Hyperthermia Therapy: Using Heat to Help (II)


The use of heat for healing has been practiced for millennia. In modern times, this method is called hyperthermia therapy. Outside of conventional medicine and even within it, exciting breakthroughs are occurring in the realm of cancer healing through hyperthermia that you should know about. Here are three powerful ways you can use hyperthermia therapy to prevent – and in some cases, reverse – cancer cell growth:

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2. BioMat

The “BioMat,” engineered by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, is considered a medical device by the FDA. It combines far-infrared radiation, negative ion technology, and energetic healing through crystal technology to produce some pretty powerful therapeutic results.

Like all hyperthermia therapies, BioMat raises body temperature in order to strengthen the immune system and increase enzyme production as well as to create a less hospitable environment for cancer cells to grow. BioMat also uses far-infrared radiation, already discussed above, that has the ability to penetrate directly into the blood vessels, lymph nodes, and nerves.

The negative ion component of the BioMat aids in detoxification while the energetic properties of amethyst and black tourmaline are designed to balance and soothe the body. In general, BioMat is said to increase blood alkalinity, reduce inflammation, remove toxins, purify the blood, balance CHAKRA-s, ease joint pain, reduce stress, induce “delta state” sleep, and provide protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

A clinical study conducted by Canadian doctor George Grant, PhD, found that the use of the BioMat for one hour daily over the course of 2 months resulted in reduced cortisol levels and increased serotonin and endorphin levels overall. This is significant as cortisol is known as the “stress” hormone and linked to a variety of negative health conditions. Serotonin and endorphins are brain chemicals that are believed to stabilize and enhance your mood and improve sleep quality.

Sleeping on a BioMat is also said to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which is usually created through exercise or amino acid supplementation. Nitric oxide has been shown to restore breast cancer cells to healthy cells in numerous studies.

3. Localized Hyperthermia

Localized hyperthermia is a procedure where specific body tissues (particularly firm tissue, such as a tumor) are exposed to high temperatures (up to 113 degrees F). It is based on the principle that if a rise in temperature to 104 degrees F or higher can be sustained for one hour within a cancer tumor, the cells in that tumor will be destroyed.

Malignant tumors are especially responsive to localized hyperthermia. They tend to have bad blood circulation, making them more sensitive to changes in temperature. Microwave, radiofrequency, and ultrasound are some ways in which localized hyperthermia for cancer tumors can be administered.

Many holistic doctors, such as Dr. Tony Jimenez of the Hope4Cancer institute in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, use localized hyperthermia in adjunction to other modalities. At Hope4Cancer, the modality is used as part of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT). SPDT uses a non-toxic chlorophyll-based agent and light and sound waves pulsed through the body to kill cancer through photosynthesis.

4 Ways to Use Hyperthermia for Cancer Prevention and Vibrant Health

In addition to the three modalities above, there are actions that you can take to warm your body on a daily basis and benefit from the healing properties of hyperthermia for cancer prevention and general vibrant health. These actions cost next to nothing. They are simple and are great de-stressors as well!

1. Baths

Our ancestors took advantage of the principles of hyperthermia mostly in the form of healing baths. You can take advantage of this method for heating the body as well. To get the most out of the healing properties of a warming bath, follow these basic guidelines:

• Always make sure that the water you are using has been filtered of chlorine as well as fluoride and that it also does not contain bromide. Bromide is a common substitute for chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs. Many proponents of this switch claim that bromide is safer. In reality, this is not the case. Excessive bromide intake is associated with impaired iodine function, which can lead to hypothyroidism, hormone imbalance, and breast cancer.

• Consider taking a trip to a local natural healing mineral spa to feel the effects of not only warming the body, but also the infusion of the mineral components of the bath. Most of us are lacking in key minerals such as magnesium that natural springs are usually enriched in. Chances are there is a natural spring-fed warm pool or spa within driving distance to you. Talk to someone about the mineral components and filtering techniques of the spa you want to visit before you go. If you can’t get to a spa or spring, use Epsom salts or mineral bath packs to create a relaxing and nourishing mineral component in your bathtub at home.

• Consider taking a “total immersion” bath. To do this, fill the bathtub as high as it will go with warm water up to about 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). Completely submerse yourself (as much as possible) for 20-30 minutes. Periodically scrub your body with a loofah or brush to stimulate detoxification through the pores and remove dead skin. Before and after your bath, be sure to drink plenty of water. To induce further detoxification, after the bath wrap yourself (including your head) in a large towel or blanket and lay down to rest for about 10 minutes. This will induce sweating.

2. Bask in the Sun

Sun exposure is also called heliotherapy. An average of 15-20 minutes of sun exposure a day can aid in metabolic function, decrease blood pressure, stimulate the lymph nodes for detoxification, and increase resistance to infection and bacterial overgrowth. According to some studies, even a mere ten minutes of exposure to the sun a day can reduce the frequency of colds by 40%.

Exposing yourself to sunlight will not only warm your body, it will also increase your vitamin D levels naturally. If you are on a healthy breast journey, this modality can be extra effective. Recent studies in California claim that regular exposure to sunlight may lower the risk of fatal breast cancer, in part because of the natural production of essential Vitamin D that comes with sun exposure.

Vitamin D deficiency is typical in those who have breast cancer. If you have enough privacy, exposing the sensitive skin of your breasts directly to the sun can be a nurturing and effective way to make the necessary vitamin D, while also warming the body.

For added healing through grounding (also called earthing), sit or lie directly on the ground with your bare feet touching the earth. Practice meditation or take a relaxing nap while you ground in the sun for total stress relief.

3. Exercise

Your muscles are responsible for heating your body when you work out. Sometimes, depending on the workout and your physical condition, this temperature may rise by several degrees.

Regular exercise will not only increase your overall body temperature during your workout, giving you the benefits of hyperthermia – it can also help to regulate your body temperature. Proper temperature regulation means that during the day you are more productive, while at night you will have a better night’s rest.

Regular physical activity benefits your body in too many ways to mention here, but some conditions that can be prevented and may even be reversed partly through regular movement include stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis, bone loss, and cancer.

The good news for those who do not like to exercise is that just a mile or two of walking every day can have a positive result on temperature regulation and many other physiological functions in the body.

4. Visit a Warmer Climate

Studies in Washington D.C. and surrounding counties as well as in the U.K. found that deaths peaked in the winter months and were lower in the summer months in both of these areas known for their frigid winters. No doubt that Vitamin D levels from sunlight plays a big part in these differences, but so does temperature and how it affects the human body.

Vacationing or even moving if necessary to a warmer climate is a way to change body temperature for the better in a subtle and gradual way. If you move somewhere really hot, such as Tucson, Arizona, or Miami, Florida, be careful to acclimate to the change gradually.

If you decide to explore one of the many modalities mentioned above or another hyperthermia technique for cancer prevention and overall health, be careful not to overdo it. Remember that moderate warmth over time or extreme heat for short periods of time can heal; exposing the body to high heat for long periods of time or without adequate liquid intake can be dangerous, and can actually lead to inflammatory death of healthy cells (necroptosis).


If you have cancer, do your homework and connect with a qualified practitioner before you go forward with any form of hyperthermia therapy.

Ancient medical wisdom points to the use of heat for maintaining vibrant health throughout the centuries. Modern medicine is just beginning to understand the details of how temperature affects body systems. One thing is clear, however – hyperthermia is a powerful modality for creating alkalinity in the body, for boosting the immune system, and for preventing – and possibly even reversing cancer.


September 24, 2019


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