Invasion alert! White Christian Criminal Hordes Overrun America. Can we trust statistics?



Before going through the lines below, we remind of a famous maximum that is attributed either to Mark Twain, or to Disraeli: “There are three types of lies: lies, gross lies and statistics.” Keeping this idea in mind, we can extract what is true from the statistical facts presented, without letting us wholly absorbed by the perspective they tend to outline.

Since 2016 FBI statistics are still preliminary, this study is based on the complete findings covering the year 2015. During the year in question, 3,908 white Americans were charged with murder or manslaughter, 11,809 were charged with rape, 32,439 were charged with robbery, 184,024 with aggravated assault, 112,992 with burglary, 621,585 with larceny, 4,952 with arson, 234,190 with violent crime, 779,529 with property crime, 544,870 for other types of assault, 27,419 with forgery and counterfeiting, 67,594 with fraud, 7,278 with embezzlement, 44,561 with theft, 101,481 with vandalism, 63,967 with weapons offenses, 17,084 with prostitution, 28,650 with sex offenses, 803,809 with drug abuse violations, 1,296 with illegal gambling, 47,312 with crimes against families and children, 681,638 with driving under the influence, 160,628 with violating liquor laws, 239,556 with public drunkenness, 189,321 with disorderly conduct, 13,247 with vagrancy, and 17,782 with loitering.

Caucasian Americans, 70% of whom are Christians, were responsible for a whopping 69.7% of crimes committed in the United States in 2015. 26.7% of crimes were committed by African American, 83% of whom are Christians, while 18.4% of crimes were committed by Hispanics, 98% of whom are Christians. Clearly, some will suggest, there is a correlation between Christians and crime as well as a correlation between Caucasians and crime. American Indians, in contrast, committed a mere 2.1% of the crime in the country. Caucasians and Christians come to our indigenous land and show no respect for our laws. Rather than contribute to the country, they spread crime and spend their time sexually assaulting women. The rate of white-on-white and Christian-on-Christian crime in America is staggering.

If white, predominantly Christian, men were all deported back to Europe or the Island of Patmos, the crime rate would drop nearly 70%. If we deported all American Christians, including African Americans and Hispanic Americans, who make up 71% of the US population, as part of this plan of repatriation, crime would be almost eradicated. The statistics speak for themselves. Of the tens of thousands of women who were sexually assaulted by violent misogynistic men in 2015, 57% were raped by white predominantly Christian men and 27% by black predominantly Christian men. As for the rest, their ethnicity was unknown or mixed. One can only assume that many of them were Hispanic Christian men.

At 1%, American Muslims are a minuscule part of the population. They have the second highest level of education of any group in the country, surpassed only by American Jews. When it comes to education, American Muslims are ahead of all groups in gender equality: Muslim women with university degrees outnumber Muslim men. Muslim women are also more likely to work as professionals than women from most other religious groups. The number of crimes committed by American Muslims is microscopic. In fact, they are among the most upstanding and law-abiding citizens of the United States.

White Christians: Stop blaming Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, illegal aliens, and Muslims for crime. From a statistical standpoint, Muslims are not a menace to America. Face the facts America, the overwhelming majority of crimes in this country are committed by Caucasians and Christians. Muslims might kill you with kindness and hospitality. Non-Muslims will rape, rob, and kill you for real.


August 2, 2017

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