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A few ideas and aphorisms about love, as it is seen and understood by the millenary yogic wisdom, and transmitted to us by the MISA mentor, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru



“To talk about love, through the mysterious resonances that it triggers, means to also make love mysteriously.”


All great spiritual traditions of mankind emphasize on loving one another. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, says Jesus. If total faith can move the mountains, infinite love can ignore, go round, move beyond or break through the same mountains.


Oriental wisdom sustains that: “When there is infinite love, impossible becomes easily possible”, but the tantric tradition adds: “Love without truth is like water in a river without shores”.


Only the ignorant say: “Love your friends and hate your enemies”. In Yoga, due to a superior understanding that allows us to see the intimate and profound relationship that exists between two human beings, we understand that LOVE alone is the supreme law. The wise yogis say: “Have mercy for your enemies, bless the ones that hate you, have compassion for the ones that loathe you, pray to God for the ones that harm you. You will see then how happy you will become because you will feel how God embraces you every time when, through the most suave love gesture, you embrace God. If you want love, love the whole world.”
This is the essence of yogic wisdom given through grace, as a guiding light in the play of manifestation.


What is love? A feeling, a passion, an affectionate and sexual need? A frenzy, irresistible ardor for the other, for the Divine, an aspiration of completion, a desire for polarization? A plenitude, an ineffable happiness, a euphoric contamination?


“Without love, without compassion and without inner peace, a human being can never be happy. Without love even heaven is an inferno.”


“Love for people cannot be an end, but only a mean for the love for GOD.”


“To refuse love means in reality to refuse the universal almighty energy of GOD.”


“Instead of loving a little, it is infinitely better to love always, and without measure. Thus we become a lot happier, due to the secret force that we receive through constancy.”


“For a human being, there can hardly exist a surprise more charming then to find out that they are loved; then everything is like God touches with a finger the heart of man”.


“In paradisiac love, you are neither the lover, nor the loved one, you are the profound and elevating love itself between the two.”


“The passionate touch of lips in the case of a big and profound love reveals paradisiacal secrets that tongue cannot express.”


“‘GOD exists. He is everywhere. He is always with me. Only with His help, I have all that is necessary for me to have.’ This is the truth that is stated by the wise ones, and I perfectly agree with it, and I advise you to live according to these millenary teachings.”


“If your heart didn’t meet yet the euphoric happiness of love, it means you don’t really live. The ineffable happiness of love mysteriously exalts our hearts and makes us know GOD.”


“The ones who love each other deeply, uniting their bodies filled with transfiguration, thus unite their souls at the same time.”


“The endearing words that the ones who are in love say to each other are then sheltered in the mysterious sphere of heavens. Afterwards, one day, they will fall like the rain upon the ones that are in love and, in this way, their secret will paradisaically grow over the worlds.”


In conclusion, here is what Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (OSHO) said about love:
“In a profound relationship, someone’s love can have resonances within you and bring you the depths in the being. There are two ways to discover yourself: one is meditation, the other one is love. Through the other you become conscious of your inner being. He/she becomes a road to reach yourself.


The deeper the love is, the more profound you are. If you love someone and your depths talk to theirs, you have an encounter in the Being; if this doesn’t happen, give up – but do not create any conflict, fight or battle for it, do not destroy each other. Look somewhere else for the person that exists and that will love you. Do not stay with someone who is not for you.


Continue to discover love in your inner being. And if you love, sooner or later, the right person will appear, because a loving heart sooner or later comes to a loving heart. It always happens this way. You will find the right person. But if you are jealous, you will not find him/her, if you are looking just for sex, you will not find him/her, if you live only for safety, you will not find him/her.


Love is a dangerous path and only the brave can follow it. And I can say it is the same as meditation – only for the brave.
Discover your path, the one that can be your destiny.”



February 14, 2019

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