Russia Prepares For Strikes On Saudi Arabia After Chemical Weapon Attack Fears In Yemen Grow, Orders Heavy Bombers To Stay In Iran


An astonishing Security Council report circulating in Kremlin (since April 15, 2018) reveals that Russia is in the process of preparing for military strikes upon Saudi Arabia over its use of chemical and biological weapons in Yemen. That is due to the apocalyptic situation in Yemen about to get much worse after Jaysh al-Islam terrorists leaving Syria are flowing there in massive numbers. In the past, they have used chemical weapons against Syrian Kurds. The greatest fears of the General Staff is a “super bug” just discovered in Yemen by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-Doctors Without Borders) scientists, who are warning it has mutated into a new bacterium that poses a catastrophic risk to the entire world. Russia’s first action in this potential strike against Saudi Arabia would be ordering its heavy bombers in Iran to stay there until further orders are received, while Moscow builds a US, UK and French coalition to begin these attacks.

According to the report, in the hours leading up to April 14’s United Nation Security Council (UNSC) meeting where Russia put forth a resolution condemning the American-led military attack upon Syria over unproven allegations of a chemical attack, President Putin pointed out to his Western counterparts that the logic they were using to justify their illegal attack could, in turn, be used by Russia to launch strikes against Saudi Arabia. The West’s new standard for allowing any country to attack another was best articulated by France’s UN Ambassador Francois Delattre, who stated: “the use of chemical weapons cannot be tolerated and must be deterred… that is essential”.

Siding with Russia’s position that unproven chemical weapons use accusations failed to meet United Nations standards for one country launching an attack on another (Law of War), were China and Bolivia. Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea and Peru were abstaining from voting because they needed more information. Western aligned nations of the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Kuwait, Poland and Ivory Coast were voting to reject the United Nations decades long justified reasons to start wars, instead, creating a new paradigm allowing any nation to attack another based on nothing more than the standard of “we believe it happened, so it’s true”.

Quickly adopting this new United Nations standard wanted by the West of “we believe it happened, so it’s true” in order to legally justify one nation attacking another, was President Putin. During April 15 Security Council meeting, he presented evidence that Saudi Arabia has been supplying ISIL and Nusra Front terrorists with chemical weapons and chemical ingredients for building such weapons. Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Qaleb Luqman, also, had previously documented the extensive use of chemical and biological weapons by Saudi-led forces in Yemen’s Ma’rib province.

The Kremlin report notes, General Sharaf Qaleb Luqman, on past October (2017), stunningly revealed that the true cause of Yemen’s cholera outbreak that has become the worst in our world’s entire history is even more barbaric. He shockingly stated:
“Poisonous gases were spread in the sky after the US, Saudi and Israeli fighter jets’ direct airstrikes and they came down to the ground with the rain and penetrated and contaminated our underground waters.
Therefore, it was a biological war as Saudi Arabia has already used all types of banned weapons against us.”

While the West is manically cheering itself for its completely failed strike on Syria over unproven chemical weapon use allegations, that even the Jaysh al-Islam terrorists (who concocted this “fake news” story at the urging of their British secret services handlers) are now calling the farce. Completely being ignored by these Western warmongers is what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen. Its description as a “war” by the US-led mainstream propaganda media is as grossly sinister as it is inaccurate, as its true propose is the total extermination of that nations millions of Islamic Shiite peoples in what has become one of the largest genocides in human history.

The Western-sponsored genocide in Yemen has now grown to such evil and satanic depths that UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock, after recently visiting there, shockingly intoned that it “looks like the apocalypse” while warning that “unless the situation changes, we’re going to have the world’s worst humanitarian disaster for 50 years”. Saudi Arabia’s total blockade on allowing food into Yemen has caused the starvation deaths of at least 150,000 people in the last year alone, but Yemeni real and verifiable deaths aren’t allowed to be known about, by the Americans. They rather weighed against the supposed, but never found, 40 or so Syrians supposedly killed by chemicals to determine which nation, in fact, they should be attacking for crimes against humanity.

To how Saudi Arabia has been able to keep its massive genocidal crimes against humanity in Yemen hidden from the American people is due to their conducting one of the largest public relations campaigns of outright deception in US history costing a staggering $1.5 billion. Their efforts have led to the buying off of the entire US mainstream propaganda media establishment, as well as top US politicians, led by Qorvis MSLGROUP and Booz Allen Hamilton. The latter is a US management consultancy with long-established links to the “Deep State”, which, also, was involved in the illegal SWIFT and PRISM mass surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden.

What has placed Saudi Arabia’s genocidal actions in Yemen at the forefront of Russian military and political consideration as a vital national security threat to the entire Federation are the grave reports being issued by Doctors Without Borders scientists about what is now happening in Yemen due to the Saudis unrestrained biological and chemical use. These scientists are warning that this conflict is taking on aspects of warfare once found only in history books, when the real toll of a military campaign is not the immediate damage from weapons, but the long-term and far greater impact of disease that spreads in the chaos of armed conflict.

First noticed by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Americans, by 2009, realized that a never before known bacterium was circulating throughout the Middle East that no antibiotic could cure. Known as a “superbug”, due to the Saudi’s use of biological and chemical weapons in Yemen, it has now mutated into what is being called the “Acinetobacter baumannii”, whose deadly virulence is so feared, even the US has labeled it as a “national security threat”.

For anyone believing that the already apocalyptic situation in Yemen, due to the Saudis being allowed by their Western backers to use chemical and biological weapons against that nations’ innocent peoples, couldn’t possibly get any worse, they’d be gravely mistaken. The British-led and controlled Jaysh al-Islam terrorists from Syria (who primarily attack civilian targets via kidnappings and bombings, and launches rockets into Israel) are now being deployed to Yemen via Saudi Arabia. The Saudis not-so-secret reason for doing so is that these Jaysh al-Islam terrorists had freely admitted that they used chemical weapons in a mainly Kurdish populated area in the city of Aleppo, northern Syria in April 2016. Under the new United Nations war standard just imposed on the world by the Americans, now Saudi Arabia becomes a legitimate and legal “target for destruction” by Russian military forces. This is why President Putin has instructed the General Staff to begin talks with the US, UK and France in order to build a coalition to strike these “chemical weapon using animals” as soon as possible. That, of course, none of these Western powers could possibly object to, as to decide anything otherwise would expose them on the world stage as being liars and hypocrites.


June 3, 2018


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