How to Prepare Yourself for a Successful 10-Day Water Fast


One of the easiest ways to lose pace of your ten-day water fast is not being prepared for it. This article can serve as a guide to avoid failing at this challenge and create a better environment for the fast.

A water fast is a serious lifestyle change that offers significant benefits to your physical and mental well-being. With these fasting tips, you can ease into the fast without delay or regret, and have a more enjoyable experience overall.

However, if you want to try for the first time a long period fasting, for its amazing benefits, start gradually, with one day, then with three days of fasting before you attempt to fast 10 days only with water.

Remember, fasting can bring up a great amount of emotion that often gets covered up with our daily habits and… with food! You now can’t hide or cover up those emotions with food. You will need to take time to process them, write them and focus on what’s coming forth. It’s a great chance for transformation.

Step 1: Prepare

The better prepared you are for your ten-day water fast, the more comfortable you will be during the purification process. No later that the third day before you start the challenge, get rid of any processed foods you eat regularly, along with white flour, sugar, and caffeinated drinks. This will make the transition to your water diet easier and better for your body.

In those transition days, go on a diet of fresh veggies and fruit. This will help reduce any nausea and headaches that come with the cleanse.
The worst thing you can do is have triggers that can tempt you to indulge poor eating habits again. Instead, work on removing these triggers from your sight and reach. For example, take away the cookie jar and put a fruit bowl in its place.

When it’s not the time to eat, you can even try taping your fridge door shut, to prevent the temptation of overeating before the fast.

Step 2: Commit to the Fast

The ten-day water fast requires serious commitment. Although some people find it an easy challenge to complete, most struggle with it. It’s no doubt, however, that most of us are the second type of person.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does pose a handful of problems. Struggling during your water fast can cause you to totally give up and give into your overbearing unhealthy habits.

During the ten-day water fast, the first day is usually the toughest. You may experience stomach pains, but they eventually subside. Additionally, you may also start missing the experience of chewing.

Every person reacts differently to the ten-day water fast. Just remember the reason you’re doing it and stick with it. It will be over before you know it, and well worth the struggle.

Step 3: Get Plenty of Rest

It’s important that you take work off the days of your water fast. However, if you work in an environment that is supportive, it’s entirely up to you to work or not.
If you work in a particularly strict and demanding environment, you’ll need to find sanctuary in a more supportive environment such as your home.

You will feel more vulnerable during your fast, and the last thing you want is for coworkers or other people you have contact with to attack your decision and push for you to give up.

However, if do you have to work during the fast, separate yourself from public eating.

Step 4: Rely on Your Support System

Having some sort of support while you complete your water fast can be extremely helpful to complete it. If you have friends and family you often see, tell them about the fast and have them send you supporting messages each day of the challenge to motivate you.
Plus, it’s wise to have a few of them keep you in check to prevent dipping back into any poor eating habits.

Step 5: Take Your Mind Off

While you are fasting, you may be surprised by how much free time you now have. That time that you used to spend grocery shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning dishes can now be dedicated to other things.

You may also notice that you are not quite as tired as you used to be. Since your body does not have to spend energy on digestion, you now have a lot of free energy, too. Therefore, it is best to plan some activities ahead of time in order to fill your time.

You should also make sure that you have everything you need on hand in your home, especially because you may not be able to drive safely during your fast. Here are a few ideas for what you can do to occupy your time:

– Practice HATHA YOGA;
– Meditate;
– Read a book, preferably on something that is uplifting and not stressful;
– Keep track of your fast with a journal. Record your feelings and insights. With this journal, you can be more knowledgeable for your next water fast;
– Go for walks in nature;
– Do a hobby that you have not had the time to do lately, or discover a new passion;
– Relax at a home spa. Take a long bath, give yourself a manicure, moisturize, or give yourself a facial. Be careful of sitting out in the sun or in a sauna, as this can lead to dehydration.

There are so many relaxing and non-stressful activities that you can do to keep your mind off your fast.

With this simple guide, you can easily prepare for and successfully do your ten-day water fast.


June 29, 2018


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