The thrilling mirror of a freed spirit

Although I heard about Yoga Swami, there were some motives that held me back from visiting him, until the moment I saw him.

Firstly, back then, I have to admit, I did not have any financial possibilities to pay for my train ticket to Jaffna, that is in the northern part of Ceylon; secondly, I considered I had to find God or Supreme Truth by myself (I still think that way) because an intermediary could not really help you no matter how well intentioned he was. Finally, Yoga Swami rejected the majority of his visitors if they were not spiritually ready from an inner point of view.

Unfortunately, many limited and common persons looked at Yoga Swami as a simple, fortune teller who had the gift of foreseeing the future. During a certain period, Yoga Swami had plenty of visitors daily; they visited him from dawn to dusk. Sometimes they came just to talk about problems that had nothing to do with spirituality and some of them were even common and personal.

Those who were privileged enough to be received by him (lately, he was less approachable) considered themselves twice blessed. Some of the ones fairly admonished by Yoga Swami, because of the mistakes they repeatedly made, considered themselves spiritually punished.

When Yoga Swami wanted to avoid on purpose an unwanted or unexpected visitor, he could instantly disappear or become invisible for longer periods of time. Here is an interesting explanation of his weird behaviour.

The conscience of ignorant, limited and common persons is always in a state of agitation or animation – predominantly determined by individual karma (or destiny’s conditioning which is fatal for the ignorant). This karma is nothing but the total of reactions that appear due to our previous actions generating several subconscious, psychic and mental influences that specifically condition the chained conscience which opposes to liberation ever moment.

These inferior and residual psychological factors unify in order to create the illusion of the false “me” or, in other words, the ego.  On the contrary, the completely liberated beings permanently live a state of pure divine conscience and are perfectly lucid and detached because of the outgrowing and liberating transcending of the ephemeral and frozen shell.

The state of liberation should be described as a perfect calming of the conscience that triggers a state of non-agitation or non-animation or impulse that comes from emphatical reflection, from a conscience that is not liberated yet, which is characterized by the agitation determined by the individual karma. Among others, a fully spiritual liberated conscience has the advantage of always acting as a clear mirror where the selfish, limited, un-liberated conscience can exactly see itself at that specific moment in time.

Thus, if Yoga Swami often appeared to lack a stable personality, that happened because his “personality” had the predominant characteristics of his visitors’ personality temporarily.

Knowing this essential aspect, it is not surprising at all that these very proud persons invariably considered Yoga Swami an arrogant from the first meeting. For those who had fears and worries, Yoga Swami appeared to be shy and frightened.

A sannyasin (Indian yogi) – from south India recited a stanza from Bhagavad-Gita to Yoga Swami once, in order to ask for explanations. Yoga Swami immediately repeated the same stanza with significant modifications and intelligent game words; thus, the sacred versus had a profound erotic meaning. All that Yoga Swami did, was to react to the strong hung up sexual fantasies that were hidden in the subconscious of that disciple.

Consequently, as many other visitors, he was not only irritated, but also embarrassed and got angry, looking down at Yoga Swami. Yoga Swami specifically reacted as a zen master who awakened people from their unconscious sleep, provoking a shock directly proportioned with their larval state.
The people from Jaffna often came to Yoga Swami with a curiosity blended with veneration, affection, respect, love and fear. Some of his fans seemed to be afraid of him rather than love him. Wise men always say that “Beauty and ugliness are in the eyes of the beholder”. Yoga Swami acted and reflected everything that was in the others as a mirror, with a strange fidelity.

In order to be received by Yoga Swami, one had to approach him completely detached of the earthly things. One cannot let any un-spiritual secret motive to predominate. This sublime state of the mind where conscience becomes pure, without any vulgar motivation, looked almost inaccessible, like a zenith of the spirituality.

If we could really reach this sublime state of purified conscience for a couple of days, would not we be a kind of Yoga Swami? I have to admit here that my reasonless lack of confidence in my inner capacity of approaching Yoga Swami was also an important motive that made me stop myself several times from wishing to see him.

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