Archangel MICHAEL

“I live my life with integrity, fighting for truth and justice”.

Symbolism: Archangel Michael is the fighter of light par excellence, who succeeds against the darkness of evil forces. In his icons, he holds a balance that weighs people’s deeds on Judgment Day, as well as a sword, with the help of which he defeats Satan and the forces of darkness. Often he is represented defeating a dragon.

Angelic function: Leader of the Army of Heaven

His spiritual gifts to us: He strengthens our souls and sustains us in the fight against evil forces, whether they are exterior aspects or negative aspects and tendencies that still exist in our being; he sustains us when we are alone.
In Hebrew the name of the Archangel Michael means “The one who is like God”. He is the one we invoke to support us in our fight against evil forces. He is the one who helps us to discover the light inside us. Historically, he is considered the protector of Israel and of the Catholic Church. He is the holy patron saint of police and soldiers, but also of little children, and it is said that he watches over travelers and foreigners. He is a fearful fighter, Prince of the Armies, fighting for justice and helping those who face difficult situations. In the same time, Michael is the one who gives patience and happiness.
The subtle element of fire is associated with him. This symbolizes the burning of everything that is transient, so that only the pure essential light remains and shines. He is also called the Benevolent Angel of Death, because he leads us towards immortality, being in the same time the one who “weighs” the souls in the Judgment day, putting their good and bad deeds in balance.
The Judaic, Christian and Islamic tradition, all consider Michael as being the greatest of the angels. He is known also as the Carrier of the Heavens’ Keys, the Archangels’ Leader, Angel of Repentance, Pity and Holiness, Prince of the Divine Presence, Jacob’s Guardian, and the Angel of the burning bush.
He never tires of fighting for good and he always helps the humble ones. Michael inspires those who struggle in loneliness and he is always ready to give a helping hand to the one in trouble or suffering.
We can ask Archangel Michael to help us control and overcome the negative tendencies that still exist in our being. Anytime we feel overwhelmed by events, or when life situations seem to develop relentlessly, he can help us have a more elevated, more spiritual and wiser view upon our life. His mission is to guide and protect us from injustice and to help us open our beings towards what is eternal and immortal. We can ask him to help us in any situation when we feel overwhelmed or alone and we need help.



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