms, menstruation and even aging are balanced. The pineal gland balances the entrance of the organism in temporal rhythms by secreting serotonin and melatonin and by communicating with the hypothalamus. Melatonin supports the awake-sleep cycles, it increases our ability to remember our dreams, it keeps the libido, strengthens the immune system, increases the quality of sleep, acts like an anti-oxidant, supports seasonal functions. Insomnia usually occurs between 2 and 4 AM, a time when melatonin is usually secreted. The reduced secretion of serotonin leads to depression.

In order to survive the cyclical variations of the environment, the organisms on the planet need mechanisms not only to detect the changes in their environment but also the anticipate them. In the absence of an explicit key from the environment, organisms require an internal signal on the changes that are going to occur in order to perform the adaptive changes into the organism’s biology. The pineal gland is the extremely refined sensor that detects these changes and initiates the required physiological changes.
Dr. Rick Strassman, the author of a monography on dimethyltryptamine (DMT) – considered to be the spirit molecule – noticed among other aspects that the pineal gland produces DMT during birth, death, during mystical spiritual experiences and even during clinical death accompanied by near death experiences.

This “chemical” distinctiveness correlates with the idea supported by the Eastern philosophies that the pineal gland is a portal that connects us to spiritual dimensions, thus showing the fact that the pineal gland is involved not only in the adaptation of the physical organism to the environment but also of the human being, as a whole, the adapting of its structures to the subtle energetic and spiritual environment that it lives in. During birth and death, as well as during near death experiences or mystical experiences, the being bears through a translation of its consciousness in other plans than the ones it was used to. And it is this intense activity of the pineal gland, translated into the massive secretion of DMT, that allows the adaptation of the being to the new planes it reaches.

When the pineal gland functions harmoniously it gives this state of wellness, of inner balance, the tendency to spirituality and a YANG attitude in life. When this endocrine gland is not working properly or when it’s blocked, an exacerbated form of attachment to the material world will occur as well as fear of death.

A “diagram of emotional tones” was presented by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s. This consisted of a list of emotions that numbers corresponding to every emotion, in order to indicate the specific vibrational level. The base idea was that a person tends to resonate around a certain emotional tone that would characterize his/her behavior and the level of liveliness. Dr. John Whitman Ray made an improvement of this diagram in the 1980s, showing the correspondence of the emotional tones with the endocrine system. You can see here the part of this diagram referring to the pineal gland.

Endocrine gland

The characteristic emotion (for the harmonious and disharmonious state of the gland):

The normal expression determines:

The inhibition of normal functioning determines:

Observations: The pineal gland The harmonious state means: enthusiasm, attention
The disharmonious state offers:
conservatism, boredom
Wisdom, vision, receptivity,
understanding, intuition,
The absence of creativity, vision, intuition and imagination Neuroendocrine translator: it translates celestial/terrestrial impulses, light/magnetic impulses – via the hypothalamus – into hypophysis hormones. It controls perception, the biological clock, circadian rhythms and sexual desire.

The pineal gland and electromagnetic energy
The pineal gland integrates the human organism into the temporal rhythms, showing the fact that it is a sensor which is receptive enough to the changes in the outer environment. But sometimes a consistent change in the quality of the outer environment can affect the functioning of this gland. For example, the interaction of the pineal gland with the solar electromagnetic energy – in the case of solar storms, in other words, in the case of a rapid increase in electromagnetic energy in the terrestrial atmosphere, an excess in melatonin occurs, which will generate sleepiness or, on even the opposite, hyperactivity.

The cascade effects of the massive electromagnetic energy flow from the Sun are usually short-lasting; they include headaches, palpitations, changes in mood and a general state of discomfort. Chaotic or confuse thinking as well as unforeseeable behavior increase in such situations. Solar storms can influence emotions, amplify them, both beneficent and less beneficent emotions.
HAARP systems also make use of electromagnetic energy, whose increase in the terrestrial atmosphere, will affect the functioning of the pineal gland. Thus, the change in the state of the organism cause by the action of HAARP systems is similar to the one given by solar storms, with the exception that the aching, the bad moods or the changes in thought that arise will last for as long as the respective systems are functioning, they’re not short lasting, like in the case of solar storms and these systems do not amplify beneficent states and experiences, they amplify the opposite.

Both light and invisible electromagnetic energy decrease the conversion of serotonin into melatonin. Eventhough the mechanisms is incompletely described here, the alteration in the production of melatonin caused by excess light seems to be similar to the one caused by electromagnetic field exposure.

The factors that cause the blocking of the pineal gland

Any cyst or calcification arising at the level of the pineal gland shows that there are certain energetic blockages at that level. Studies conducted by many researchers have shown that such formations – cysts, calcifications – can occur at any age.
There are many published works that say that, in general, the calcification of the pineal gland occurs after the age of 12 or after puberty. But there are some studies saying that these calcifications can occur in 3% of the cases in 1 year old children, 7.1% in 10 year olds, and 33% in 18 year olds.

Long before the occurrence of these calcifications in the pineal gland, certain convictions will solidify in our minds; in other words, the mind gains the “ability” of “hardening” ideas, concepts and opinions. Thus, we become unable to see, to even consider the vast number of possibilities that exist outside of our contracted, stiff vision. We can ask ourselves why would these calcifications occur in young children, who do not have an independent well adjusted thought system yet? Every human being comes with a certain KARMA-ic luggage when it comes to their way of thinking. And the mind’s ability to become rock hard, to solidify, as an effect of excessive stubbornness and lack of flexibility, this aspect we carry with us along our lives until we decide to transform.

The effect of “calcifying” ideas, thoughts is the blockage of our imagination and our ability to find solutions, to connect ideas. Coming back to an expansive imagination and a free thought process, with no limitations will retune us to the limitless potential of creation, unveiling the illusion of the “matrix” we are living in. Just as the calcification of the pineal gland can be reversed once the necessary substances and hormones are produced in our brain, the change in our belief system, in our thoughts and emotions can create a “decalcification”, a “de-solidification” of our mind’s activity and this will lead to the expansion of our consciousness in this plane and in other planes.

One of the substances “helping” the occurrence of the pineal gland calcification is fluoride. The pineal gland absorbs more fluoride than any other organ or tissue from our body. How do we get rid of the fluoride in the water? By using reverse osmosis filters. Boiling water does not help get rid of fluoride; it only increases its concentration.

Researcher Charles Perkins, a chemist, was sent by the US government to certify the truth on fluoridating water. He discovered that “German chemists (in the 1930s) have invented a brilliant long term plan to control the masses, a plan which was subjected to approval and then adopted by the German General Council. This plan was to control the population from any place by administering some substances into the drinking water… In this mass control scheme, Sodium Fluoride played a major part…

Anyway, I want to make this very clear, the true reason behind fluoridating the water is to reduce the resistance of the masses towards domination and control and losing their freedom… Regularly administering small doses of fluoride will lead, in time, to a diminishing in the individual strength of resisting domination, through a slow poisoning and numbing this area of the cerebral tissue (the pineal gland), and it will subject the people to the will of those who want to govern them… These aspects have been revealed to me by a German chemist who was one of the officials of the great concern in the chemical industry, IG Farben. He was a major figure in the nazi movement at that time… I’m writing this with all my honesty and with the competence of a scientist who spent twenty years doing research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluoride… Any person drinking artificially fluoridated water for a year or more will never be the same person, mentally or physically.”

Next to fluoride, foods such as sugar, highly processed products, genetically modified organisms, mercury, they all affect the strength and receptivity of our pineal gland. That is why it is extremely necessary to be careful with what we eat and to try and read the entire list of ingredients of the food products we buy.

Another major aspect that can affect the pineal gland is light deficit. Natural light is an important “food” for our health; its deficit can cause alterations in the secretion of the pineal gland’s hormones. Studies have shown that a lack of natural light and prolonged exposure to artificial light lead to insomnia, anxiety, depression, aggression and degenerative disease.

According to the studies of several researchers, the pineal gland works at a minimum potential, in the case of most people or, in other words, it’s asleep. This is caused by many factors, out of which the most important are:

1. Visual pollution – television, artificial light, computer, etc.

2. Exposure the electromagnetic frequencies – mobile phones, HAARP systems, etc.

3. Fluoride consumption (toothpaste, drinking water) and chloride (drinking water)

4. Mercury from dental amalgams, from vaccines (thimerosal used as a conservation agent) and from fish meat and sea food (due to the polluted water that they live in)

5. Certain pesticides used in growing fruits and vegetables

6. Alcohol and smoking

7. Artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sodium cyclamate etc.), refined sugar, all sorts of food additives, deodorants, certain chemical substances used in cleaning solutions or room spray odorants.

It has been noticed that a persistence in negative emotions such as fear, anger and the feeling of psychically denying our own being affects the pineal gland negatively.

Decalcifying, stimulating and feeding our pineal gland

If the pineal gland isn’t working, or if it’s working at minimal capacity, then we are blind to the spiritual dimensions of life. We might even say we are “cut off” from the messages we could receive from spiritual worlds, filled with love and healing, when this gland isn’t working properly. The pineal gland will naturally produce its own DMT when it is completely functioning. Then we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time.

The cleaning of our pineal gland is absolutely necessary for those who wish to develop their multidimensional perceptions. A few basic aspects you should know for detoxifying our pineal gland:

– Mercury can be eliminated from the organism through the daily use of chlorella, green wheat grass and spirulina. Also, the daily use of coriander helps eliminating mercury from your brain.
– Organic food that has a raw-vegan predominance is very useful for detoxifying your pineal gland.
– Raw chocolate – this is a stimulant and a detoxifying agent for your pineal gland and it also has a powerful antioxidant effect.
-High vibration foods – hemp seeds, camu camu (Myrciaria dubia), acai (Euterpe olareacea, a palm tree), spirulina, chlorella and green wheat grass, they support the normal functioning of the pineal gland.

There are certain plants and remedies mentioned by many authors as being very helpful for the energizing and proper functioning of the pineal gland. Some of these are: wood betony (Betonica officinalis or Stachys officinalis), gotu kola (Centella asiaica), brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), shankapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi, nard), gingko biloba, vacha (Acorus calamus), santal and santal essential oil, ashwagadha (Witania somnifera), alfalfa sprout, wheat sprout, parsley, cantaloupe, pineapple juice, olive oil, lecithin, incense, noni juice or extract, rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, myrrh essential oil, juniper essential oil, blue chamomile essential oil.

A large part of these remedies, but especially gingko biloba, santal essential oil and incense cause an increase of the blood flow to the pineal gland. It has been noticed that the increase in blood flow in this area, which improves the oxygenation of the area, has certain benefic effects on the entire organism: it rejuvenates the immune system, it improves the quality of sleep and sexual health, it gives inner balance, it eliminates the chronic fatigue syndrome, it gives an overall positive attitude and high spiritual experiences.

Also, there are certain foods that are rich in melatonin that can support or supplement the function of the pineal gland. Among these: Montmorency cherries, green wheat grass, and green barley grass. Festuca arundinacea is the botanical latin name for the plant known as fescue and it’s considered by many authors to have the highest content of melatonin out of all the plants. Some other foods that have plenty of melatonin are: milk, almonds, legumes, dried dates, grapes, corn, barley, and oats.

The reflexive therapy spot which is corresponding to the pineal gland is situated at the center of our toe – right in the middle of the spiral that you can see on the skin of the toe, and the epiphysis reflexive area on your hand is in the middle of the spiral on the navel of your thumb.

Deep yogi meditation, the consumption of organic adequate foods, good rest, visualization and connecting to the positive energy of life, contact with nature, plants and remedies that support and energize the pineal gland are necessary to improve the function of this gland. Furthermore, the frequent exposure to natural light, sunlight for at least twenty minutes will help you stimulate your pineal gland. Just don’t forget to remove your sunglasses and your hat. When awakened, your pineal gland also gives you the ability of journeying into astral planes at your own will, of exploring other dimensions, foreseeing the future, of receiving information from beings in other planes and experiencing profound states of meditation.

december 2014

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