The program of the third day of the Congress «God is giving us signs…», Friday, 15th October

Access is free in order of arrival, according to the number of available places. If the hall is full, Entrance will only be permitted to the guests of the Congress (the ones who give lectures).

Obor, Hall no.1


Chairman: Marc Allen, Ireland
         15.45-16.00 Entrance
         16.00-16.10 Meditation

[L17] Swami Mahalayananda, Academia de Yoga é Tantra , Lisbon,  Portugal

[EN 50 min]                                           
         Modern Psychotherapy in the light of the self
[L18] Doru Bodea, Deutsche Akademie fur Traditionelles Yoga, Berlin, Germany
[RO 50 min]
         The Law of resonance: from quantum probability to implicit order
[W04] Monica Dascălu, Savel Călinescu, MISA Romania
[RO 50 min]
         The miraculous power of symbolic gestures – MUDRAS
[L19] Cristian Alexandru, MISA Romania
[RO 90 min]
         The awakening of Consciousness from the perspective of Neuroscience

Obor, Hall no. 2



* the themes approached address couples, but access is not restricted
Chairman:  Lea Sava, Romania

         15.45-16.00 Entrance
         16.00-16.10 Meditation

[W05] Adina Stoian, Mihai Stoian, NATHA Copenhagen, Denmark
[RO 90 min]
         Couple ASANAS
[L20] Celestine Andersen, Martin Svensson, NATHA Copenhagen, Denmark
[EN 90 min]
         Tantric sexuality as a path to ecstasy – the personal experience of a tantric couple
[L21] Ciprian Fodor, Alexandru Micu, MISA Romania
[RO 90 min]
         Anatomic-Nervous, endocrine and psycho-energetic mechanisms involved in achieving sexual continence

Hall in Pipera 1

Chairman:  Johanes Suoranta, Finland 
      15.45-16.00 Entrance
      16.00-16.10 Meditation

[L22] Stine Maria Porsfelt, Tara Yoga Centre, London, UK

[EN, 50 min]
         Awareness and Relaxation in Tantra
[L23] Prof. dr. Sanjev Sood, Dayanand Ayurvedic College, India
[EN 90 min]
      YOGA and AYURVEDA are sister spiritual branches
[L24] Angelika Hünefeld, Deutsche Akademie fur Traditionelles Yoga, Berlin, Germany
[EN 50 min]
         The paranormal power of fulfillment on all the levels by the harmonious detachment from the material world
[L25] Lara Fioretti,  Satyasvara – Scuola Internazionale di Yoga, Tantra e Meditazione, Italy
[IT 50 min]
         Conscious love, a path for spiritual realization
[L26] Roberti Liodori, Satyasvara – Scuola Internazionale di Yoga, Tantra e Meditazione, Italy
[IT 50 min]
         Nutrition from the Essen Gospel of peace

Hall in Pipera 2
Chairman:  Alexandru Acs, Romania 
         15.45-16.00 Entrance
         16.00-16.10 Meditation

[L27] Maria Golubnova, Mihai Ion, Satya Yoga-Center, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
[RU 50 min]
         The synergic effect of a group in achieving the state of supramental consciousness
[L28] Alina Berciu, Giulia D’Altri, Scuola di Yoga Tripura Sundari, Bologna, Italy
[IT 30 min]
         The festival of health and holistic disciplines in Bologna, Italy
[L29] Eduard Selea, Sdužení Rezonance, Prague, Czech Republic
[RO 50 min]
         Psychometry. Practical experiences achieved by a group of yogis
[L30] Giulia D’Altri, Scuola di yoga Tripura Sundari, Bologna, Italy
[IT 50 min]
         Creativity as a tool to evolve spiritually. (Experiences from the Shakti Groups)
[L31] Vasile Ion, MISA Romania
[RO 50 min]
      Simple methods of activating the energetic centers and the subtle structures of the human being’s microcosm, using vocal sounds that operate in unison, within a group of harmonious human beings

21.00: Extraordinary Concert at the hall in Pipera 1, performed Jeszenszky Istvan

Istvan Jeszenszky’s music offers us the sacred valences of ancient Indian sonorities. The artist invites us to open our heart in order to receive the harmony of divine love. To become the inner serenity that brings peace and joy to the thirsty ones. “Let your soul fully awaken, encourage it to aspire towards the absolute. Dive inside your inner space,  where eyes can clearly see and ears can perfectly hear.”  This is where we meet the everlasting beauty of music. This is where we discover the sublime of genuine art, which truly reflects God.


The organizers of the International Yoga Congress “God is giving us signs…” did not censored the content of the materials presented in the lectures and worksops included in the program. Everything that the guests invited to give lectures in this Congress will present, represent completely their opinions and point of view. The organizers of the Congress (MISA) has no responsibility regarding the content of the materials presented. All responsibility belong to the authors and lecturers.

12th October 2010


Also available in: Română Français

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