The Freemason Sorin Rosca Stanescu publishes again slanderous articles about MISA yoga school.

Bucharest, January 20, 2005.

As a result of the article “Guru Grieg charged with 15,000,000,000 lei tax evasion” published in Gardianul newspaper on Wednesday 19th January, MISA yoga school prepares to give a mass media press release. They will disclose the real occult reasons behind the cheap sensational launched  by the political servants of the former government party PSD and especially that of the ex Prime Minister, Adrian Nastase.

We believe it is no accident that shortly after S R Stanescu started to manage Gardianul newspaper, he resumed the slanderous attacks against our yoga school and its spiritual mentor, with a dirty collection of ‘apparent’ information. The article in Gardianul on Wednesday 19th January, which has nothing to do with a genuine investigation backed by real evidence looks like a new attempt of the occult Freemasonry to slyly manipulate the public against MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru, as Mr Bivolaru has denounced to the world courageously the danger of this diabolic organization; the Freemasons .

This article reminds us of another sensational news story that has eventually proven to be just a big soap bubble filled with slander, the so-called undoubted connection between G Bivolaru and the Camataru clique. This apparent big “news” was then followed by a relevant silence, as the story, just like the one we are discussing in this article, was a dirty slander launched in the same  cheap and sensational journalistic style.

Just like other sensational materials published in our mass media, the bombastic style has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the so-called article. In fact, the article gives no detail about who is accusing Gregorian Bivolaru of tax avoidance, what are the grounds of this accusation and what is the connection between him and “Extaz” company.

Although there is no credible evidence (despite the 10 months of investigation, pressures and intimidation against MISA and its leader), the journalists from Gardianul “know things for sure”. As if by magic they “ know” all that there is to know about tax avoidance, money laundering, and the people practicing prostitution in Japan. Yet, the “amazing” journalists from Gardianul are missing something in this dirty investigation: nobody ever saw the famous accountancy examination. It also goes without saying that Mr. Bivolaru cannot be accused of tax avoidance since he is not a partner to any society. It is obvious that the so-called witness Madalina Dumitru never accused him of anything and never complained against him, she only made a statement as a result of 13 hours pressure and blackmail against her.

It is obvious that “Extaz” company never had anything to do with MISA and also the statement of that employee of the company published in the article is a result of the brutality and the incredible abuses during the investigations on 18th March 2004.

We found that Agnes Arabella Muresans complaint was only to bargain free access to Japan. We also know that the other “witness”, Ilinca Simionescu is now married to an ex yoga practitioner, who had cheated several yoga followers for over $12, 000.

We know that people eager to get famous are saying they “saw” Mr. Bivolaru in different places; therefore several yoga practitioners are watched or followed. We do know that the chief of the Service for Investigation of the Organized Crime and Terrorism stated that MISA is not under penal investigation.

Obviously, all these details are of no importance but the “professional” team of Gardianul states the “absolute truth” MISA strongly denies this calculated and slanderous information and invites you to  find any information regarding the activity of this yoga school  at the MISA Press Office.

MISA has  faced a large amount of abuse, persecution and injustice, directed backstage by PSD and the ex-Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, as the secret minutes of the Permanent Delegation PSD show. Nevertheless, our Yoga School is quite optimistic and strongly confident that truth and justice will finally prevail, as  Justice acts completely separate from politics bringing into light the truth about the outrageous persecution against yoga followers during the last 10 months.

BIZARRE FACT: How much is  Gregorian Bivolaru worth to the Masons?

On their anniversary the Masons gave themselves the gift of a dirty campaign in two newspapers they manage – Ziua and Gardianul – also on four television Channels.

Both local rags claiming to be newspapers, managed by the Freemasons’ lackey Sorin Rosca Stanescu (“obsessed” with Gregorian Bivolaru) are making strange announcements on 24th January (under different titles):

Ziua and Gardianul are helping justice! [Ziua is loudly voicing]

Gardianul and Ziua are offering 50,000,000 lei for seizing the “Guru” [Gardianul is boasting].

The newspapers Gardianul and Ziua are offering 50 millions lei reward to whoever gives basic information for catching MISA leader Gregorian Bivolaru. He is in Romania! Anyone  who has any information please call 0212246880. The idea of the two papers is also supported by a TV campaign, starting Monday 24th January 2005, including Realitatea TV, Prima TV, TVR1 and B1TV. (No author).

Who wants the head of Gregorian Bivolaru?

– Those who set up the big bluff.

– Those offering reward for Gregorian Bivolaru’s head.

– Those who ordered the forceful searching of yogis’ houses in order to get evidence to charge Gregorian Bivolaru

– Those who ordered Madalina Dumitru’s kidnapping from the Forensic Medicine Institute

– Those who have spread rumours in the media about MISA being a “paramilitary terrorist organization, dealing with arms and drugs traffic”

– Those who have been revealed by Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru in his books and on different occasions

– Those who gave him death threats and set his flat on fire a few years ago

– Those who, without him being banned to leave the country, set him up in Nadlac customs, “caught” him and brought him back to Bucharest in chains, under a forceful guard, treating him worse than the Greek murderer Pasaris (Pasaris Konstantinos is a murderer pursued by the Interpol for 5 murders).

Why is there no reward for catching the big criminals in Romania?

Not even the biggest criminals, rapists and thieves have  suffered such  treatment. Not to mention the great financial cheats that nobody bothered to catch. To give a recent example: Ioan Niculae, SNTR cheat, whom government Nastase have canceled a debt of 1000 billion lei and has allowed the deferrement of more than thousand billions lei state taxes, all these representing due taxes to the Goverment. What about Gabriel Bivolaru? Why any of these heading papers have never tried to seize the criminals just like in many other similar cases?

Instead, Gregorian Bivolaru is “wanted”, accused of sexual intercourse with a woman who wouldn’t even admit this and who has no complaints against him. There is another serious accusation to “justify” this dangerous criminal-like treatment against Gregorian Bivolaru: he crossed the Hungarian border when he definitely had the lawful right to do so!!! And now, they have the hunch (and not the evidence) that he is accomplice to 15 billions lei tax evasion. Nobody knows yet anything about this complicity and what the connection is between the investigated firm and the spiritual mentor of MISA. (Here we remind you the court trial is still ongoing and all files are under investigation. Gregorian Bivolaru has not been given any sentence and the presumption of innocence must be applied according to the law.)

Who pays for this?

We had good reasons recently to entitle an article: “Gregorian Bivolaru: Most Wanted”. After all these set ups and lies, the last thing to expect was to find posted all over the country notes with his picture: “WANTED. Extremely dangerous person, 50 millions lei REWARD offered”. Today we are speechless to witness exactly this… The same persons, proud for receiving decorations from Romanian Masonry for special services to the country (!!!) [Sorin Rosca Stanescu, see article: Not to let the truth out, ZIUA took a Guardian] are now offering 50 millions reward for information on Gregorian Bivolaru.

The 50 millions lei are just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how much the Masons are paying for this anti MISA campaign and for the denigration of Gregorian Bivolaru? For they have built up such a big edifice out of nothing, because they are masons (builders), aren’t they? There is no doubt that the money is coming from the Freemasons (whom nobody asks about tax avoidance, since they make the laws themselves). They  take advantage of the current financial crisis and offer people a reward of dirty money. Thinking of how Jesus was sold by Judas for money – those who  plot now (as they did in Jesus’s time) think they can buy anything.

There is one thing we know for sure, this reward is best evidence that everything Gregorian Bivolaru disclosed is true so far. They want to catch him no matter what but they forgot to provide evidence for fear he might proven not guilty. It is obvious that the government changed but those who want to get rid of Gregorian Bivolaru and destroy MISA remain. They are behind all the puppets in politics, they are the ones who rule – in fact the acolytes who manage ZIUA and GARDIANUL proved they are but the servile tools for the masters behind. There is a good example in this respect: the 24th January 2005 article in Gardianul: “Today is the celebration of the Reunion Day and of the Romanian Masonry”, which is making a disgusting eulogy for “bringing the Masons’ to light in Romania”. 


Do you know that Romania has recorded striking progress in matters of spirituality? Why!? Because there are more and more people looking for a genuine yoga master!

This joke is a example of spontaneous humour yogis have, of their ability to jest at their own “troubles”. What is the trouble? The trouble is that a Romanian citizen who is supposed to be given the presumption of innocence became “the most wanted criminal in Romania”, although there has been no reasonable accusation and there is no convincing evidence to support the extreme accusations against him.

Since Gregorian Bivolaru was under pursuit, in June 2004, the entire pubilc, particularly the journalists eager for breaking news kept wondering: “Where is Gregorian Bivolaru?” They got so much involved in this that they forgot the following:

·        The arrest warrant was illegal, since there were no evidence to justify it, but only “clues”;

·        The authorities initially charged Gregorian Bivolaru with sexual intercourse with a minor –  an accusation proved wrong later on – therefore they charged him with sexual intercourse in front of a minor.

·        There was no evidence to support this but only suppositions, speculations, fake witnesses and statements recorded under threat and blackmail;

·        The so-called complaint of Madalina Dumitru does not even exist, since the “now over 18 under age” girl never made any accusations against Mr. Bivolaru.

·        There could have been no illegal crossing of the border, since at that time Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru had the lawful right to leave the country. Yet there were persons who witnessed Mr. Bivolaru being dragged from the border of the country by those ordered to set him up in order to get him arrested.

Nobody seems to remember these facts. We may say forgetfulness is human nature. Still why do they all insist that Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru must remain in the public’s memory as a sexual obsessed, surrounded by underage girls, as a pervert, a dangerous criminal (they did not hesitate to compare him to Bin Laden) who is in hiding (for crimes that cannot be proved as they never happened). Although it is clear there has never been a real Bivolaru case , they keep this image campaign going , or to be more specific the anti-image campaign which has no real grounds.

There are some articles voicing in the same far-fetched style we have got used t In village X people saw Gregorian Bivolaru: “get him folks!” Such articles have  two targets in one. First they remind people what to keep in mind in case they forgot. Secondly they encourage the readers to call the Police, anytime they might think somebody is Gregorian Bivolaru – because we are “a nation of witnesses” just as TV Channel Antena 1once subtitled some news about MISA. This is alikened to the encouraging of people to inform Secret Services (Securitatea) in the communist times. Only in the former communist times neighbors and relatives would inform on each other for revolting against the oppressive regime.

Look how reasoning and common sense vanish in this case and make room for stupidity, hunches, fantasies and bad-will.

Let’s take the over-zeal of some “professional” journalist from Iasi who thought she would break the ratings by informing the Police that she had seen Gregorian Bivolaru. Pay attention how a peaceful person was arrested – and nobody told him what he was charged with, nobody read his rights or asked for his ID. Why should we be still surprised at the March 2004 searches, when the  Police acts so zealously just because they “thought” they saw Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru.

 “It all started with a TV reporter who was going  home and noticed the “Iasi Guru” walking his dog near students’ campus. Suddenly interested in the subject, thinking this will turn her into a TV star, the reporter informed the Police, called for her cameraman and started to follow the top-subject. Within a few minutes the poor man was handcuffed down on the pavement, locked into Police van, without having his rights read or before anyone could reason: could Gregorian Bivolaru, under general pursuit throughout the country, calmly walk his dog at sunset in some overcrowded campus of Iasi?” (Romania Libera, June o5, 2004, “The Guru Psychosis hits over Moldavia).

We  also mention the well-known paranoia of Ziua de Constanta – the paper that can only write about strange things meant to distract the public from the real facts worth of public lynching. Well, that’s the way; instead of checking the information they simply rely on gossips. Anyway these papers’ journalists are renowned for their ability to make yogis laugh at the articles they publish; see the article: Read and enjoy: “pearls” from Ziua de Constanta or the flash back of human narrow-mindedness.

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