The ten most passionate kisses


Ten faces of kisses

Motto: “Two faces gently touch. The mouths meet and tenderly go deep one into each other. The eyes are closed; the souls surrender and expand into endless euphoria. This is the mysterious and sublime grace of the kiss lived by the couples in love.”


A kiss is more than a lips touch. It’s a heart touch. A frantic kiss full of love can instantly drift us into a heavenly, mysterious, charming realm where our bodies seem to melt with each other, in love and devotion.

In most of the cultures the kiss is closely related to the intimate affective communication and is considered a sacred thing. In Chinese and Indian traditions the couples could seldom be seen kissing each other in the open. A while ago, kisses hardly occurred in the Indian movies. Known in Tantra as “the contact of the superior gates”, the kiss leads to a deep consonance between the bodies, minds and souls of the two lovers.

Our lips are crossed by countless nervous heads, hundreds more than at the finger tips for instance. In the lips and mouth are, there are also a series of glands that release chemical substances during the kiss, meant to increase pleasure.  

Using famous ancient secrets of the oriental tradition, modern sexologists concluded 10 different ways of kissing.

1. The kiss bathing

Sexologist Anne Hooper describes in “The Latest Sexual Guide” the pleasure of the lovers to exceed the lips area when kissing. She introduces the steps to have this genuine kisses bathing which the whole body will enjoy, up to its most intimate parts. Start with the mouth and lips, and then go down to the neck and shoulders, gently touch the chest and arms. Don’t forget about the elbow tuck, which is a highly erogenous area. The gentle feeling of bites or hair pulling the body hair is also quite pleasant and inciting. Keep going on the belly, tights and legs, but avoid for the moment the very sensitive area of genitals. One of the most erotic feelings is having every inch of the body excited in this way or touched as if by mistake, excepting the genitals.

2. The butterfly

Rumple  softly your lips closed and swiftly cover your lover’s face with gentle kisses. Touch the soft skin of the eyelids, the forehead, the cheeks and wipe his/her face with the fine caress of the eyelashes as you quickly blink, like a butterfly flaps its wings. This will make his/her mouth come partly open and become highly responsive, says N. Lacroix, the author of “The Art of Tantric Love”. Sexologists say that a breathtaking kiss is a secret ritual that must be tackled gradually and not unexpectedly. “It is much more erotic to feel, to hesitate; the kiss is a seduction, an opening, a fusion” Lacroix concludes.

Kiss gently one by one the upper lip and the lower lip, then softly touch its lips by the tip of the tongue, all along from left to the right. Then change parts. This is a highly sensual preparing to relish the kiss at length. Don’t rush!

3. Challenging

For this game, kiss each other as much as possible, trying to surprise. The winner is that one who succeeds to grasp gently the lower lip of the other one. This is funny, childish and surprising; it easily removes inhibitions and engenders a state of warm intimacy.  

4. The close kiss

Seize the lips of the lover between your teeth and by every breath sip them, without biting them yet.

5. The Tantric kiss

In a warm, intimate atmosphere, save a few moments to feel your lover. Sit one in front of another, holding each other as you bring your lips close. When the two mouths touch each other gently, keep your eyes closed. Be as more aware of the beloved one for 7 seconds at least. You shall an extraordinary unifying feeling, covered by the magic of being in love as much as loved.

6. The stressed kiss

Kiss the lover’s lower lip, like a hunter playing with his game. He/she must reply at same intensity. You may vary the intensity and pressure. This highly passionate kiss allows you to feel your lover’s expectations in lovemaking.

7. The upper lip kiss

For a really inciting kiss, he should kiss his lover’s upper lip. The ancient Taoist Chinese and Tantric texts disclose a great secret. The woman’s upper lip is in close energetic connection to the sexuality centre (swadhisthana chakra).this is why many women feel shivers in their clitoris as they kiss or are passionately kissed.

8. The secret in the mouth palace

As you kiss by your tongue, go to the teeth and mouth palace of your lover.

Sexologist Zek Halu mentions secret yoga techniques that imply touching the mouth palace by the tongue in order to elevate the energetic level of your being. Similarly, as you touch the mouth palace of your lover, you help him/her to uplift the energy and thereby the lovemaking will be much more elevated and conscious.

9. The tongues play

When you kiss your lover, the play of your tongues can be utterly inciting. Try to sip the other’s mouth. This kind of kiss, highly passionate, can be an excellent way to show your lover that you want to make love with him and stir him when he is tired or busy.  According to sexologist Patrick K. there are some correspondences between a man’s tongue and his penis.


10. The coming nectar

The most passionate kiss occurs right in the moment of orgasm, during the lovemaking, when she is on top and as she draws near the orgasm, she starts to passionately kiss her lover. Sexologist Nitya L. describes such a kiss: “exchange your spittle, let it drop like dew into his mouth”. The oriental Tantric wisdom shows that a woman’s spittle in orgasm has magic, healing qualities. This is why it is called nectar or the gods’ beverage. It harmonises the polar energies: masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

07 november 2006

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