The shocking testimony of a microbiologist, currently captive in the famous Area 51


Senator Hatch, the Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee Senate, has answered some questions about his meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch concerning artificial viruses (which aim to be used to secretly contaminate hundreds of millions of people), the secret contacts with the aliens and the ultra secret treaty TAU.IX.

Washington, (PR WEB), April 22, 2004: Doctor in microbiology Dan Burisch has spoken publicly about some secret operations and even said he would testify publicly. Currently a prisoner in the famous Area 51, he is about to get immunity and testify in front of the Congress as he requested.
Harry Dschaak and Sterling Allan met Dr. Burisch on April 5th, 2004 , thanks to the help of a contact person from inside the zone. They traveled across the US in order to present the case to several members of the Congress, on April 19, 2004. According to a previous report, concerning his wish to give evidence in exchange for his immunity, Dr. Burisch stated he would answer as sincerely as possible if he was summoned in front of the Congress.
Dschaak and Allan have approached Senator Orich Hatch ( Utah ) especially, because of his function as Chairman of the Judiciary Commission. Also, they had meetings with groups of senators from Idaho , Utah and Nevada , where reside Dschaak, Allan and Dr. Burisch respectively.

Ultra secret security matters about to be disclosed

A member of Senator Hatch’s team, who met Dr. Dschaak and Allan in order to find out more about this subject, stated that the Security Select Committee would probably deal with this problem. Despite a full schedule, Senator Hatch was kind enough to be present for a short while in the conference room where the meeting took place. The Senator’s P.A. informed Dschaak and Allan that there are thousands of problems already waiting for a Congressional hearing. Allan answered that this extremely special case of Dr. Burisch is of special concern to thousands of people all over the world and he would be glad to make a petition to help prove the role that Dr. Burisch has in this astonishing case. The petition of Allan would enable people to express their wish for Dr. Burisch to be called for a Congressional hearing a.s.a.p.

Dr. Burisch’s Evidence

Dr. Burisch’s statement would include unquestionable proofs for the creation of a deadly virus design about to be secretly spread in order to infect hundreds of millions of people and the existence of some genetic sequence used as a signature (which could prove that the virus is man made and originates in a laboratory). This terrible virus is similar to HIV and SARS, which are man made in the laboratory, according to some researchers, such as Leonard Horowitz. They have been created at the order and with the financial support of the freemasons. The evidence would also contain a report that covers a period of one year when Burisch, according to his own statement, was appointed to study a living extraterrestrial – who had offered himself as a volunteer for a certain exchange – in the ultra secret location, S4 of Area 51, North of Las Vegas ( Nevada ).

Dr. Burisch could also give evidence about hearing that there are human beings in theS4 location, prisoners against their will, treated as lab rats.
Besides, he states that he saw some star gates, by means of which one can travel in time (both into the past and into the future). Nevertheless, this evidence must be clarified.
Dr. Burisch states furthermore that he has some information about certain research made to extract genetic components of some serious extraterrestrial diseases, in order to insert them in some microbial vectors, which could have as target human being. What could follow is a mass contamination on this planet. In Dschaak opinion, this presumes the deliberate and criminal release of an epidemic, just like the cholera, for which there is no previously developed immunity in the human beings. These deadly viruses are to be released in large masses of people, in order to decrease the world population down to only 1 billion people.

The most important aspect of his evidence, is the information he has, about an alleged ultra secret Tau-IX treaty, already signed, between some alien fractions and an international secret group of some very powerful racist and elitist humans, who are the FREEMASONS.
During the second half of the 20th century, this powerful occult organization of the planet is assumed to have employed the little secret technological information of the aliens currently available at the time, to exert a greater control upon the people of Earth. This influence took place in the political domain as well as in the energetic, technological, educational and health domain.
Members at the top of this powerful occult world organization, the FREEMASONS are preserving with a lot of care these ultra secret technologies (which also imply amongst other things some ways of influencing and controlling which are used in a insidious way at the psycho-mental level, by means of computers, TV, radio and INTERNET). These are kept away from the public eye, being used in the same time only by them for evil purposes. The aforementioned treaty gives the aliens authorization to abduct human beings for some terrible experiments.

Various viewpoints on Burisch case

The professional investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, reporting on April 19th 2004 about the Dan Burisch case, has offered some evidence which indicates that the American President Harry Truman, as the one who in full agreement with the American leaders of the world FREEMASONRY, decided to maintain these facts in absolute secrecy. The secrecy also was meant to protect the public from this very serious situation, which if known, would have triggered in his opinion a general state of hysteria and panic. From that time on, the official policy of the American government was to vehemently deny any involvement or information about the alien’s existence and any collaboration with them.

Howe considers that although it is good for certain information to remain secret for reasons of natural security, because of their military implications, the whole world should at least be informed about the existence of extraterrestrial interaction with Earth.
Another researcher Michael E. Salla recently published some report about Dr. Burisch and managed to meet him on April 16th, 2004 . He considers that there are more alien races that have visited the Earth or even living here and he even wanted to know if Dr. Burisch had been contacted by more that one alien species. Dr. Burisch answered he had only met one race, through a member of the small grey type, named  J-rod. According to his statement, there were 3 members of the same species in Area 51: two males and a female. The female has been allowed to go back where she came from and the males died.
A research group headed by Robert Wood is already taking interest in a highly important secret document, which states alleged communications between an important State leader and Dr. Burisch.
Although Dr. Burisch is now under even more stringent supervision, some of his superiors agree for him to make certain revelations. Secret meetings have always taken place. Allan is of the opinion that those responsible will facilitate access to Dr. Burisch as soon as the summon will arrive so that he would be able to appear in front of the Congress. Stephen Greer, in charge of the Disclosure Project (see his amazing book Revelations) thinks that the thick armor of the secret is now beginning to crack in America because thousands of witnesses are beginning to step forward spontaneously. They include important members of the US government, including the military, CIA and FBI. Dr. Greer sees the Burisch case as a “screen” for all the scientists and agents already involved in all those criminal aspects of this “kleptocracy”, as he calls it. He says that this freemasonic elite in particular, currently ruling the whole world, does not want for their actions to be revealed, because in their view, the spin-off technologies which they keep secret and only use them for evil purposes would become common knowledge and would quickly loose their power after that.

“If people knew what the FREEMASONS know and use for evil, every house would have its own generator of free energy or in other words for free. Also the problem of starvation in the world and many serious health issues could be solved within ten years”, he says. Besides certain investigators, the Burisch case has attracted constant interest from a group of volunteer amateur researchers, who have already obtained a serious amount of information considered SECRET, straight from the source. Their forum on the Internet has recently become victim of junk messages, which obstructed the legitimate ones. It appears that the freemasons don’t like that these people have begun to find out what only they knew.

Speculations concerning the highly important research of Dr. Burisch

Dschaak considers that Dr. Burisch is being protected from any murder attempt by the freemasons, despite his inflammatory past and future disclosures (which normally lead to the death of the one who makes them) because he is working on certain ultra secret technologies, of which he is the only one who has the necessary knowledge and can develop them further. However Dr. Burisch wants to be sure, that these technologies will be used for peaceful purposes and not for further oppression and crimes on this planet. His project (“project Lotus”) aims to discover a “Ganesh particle” which can quickly and efficiently cure all the affected cells and even damaged tissues in the case of some diseases considered incurable. This is some universal medicine, a kind of “fountain of youth”.

Allan is of the opinion that, if they could, the freemasonry elite that rules the world and who at present aims only evil goals (together with diabolic groups of extraterrestrial with whom they cooperate) would inoculate themselves with this panacea particle of life and then ruthlessly exterminate, in cold blood –5 or 6 billion human beings, who have no immunity against the mortal disease they have recently produced.

As Dschaak says, “Dr. Burisch has been given a term by March 15, 2005 to present his handlers the written notes describing in detail his technology concerning the producing of this all-healing particle, called “the GANESH PARTICLE”. They would report then to some important secret group of freemasons who keep close contact to an evil fraction of aliens.
Those who have imprisoned Dr. Burisch are former members of the “Committee of the Majority”, who Dan refers to as “Maji”. Therefore, as Allan and Dschaak explained to senator Hatch’s assistant, the time interval in which Dr Burisch can testify for the Congress is very short.
Many of those who kept a close interest in the terrifying secret of this case of the malefic aliens called the LITTLE GREYS, know that the days of the people on Earth are numbered unless these disclosures are made as soon as possible. Dr. Greer make a suggestive comparison of this situation to that of a plane taking off “you reach a point in which you either take off or you crash off the end of the runway”. Dr. Burisch has already made lots of amazing disclosures. There are available even some recorded interviews with him such as the 68 minutes interview given to Bill Hamilton on September 18, 2002 . Another one, more professional, made by a former Fox News cameraman will be released soon.

There are also some shocking revelations, which Dr. Burisch is not going to make unless he gets his immunity. He thinks he is able to justify his involvement in these projects, but is yet afraid that some people will rush to judge him and accuse him of war crimes. He wouldn’t reveal certain staggering facts that he knows before he is protected from such accusations. Besides, he wants to respect the oath he has made. A subpoena would provide him the legal protection and let him speak freely as he repeatedly said he wanted to.
Dr. Burisch is not afraid of death, since he feels at peace with himself. Dschaak has seen him long ago facing the idea of a premature death. We have already a real mine of information with his testimony. He wants and it seems that he will be able to give his knowledge to all.


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