The great yogi Yoga Swami was very famous in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and India even during his life time. He was considered a wise man that reached the top of the spiritual illumination. His numerous disciples were sometimes exaggerating his realizations or his extraordinary spiritual powers. He was often considered the wisest man and spiritual visionary that East ever had since Shankara.

There were also stubborn and mean sceptics who looked at him as a common yogi, endowed with amazing spiritual powers (siddhis). But even those who were still asking themselves if Yoga Swami existed indeed, fundamentally transformed in a spiritual way, unanimously admitted he had extraordinary psychical and mental powers.

Yoga Swami also had the reputation of remarkable clairvoyance capacities. It was known he had the power to suddenly wilfully disappear from a place and (simultaneously) act in several places in the same moment. Three of his very close disciples claimed under oath that they met him in the same moment in different places far from each other, like Jaffna (Ceylon), Madras (India) and even London (England).
One of his closest friends remembered some events proving that everything Yoga Swami wanted, for him and others, happened right away or after a while. For instance, that person accompanied Yoga Swami in a long walk for several kilometres in the countryside, between rice fields. Feeling a bit hungry and thinking he had enough walking, Yoga Swami suddenly expressed his wish to go by car. The moment he expressed his wish several cars appeared and got closer to him. The drivers, who did not know him, asked Yoga Swami to get in, each of them insisting and some of them disputing the privilege of being useful to this saint man they saw for the first time.

In this apparently common situation, Yoga Swami humbly raised his hands to the sky saying it was too dangerous for him to express his wishes. I was told, by his closest disciples, that spiritually achieved persons were almost incapable of wishing something for themselves (psychologically and selfishly); their human desires refer to pure physical needs and urgent psychic and mental needs as their ego is almost completely dissolved.

Some other time, at the end of one of his rare visits to Colombo, a giant mass of fans invaded the station of that city in order to see him leave. Some disciples were singing divine Sanskrit hymns while others offered him flower garlands. It was already late and one of his friends respectfully reminded him about the necessity of arriving in time to the station to catch the train. Yoga Swami smiled “Do not bother; the train will not be able to leave without me.”

That night the railway engine had a mechanical problem and could not leave on time indeed – a mystery for the mechanics.  After he greeted all his friends and fans, Yoga Swami decided to get on the train and in that moment the train was able to leave because the problem was fixed RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT.

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