How to Redesign Yourself From the Cellular Level and Beyond!


By Cherie Dirksen

In this article I’m going to suggest that we are, indeed, living in a construct matrix or hologram (keep in mind that these are just words to be used as ‘training wheels’ for the analogy or concept) and it may be entirely possible for us to transform our very own DNA.

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” – Morpheus (The Matrix).

Just imagine a computer programmer writing a code for a client. The client asks if the code can be slightly altered here and there to accommodate his/her needs and the programmer obliges.

Now let’s take our own DNA — which I believe is our pre-programmed and programmable ‘code’. Some have suggested that we inherit certain characteristics from our ancestors, some even suggest we have an AKASHA-ic record written into our DNA code (which is past life experiences).

If we run on autopilot, we’ll most likely experience this pre-programmed code in the form of anger issues, pain-bodies (the triggering of certain deep, seemingly uncontrollable emotions like sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc), following disease patterns from parents/grandparents/family or any other set of predesignated rules.

Although I’m not disputing that we do inherit certain genes or even past-life encryption, I think it absolutely possible to override the program.

Clearing the Cache

They say that awareness is 50% of the problem solved — so, when you can become aware that “reality” may actually be the ultimate illusion, it’s a game transformer.

Think of reality as more of a lucid dream. What is a lucid dream? A programmable dream — one where you get to know you’re dreaming and can then start manipulating the dream to reflect what you want instead of always being afraid of the bogeyman in the closet.

How to work the other half of the 50% — in my very fresh and new experience (i.e. “I’m just a floundering pup in a quantum puddle of potentials and possibilities”) — is to use your thoughts as the keyboard (typing out the commands to HQ and the body template). Our thoughts are the tool to affect and redesign within the illusion.

That’s why the first step of our journey into awareness was learning about the Law of Occult Resonance. Everything you ever want or need is with you — and every moment is NOW so it cannot be coming from some place other than where you are NOW.

Clearing your cache is more about letting go of what you DON’T want so that what you DO want remains. This day is the first day of the rest of our life!

Time to Hit the Publish Button

I’m not saying that Rome was built in a day. Unless you’re some wunderkind, most of us take a bit of time to reach this stage of lucid dream/reality manipulation.

Believability is key, so ask for signs and that you are a divine being having a jolly good time in a construct reality (because like in the Star Trek holodeck — it’s supposed to be fun, functional, recreational and/or informational). Remember that our soul/existence and God is the only reality.

Level Up

What works for me is simply starting my day off, as soon as I open my eyes, with the thought that it’s going to be a great day and I am 100% healthy from top to toe. Go on to list what you want to see taking place and keep close check on your emotional output throughout the day.

Don’t say you want financial freedom and then keep talking about and feeling of lack — don’t say you want the perfect mate and then project how inadequate, unlovable and lonely you feel (remember that any relationship starts with YOU — you’ve got to have healthy self-respect to be in any successful coupling).

Emotional outbursts alter our moods and manifesting prowess, so, if you do get sucked into a downer — realign as quickly as possible.

Build a catch phrase to keep your head above water (a kind of mental flashcard app). Something like: “All is perfectly well in my world” or “I create abundance all the time”.

Make it funny, make it you, make it work! Being light-hearted is a fast-track to personal freedom.


July 8, 2019


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