Oblivion No More

Make a change today. Alter your perception for the day. Instead of experiencing the same feelings, same thoughts, while following the same chores, change how you perceive your understanding of the world. This one day change may transform you forever. You may be able to get over with the depression you are in, you may start being more alive, may feel happier, may love your life, yourself, you may even forgive others for all the unfairness and most importantly you may forgive yourself for the mistakes that give you heartache. Let’s give it a chance. Try it.

We propose this new perception for you. Please bear with us. Do not sink into despair. Because it is time now you face the truth that you knew all the time deep inside. Because somebody inside you has been trying to tell you this all this time. It was just not loud enough, your environment was too noisy and you didn’t have time to stop and listen carefully. You have to read the whole thing. Because it will take you to a simple place where you will be able to know, and explain why everything works this way and how you can find solutions to your issues. You can even be the solution for the others. Just read on.

What if the job you have to drive to, or spend majority of your day with, to earn money and provide for yourself and your family, is in fact a slavery system? To keep you from listening to yourself, your higher self, and realizing that you, as a human, are much more than this single, lonely person. What if these jobs are put in place to prevent you – as a human – from creating harmony, uniting with others, finding out we are all connected? If you didn’t have that job and the financial concerns, you would be able to spend time reading the books you have always wanted to read, you would be able to build the things you always wanted to build, you would be able to meet other people, you would play with your kids more, you would love your partner, talk about life and your role in the universe. You would be able to walk, run, swim more. You would be able to grow your own food, eat organic, and even cook. You would travel the world and see the world, all these cultures with your own eyes, not see them from the screen of the TV or from the filter of others, or from books. What if this 8:00 – 17:00 work and financial system is there to keep you, your body and mind busy, so that you do not start looking at the sky, the stars and you do not listen to your inner world and find yourself?

What if it is not you that cause the pollution really. What if it is those, some people who prevent cleaner technologies from becoming available for humanity. Like more efficient cars, alternative clean fuel technologies, solar-powered cars, trains? What if all these technologies are real and could be available for all, if they were not kept hidden on purpose? What if we are polluting our Mother Planet, just because those only few people that own the oil industry can make more money?

What if some people like the fact that Earth is being polluted, because they make money from it? What if, as we breathe the air this way, we get sicker, and as we get sick, we need medicine and that medicine is being provided by the same people that own the oil industry, or by their relatives and friends. What if, as we get sick more, they know we need more medicine, and they get richer. What if they don’t want us to live long, because that would be expensive and would give us a chance to listen our inner self more as adults and see the patterns and the root of the problem.

What if we are voting in democracies for people, who are promoted by those same people that own the oil and medicine industry? What if, even if a politician comes out as a clean, genuine person who wants to help humanity, eventually is manipulated and taken over by those same people…?

What if the press, the media is also owned by the same people? What if the news stories we hear everyday are stories written by those same people, so that we believe in something in a certain way – like a war? Or we feel afraid of something, like terrorism, and we give away our freedom to those who are supposed to protect us, so that they can look into our own lives, so that they can control us.

What if ossified religions are not there to unite us, but there to divide and control us, so that we can hate each other, judge each other? Aren’t the encysted religious dogma a convenient way to control somebody, by saying what not to eat, what to wear, how to behave while making you accept that any question you can’t answer about life is answered with religion, so you don’t think about it anymore? You just accept.

What if the school you go to is there to make you obey the rules? So that you read certain things, you say certain things, you sit in certain position all day long. So that everybody will accept the facts the same way, without questioning, that way anybody “different” could be ridiculed.

Think about it, think about the financial system, no matter how much work you do, you are still in the debt burden. Look around and see that the people that were rich, are richer today. Think about it a little, just a little, and see, what if this system is designed by somebody who is very smart but evil? What if this way you do not even realize you are living in a prison world, you are working hard all day long, you are believing a religious system, and your kids are growing to be just like you, and you are sitting in front of that TV, just to be brainwashed a little more? To see some artificial dramas created…

What if those people that have the money, who are behind this order, are there making sure that you do not wake up to these facts? They want you to suffer constantly and still continue without saying “no”, without reclaiming your freedom.
What if the day you first fell in love and your feelings were returned, this is the reason you feared that your happiness wouldn’t live long? Because in your subconscious you knew the game, you knew that there was something that didn’t want your absolute happiness?

What if the dream you had where you saw things unimaginable for this world, you were remembering that there is more to this world than your eyes could see? What if that feeling you had one time, when you thought you remembered something but you couldn’t quite put your finger on, is your remembering the real you, and there is an amnesia going on for humanity and it is executed by these same people so that you continue indefinitely to be a slave for them?

What if you are reading this because it is time now for humanity to wake up from this amnesia? What if things around you are changing, your relationships are transforming, because of the same reason? What if our planet is now traveling in the universe in a much denser place, where the rays carry something that started to nullify this programming that has been pushed upon humanity? What if you feel that you are changing for this same reason, and the reason you don’t like the things you used to like, is the same?

Now, when you look at your life with this perception, how do you feel? Do you feel betrayed? Can you understand why? Do you want to know the truth? The truth about you as a human? Why you are here, alive? What is it that you don’t know? Do you want to do that? How you can be free?

Here is the answer:

You are created by an infinite creator and you are a piece of that being, thus you are a creator. You are much more than your body. Because you are an infinite spiritual being. You are created by love. Nothing that doesn’t come from love is from you. That is why anytime you are not in a loving state you give away your power. And it is that power/ the energy that those that put you in this prison are after. You have the power to create, by turning your attention to something in a specific way. And today, right now, all you have to do is start listening to yourself, empty all thoughts from your head and you will find who you truly are.

You will find you are love. Just love. Put your attention to love and you will see, the veil of the prison will start being lifted, you will start releasing all feelings that are not from love. You will start transmuting that love to the others and your life will start to transform. You will become a much happier and powerful person. You will forgive and forget all those mistakes and memories that are not from love. You will forgive them for keeping you in this amnesia and you will reclaim all your power. And most importantly, you will love yourself.

Think about these. And you will start connecting the dots. Apply these concepts to everything in your life. Think about it, because it is why the new politician that promised so much change, financial fairness and peace for the world, didn’t deliver them. This is the reason there has been always a war in the world. This is the reason politicians don’t resolve the conflicts with other countries. This is the reason we still have thousands of people that die every day starving while much food has been thrown away. Is it that hard to carry food to Africa while we go to space? This is the reason we have AIDS, Zika, bird flue, cancer. This is the reason we don’t have a cure for cancer yet. This is the reason our planet has been polluted. This is the reason we have advanced so much with computers – so that we and our kids can be hypnotized by the games, by the smart pads – while we still drive cars that use the same internal combustion engines that were invented in 1859.

It is time to take responsibility of your free will, it is this simple, time has come to love. Time has come to forgive and release our ties with this made up reality. It is time to leave this imprisonment of oblivion. The Age of Aquarius is here. It is time to wake up! NOW!


May 10, 2017

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