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 How to Survive Martial Law / Civil Unrest / FEMA / DHS / Dollar Collapse-Full Guide


This article will start off assuming that the reader is already subject to Martial Law; that is the “suspension” of the Constitution. Curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced relocations, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers, paramilitary police and other jack booted types wielding assault rifles. Basic survival tips will be followed with some detailed ideas on how US should be run once citizens take over.

If you’re reading this before Martial Law is imposed by the current corrupt US government, and if you are reading this while you’re still nominally under Constitutional Law, it’s urgent you read from the beginning to end so as to appreciate the opportunities you currently have to not only protect yourself and yours, but to attempt to stop all of this from ever happening.

Rule #1 Never take the government’s word at face value-except when they tell you that they’ll kill you.

US Government and its components of career politicians, bureaucratic vermin, and their agents of enforcement, the SS ninja wannabes, have survived on illusion and lies, and for a lot longer than you’d think. It’s the very nature of the job; being part of an empire wrapped in the cloak of American political traditions of Freedom, that corrupts.

All that power, attracting the most venal along with the most patriotic to defend America. All that license under ever mutable law written by money prostitutes to lie, steal, embezzle, blackmail, extort, poison, torture, enslave, murder. Is it any wonder then that such human gutter would get together and work “the system” to set themselves up as kings, dispensing with the pretty coverings of Constitutional limitations that trip their crimes like a prom dress? They take as much as they can, while keeping you asleep, as you let yourself be seduced and put asleep by their fellow travelers in the media and corporate boardrooms.

Rule #2 Keep your mouth shut!

Do not tell anyone anything that could get you in trouble. Assume anything can get you in trouble, because it probably will. Especially with any government official, but anyone looking to gaining a favor with the state can and will snitch on you.

The rat who would sell you out for his thirty pieces could be:
– A small businessman looking for a “in” with the state so he can make money a little easier;
– A former friend turned into enemy who’s looking to get some revenge;
– Someone desperate for even some food. Times are tough and will get tougher.

Again, keep your mouth shut! Review the remaining rules of surviving Martial Law with Rule #2 always in mind. Because some rat on two legs you say the wrong thing to, will snitch to the “authorities” in exchange for favors or even brownie points, and then you get to find out how iron-clad Rule #1 is, so keep your big mouth shut!

Rule #3 Any authority figure is the enemy!

Unless you are waging a war of liberation, gathering intelligence, spreading disinformation or infiltrating, have no relation, nor voluntary contact with any soldier, police officer, bureaucrat, or anyone in authority in private life cooperating with Martial Law.

Review Rule #1: assume they’re all liars, con artists, hustlers, thieves, and sellouts. Same goes to any fellow travelers in big business; they and government have been in the same bed for centuries. Stay away from them as much as possible. Tell them lies. Don’t do any business with them. Unless they’re sticking a gun in your face don’t even acknowledge that they exist. Shun them, their family and any sycophants that fawn over them for a few favors.

Rule #4 Your personal survival is more important than obeying any dictate!

If you’re prohibited from having an item that helps you survive, get the item, review Rule #2 and keep your mouth shut. If you’re prohibited from having extra food or medicine, then you will cache your prohibited items in a place where they won’t easily be found. Use your imagination. One idea is to store “whatever” in seal tight waterproof containers in remote wooded areas, known only to you!

Rule #5 While keeping the above rules in mind, help out those who are resisting!

They, unlike you, have decided that there’s nothing to lose and therefore deserve anyone’s help. Do you think Martial Law is going away on its own? Those boogers in black will have a sudden change of heart and do something worthwhile for a change and not oppress you? At the very least: have extra food, water for resistance fighters, basic medical supplies (hint: these should be concealed).

If you have inside information, share it. If you have videography experience, tools, make how-to videos on resisting the theft of your freedoms. If you have medical training, set up an underground hospital.

Rule #6 With the utmost care develop a survival network.

This is a group of people with skills and/or resources who can help each other in areas they would be lacking on their own. It could be anything from extra food, medicine, repair parts, fuel, transportation – whatever. In any given neighborhood you can have medical personal, drivers (good knowledge of local roads), gardeners (agriculture knowledgebase). Petty bureaucrats secretly opposing Martial Law are prime candidates to spy, steal, or commit sabotage. Computer technicians can hack government systems and create surveillance systems and guidance packages. Construction workers can build secret rooms to hide anything from medicine, to a secret factory. People in the media can smuggle cameras and work with computer techs to bug enemy meetings, and produce freedom media that documents successful means of resisting.

Keep the numbers of your group “small”: smaller cells are more difficult to penetrate by enemy agents and professional snitches. Keeping that in mind, a means of communication independent from wiretapped phones and audible eavesdropping devices must be developed amongst you. Runner can be an athlete or a kid on a bike. He can carry small packages or notes.

A mail drop can be a home, a hollowed out tree trunk, a hole in the ground, a open fence pole, anything. Just be sure it’s discreetly out of sight of surveillance. If God’s really blessing you, one of your group will be a smart survivalist. This will be an exceedingly rare breed, because although most in this group were smart enough to prepare for the collapse to begin with, they weren’t smart enough to avoid detection of their awareness and distrust of government.

These people more than likely got swept up in pre-dawn raids or got blasted resisting. The smart survivalist is prepared – and kept his mouth shut about those preparations. He or she never signed federal permit forms for purchases or carry license. He or she presented an “average American” profile or totally disappeared. Get or find one in your group and you’ll have a literal treasury of knowhow and resources to survive.

Rule #7 Avoid government monitoring and control!

Know where the cameras are and how to avoid them. Know who patrols where, and what routine they follow so as to avoid contact. Know your snitches and always feed them lies if you can’t avoid them. Find ways around checkpoints. Side streets, forest paths, neighbor’s yard, railroad tracks, tunnels; whatever go around necessary to getting from point A to point B without a pack of government troops searching you, checking your ID.

Rule #8 Avoid a government roundup.

It could be from a disaster, an attack, or even because they’ve decided to end the pretense and show you what they really think of you and your “rights”. You’ll just wind up in a detention camp where your freedom of movement and resources will be strictly controlled. That means having a place to go away from your area, a means to get there, and supplies. Very difficult to do in a Martial Law situation, with shortages and rationing at gunpoint. Remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina? Remember how they were set up to be stranded in New Orleans by the government? How they were constantly baited with false hope of rescue for a week after the catastrophe? How they eventually were herded by FEMA into concentration camps?

If you disregard Rule #1, you’ll find out. Get a safe house of your own, an abandoned home, an empty storefront or even a patch of woods. When the troops start going street to street, house to house, have escape routes by lesser used streets, trails, whatever. You may have to go on foot, so have a light backpack with a few days worth of nonperishable food, portable water purifier, a first aid kit, a light sleeping bag. A mountain bike may be a more optimal and versatile escape mode than your road-dependent car. Better to be on the run, with hope only in God – and have your freedom – than be imprisoned in a FEMA slave camp.

Rule #9 Find a way you can successfully resist.

There’s plenty of ways you can monkey wrench the basic functioning of the state during Martial Law. If you work for the state you have plenty of opportunities to mess things up, but even private firms are subcontracted by the government. You know who’s just earning a paycheck, who’s backing this war against the people, and who’s getting off on “just following orders”. If you can take action, great, concentrate most of your planning on getting away with the job. Otherwise, get contacts with patriots and be the most reliable source of intelligence you can be. Every bit of drag on the government beast helps, perhaps in botching that paperwork, or misdirecting that bureaucrat or soldier cop. That act might be the beginning of a butterfly effect of bringing down the state of Martial Law and restoring Freedom to the US nation. Always keep that in mind. You must find your own way, but find it you must, if you want back what was stolen from you!

As far as a detailed list, here’s what a good prepper should have:

– A sturdy surplus backpack;
– A first aid kit, including bandages, iodine, disinfectant, gauze and painkillers;
– Clothing. At least one set each of hot weather and cold weather clothing, you can always ditch what you don’t need;
– Boots. A sturdy new pair of military combat boots, preferably steel toes. Trust me on the steel toes, when you’re stuck with no weapons you’ll be glad you have them. Make sure they are comfortable. Water proof boots are good for woodland areas, for areas like bayous and such make sure you have jungle boots;
– Manuals. If you’re on the run, starving, and out of water you aren’t thinking clearly – manuals are a good way to ensure you will not forget important information. A good manual would be Alive After The Fall (advice onto handling crisis situations);
– Water. Make sure you have a canteen and get purification tablets to refill. Read US Water Revolution (learn how to have plenty of water when this will get to become a luxury!);
– Food. Energy bars, powder shake complete meals etc.
– Rain gear. This one is obvious;
– A fire kit. When you’re freezing in the woods you will not be able to rub two sticks together. Make sure all your matches and lighters are sealed in plastic. Bring kindling if you can. Read Pioneer Survival – Lessons We Should All Learn;
– Light. Bring a red lensed flashlight. The red light will not ruin your night vision (your natural night vision) so you will not be left in the dark when you have to turn it off;
– Medicine. Any important medication you may be on, i.e. insulin, asthma medications etc;
– Radios. If there are others in your group you will want to be able to communicate with them if you get lost;
– Hand signals. If you have others in your group you will need to be able to communicate with them silently, make sure everyone in the group understands the hand signals;
– Navigational equipment. Bring a compass and maps of the surrounding area. Good maps include road maps, hiking maps, and topographical maps. Make sure you know how to use a compass and read a map;
– Shelter. A tent if you can carry it, something that will keep you out of the wind and rain. If it’s too big to carry in your bag and run at the same time, leave it behind. You will then have to improvise;
– A hand crank radio. You will want to keep updated on new reports and such;
– Batteries. Lots of batteries. Read Liberty Generator (easy to build your own off-grid free energy device);
– A watch;
– Cooking equipment. This includes a pot of some sort, eating utensils, and something to cut wood with that can fit in your pocket;
– Knowledge. This is your absolute best weapon. Once you have chosen the place or area you will run to make sure you know it like the back of your hand. No doubt others have thought of the same location, it will be your knowledge of the area that makes your better. If there is a stream, know where it starts and where it goes. Know the hills, the mountains, the trails, the flora, fauna and climactic conditions year around.

How do you take a nation back that’s under Martial Law?

It’s probably the most difficult challenge anyone can face. Because you’re starting a conflict from scratch inside the belly of the beast. You can’t fight for territory against divisions of enemy troops equipped with automatic weapons, armor, air support, the pitiful acquiescence of a “people” who long ago gave up liberty for the trap of existence in a childlike, cushy debt slavery. So the smart coup leaders that prosecute a Martial Law takeover will do it against a population that’s already been pacified in one way or another. Now with the gilding stripped off their chains they’re as frightened hostages willing to go along with anything the state orders, so long as they have some semblance of their former “lives”. Aside from some disgruntled vets, the American People, untrained in the military arts or even basic survival, have been pacified, or the coup would never have taken place.

It is simply fear of loss after being so coddled, so divorced as a culture from personal responsibility which can lead to anger, and then revenge. So the better way to pacify is to bring it on in a overwhelming torrent onto a population unprepared for it, unprepared for hardships. Take away their culture, their moral cores, their connections to God. Ply them with diversions and trinkets. Condition them to find solace in material things, in distractions like spectator sports, movies and television. Keep them hypnotized by a junk culture while their means of sustenance, their jobs, are shipped overseas, piecemeal, so they don’t wake up. Keep them hypnotized while their rights are legislated into impotence and irrelevance by the state’s enforcers. Keep them hypnotized by a junk culture, as even the know how of being able to survive outside the system, basics like growing food, repairing cars and equipment and so on, is all but gone. And all the time tell them they’re free and prosperous.

Eventually you’ll have a people much like modern America’s dumbed down materialistic debt slave. Such a people constantly fed lies about this corrupt system in the media, are ready for a fall right now. All that’s needed is a plausible pretext, a cover story for them to accept.

People can be stubbornly stupid when it comes to misdirected hope. Many of these slaves will actually defend the system that has enslaved them. Such is the enemy’s genius at their social engineering. All those slavishly obeying the state in a Martial Law environment, for some forlorn hope that their lives will somehow go back to the false paradise of the late 20th century, will in effect be the enemy themselves. But you won’t be alone. The enemy’s genius is formidable, but not perfect. Quite frankly they’re overconfident, and even if they weren’t, they’re not God. They can’t see all, and they will make fatal mistakes. Be humble and pray to God with strong faith, and He will put stumbling blocks in their path to protect you.

The question will be, will you be wise enough to exploit those mistakes to help bring their downfall? With whole regions of the country infiltrated and secured, secret industry can develop. Food, fuel, medicine, all these can be manufactured on or made with basic machine tools and chemistry. The time will come, if the enemy still clings to their foolish hope of defeating the American People with the brainless thugs and sheeple that lick their boots, that entire territories can be openly liberated.

But let’s not let this scenario play out! Because a Martial Law can lead to Civil War, and national destruction, so it’s much better to organize right now! There still is a political process Americans can use if they learn how to use it effectively. They can together find small towns and take them over, like the Libertarian’s Free State Projects, only focused onto individual towns. Take them over, and spread out from there. Americans need a standing example of what a Free State is. Even some in the traitorous elite don’t want to see Martial Law because they recognize the exquisite control and enslavement the current American political system has over Americans, and want to keep their power. They can be used.

This will get easier as deteriorating conditions bring the reality of the situation home, and the government’s conduct in New Orleans make personal preparation a priority. Buy lots of food, medicine, supplies. Find books on basic manufacturing processes, that’s vital!

Find motivated patriots. Start driving around: look for abandoned homes, businesses, and roads or trails that’ll get you to them. Caves, forest haunts, old barns, the nastiest trailer in that tired old trailer park. When you recruit, don’t let them put their names on any forms that could implicate them in the eyes of the government. Keep your profile low.

Patriots will need infiltrators, safe houses, spies. You can’t do that if you’re still running around openly displaying a “I’m the resistance group” sticker. Take your recruits and:
– Toughen yourselves and them up. Strengthening exercises, camping, survival courses, self-defence courses. Even getting them to let their TV gather dust to do anything that will be of benefit. Demonstrations, projects, meetings, find places to hide out.
– Group buy food, medicine, knowledge, a legal fiction to acquire property not under your own name, nor any connection to you. Have your stashes in several small units throughout the area you figure you’re going to resist and survive. The more the better, and, no one person should have knowledge of where all the caches are at.

Stockpile nonperishable food. Should have lots of calories, carbs, protein. Also stash medical supplies.

You won’t get a lot of recruits. The enemy’s cultural weapons are pretty powerful, and their mind control of Americans is exquisite, but not foolproof! On occasion a event will occur that will defy their spin control, like the live coverage of Hurricane Katrina and their criminal abandonment of a city so people would be screaming for FEMA/Big Brother to save them. All of it so gangsters wanting a “Las Vegas on the Gulf” can buy property cheaply. Point out the criminal abandonment of the government to their People. A lot of eyes were opened by Katrina, and not all of them are going to be shut again by the system’s lies. Take your opportunities as they come. Have a plan of peaceful political action that can be used. Read Message to Mr. and Mrs. America: Taking back the government peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of reclaiming the Freedom. To be effective, one must have an understanding of America’s political system as it relates to the cause. There is a president, a vice-president and their agents, a congress, a federal judicial system, and the duplication of this political layout among the states. Beyond that there are many thousands of county and local governments.

So what will work? Take over the presidency? It’s long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official parties of this nation, you cannot seriously run for president. Even the president can only do so much because America’s system of government is extremely compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and party mechanism guiding and controlling the various components, it’s impossible for one man to dictate policy. All a president could do is use the office as a bully pulpit and wake people up. But he would absolutely have to watch his back. Remember Kennedy?

US Congress is made up of 540 members, 100 senators and the rest in the house of representatives. All are elected in staggered election cycles so it would take approximately a decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a majority party. Congress writes the laws and taking it back is essential in the struggle, but even factoring out the two official parties and their political machines the structure of this body demands a massive political machine of our own.

Massive organizations that have a hierarchical structure have been penetrated, subverted and corrupted by People’s enemies since the beginning of time. It’s a process that to them is a natural as breathing. Then there’s all the fundraising that would be needed, and regular citizens not rich. The only ones with money in America are the same pack of vampires who’ve been sucking people dry. So a singular, national organization will not be successful. Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Ron Paul of Texas are some of the few successes.

Most candidates are attorneys who’ve long ago prostituted themselves to the political machine that will take them where they want to go. All they want is power, and in exchange they have legislated the monstrosity American government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all practical purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats, and they’re prepared to spend whatever cash it takes to retain that seat. Vote fraud of course is part of their arsenal.

It’s likely there are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. They’re either sold out or scared. So any candidates for Congress will have to be raised and funded by regular citizens. That means they have to do it in a grass roots manner. They have to build not one political machine, but lots of political machines that are independent of one another, yet cooperative. This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to the survivalist groups. It will go like this: the group helps other groups form. They in turn, during the next local election cycle, turn out and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county governments. Much of the oppressive laws plaguing the people are drafted and enforced locally. Taking over local governments will not only give the freedom groups relief from local law enforcement harassment, it will give the tools to revoke and repeal such things as:

– Property taxes that allow the government to seize that home you’re working a lifetime to pay for if you miss one “rent” installment. Those in power whine that property taxes are for the schools and the children, isn’t that what their gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And they’re willing to make you and yours homeless for the children. All those zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws designed to churn up “tax” revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and actions that bother nobody. Think of any local ordinance that seems to have been drafted by a neurotic control freak, the list would be endless!

– Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least until people take the nation back! When they take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into line with the classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of light, an example of successful peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire and launch similar efforts in neighboring communities.

Each composed of small, decentralized groups working together on the big problem, so that one day they can afford to bicker on the small stuff that the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So together, with control of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of those groups can take over counties. With control of enough counties, an entire state can be taken over by the groups.

Why take that next step? The list of things people can do when they take back the local governments is vast, but then there would be the call to centralize governmental control with state and federal authorities. So when this begins they must be as strong as possible – being examples to others, advising, and most importantly they must not fight amongst themselves over things they can debate after they retake the land! Backbiting will be exploited by the enemies, it will be the biggest downfall.

And if they can take the nation back, there are many things they must do immediately, as soon as they can take back control of America’s destiny:
– Secure the borders from any further infiltration. Whatever that takes, whatever manpower is available, they must find a way to seal up thousands of miles of hinterland border, and many thousands of miles more of coastline. This will take bringing the troops and ships home, and in effect end America’s era of being used as a tool of global elitists. At the same time, a heightened state of alert must be maintained if another power were to take advantage of the transitional phase and attempt some economic or military adventure against US interests. America will be painfully contracting from its global economic empire as its People attempt to revive a self-sufficient free republic and the last thing they’ll need is for terrorists seeking revenge against America, or China rolling the dice on a military adventure against US.

– Impose a flexible series of tariffs so that no matter where on Earth a imported good is made, its cost after going through customs is just a few percent more than one made in America, with all the taxes still imposed. This must be implemented by law for twenty years; because this is the minimum time required to rebuild America’s manufacturing economy. The rest of the world is just going to have to learn to live economically without the American consumer, and the American consumer is going to have to learn basic economics. It will be a shocking adjustment, and lead to an economic collapse, that of the mega-corporations. It’s the bitterest medicine, but America and Americans have become almost terminally sick with the current system imposed upon them and those that don’t immediately take steps to save themselves will need some hard lessons quick to bring them back to reality.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do Is Pray

Don’t do it in some new-world-order mega-church and tithe to some blow-dried huckster. Do it like Jesus taught. Find a quiet place, quiet your mind, and open your heart. God will talk to you, and convey some insight. If you can’t listen, it’s because you’re out of practice listening, so practice. Eventually God will talk to you, and it’s in your best interest to listen! God wants to help you! He isn’t looking to burn you for eternity for your petty imperfections. He’s looking to liberate His People, all of us.

He won’t liberate a people if they’re dead from living the way the world has brainwashed them to live. God doesn’t want his people to sit around like couch potatoes, waiting to be saved from the Last Days scenario that is happening all around us. He wants you to put what gifts He has given you to good use, and then He will protect you from whatever is beyond your control.

November 2, 2017

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