Fascist medicine from California

Dr. Bob Sears is facing charges of gross negligence for daring to write a letter recommending that a two-year-old be excused from vaccinations based on his mother’s description of serious adverse reactions to previous immunizations.

The non-profit organization Alliance for Natural Health USA is following this case closely, because it is clearly intended to intimidate other doctors in the state and thereby shut down any medical vaccine exemptions, the only exemptions left under law. This case will also set a legal precedent for when a medical exemption is acceptable, at a time when states are increasingly threatening to eliminate all other exemptions.

The attack on Dr. Sears is also another example of how vaccine supporters in California will stop at nothing to push their agenda on everyone else. The sponsor of the bill revoking all exemptions other than medical, Dr. Richard Pan, promised that medical exemptions would be left alone. So much for that promise!

Due to the importance of this case, Alliance for Natural Health USA fundraised for Dr. Sears’ legal defense. The case is likely to be protracted and expensive.

Dr. Sears is now fighting in the court of law for the right of doctors to provide their patients with medical exemptions to vaccination.

November 6, 2017


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